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2023-08-07 14:08:55

How to Tie a Bow Tie

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Hi Alton Brown here in my closet to tell you that bow ties were cool .

Everybody knows this yet .

So many of the bow curious out there , is this the urge to simply tie one on ?

Well , let me point out the bow ties are imminently practical .

All right , when wearing a bow tie , one does not worry about spilling , you know , mustard on your tie , you just get it on your shirt and shirts are , you know , really cheap to clean .

So it's no big deal .

Um , you will also , uh , never have to worry about getting your tie tangled up in your harness or cables or controls in the cockpit and believe me in a bow tie , you'll never fret about being tie strangled in a fight .

In other words , bow ties allow you to stylishly sidestep the myriad hazards that stray tie wears commonly face each and every day .

Now , I'm gonna assume just for the sake of argument that you are not currently in possession of a bow tie .

So let us review the styles available .

Ok .

Um , this straight end model is called a Jackson .

I like these , especially with the dinner jacket , very crisp .

Little on the nerdy end of the scale of that Cheer Vibe .

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Uh Here we have a standard bow , good place to uh start very typical style , but a little expected , uh the larger uh butterfly bow is even uh easier to tie because that's big .

But unless you're very confident and well , I guess you could be a professional clown .

I ju I just wouldn't start here .

It's too risky .

Ok .

Uh Here's my personal favorite style .

It is called either a Bat Wing or a diamond tip .

Sometimes both .

Now , a bat wing is perfectly suitable for everyday wear or for evening wear .

Uh , doctor .

No , uh , James Bond Bat Wing with the dinner suit .

Just saying .

Now what I especially like about the bat wing is if , uh , you have a reversible model , you'll be able to get a little , uh , peek at the , uh , backside sticking out and they're still relatively rare which uh , uh makes you even cooler .

Did I mention Bogart or bad wings ?

Bowar as for getting the length , right ?

I like bow ties that have just a , a buckle for adjustment .

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And although the uh , length is a personal decision , there are two good ways to kind of get started .

You take your neck size if you know it , double it and add two inches and that's , you know how long the tie should be or you can just start with your pants , waist size .

All right , enough talk we tie all right .

There are a few different ways , uh to tie a bow tie .

But as far as I'm concerned , this is the , the easiest , it's a good place to start because essentially it's tying a shoe problem is , is the perspective is inside the shoe , which is tough .

So you're gonna want to use a , a mirror .

Now , I'm right handed .

If you're left handed , watch this video in a mirror and everything will be just fine .

Step one place the tie around the neck , whichever side you want to face out in the end should now be facing in .

All right , take your dominant hand and pull that side down .

Uh So you get about uh 2.5 inches .

Uh You know , more than on the other side .

Step two cross over the short side and loop up and through .

Thusly , just like tying a shoe step three form the back loop .

All right .

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Now your tie has got two sides .

You got two choices , you pinch and cross like that or you can twist and pinch and cross .

But you know what , I'm gonna go with the camouflage side step four , drop the long piece over , OK ?

And then take it up the back and around , essentially trapping that back loop .

See should be able to let go stays right there .

OK .

Now , this is where things get tricky five , you know , loosen the loop that you just made and use your finger to poke the top piece through , kind of pull on it like that .

Now , that looks horrible , doesn't it ?

It's , it's ok .

Step six .

Pull the ends just a little then hold the , uh , closed loops .

What not tires call the bites and simply tighten and heat several times gently .

Now , I don't like my knots too tight and I don't like them fussy .

They're a little off .

It's fine .

It makes me look like I don't really care .

And that's cool .

Excellent .

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Now , buy a bow tie and practice .

Oh , if the knot looks good , but the tie is a little too loose .

Just lift your collar and tighten up that , uh , buckle in the back .

You look good .

Remember America ?


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