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2023-08-07 14:10:41

How to tie a square knot

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Hello Gorge is Christy Schreiber .

Here , I got a question from one of our clients .

Um , that many of you may want the answer to how to tie a square knot .

So if you have a dress with sashes on it , such as this one , and you don't want to tie a bow because a bow would overpower the dress .

A square knot is the perfect knot to tie .

So I chose a dress with really wide sashes to give you a really good example of what it's gonna look like when it's finished .

You can also do this with a dress that has more narrow sashes as well and you can do this whether the dress ties in the front or the back .

Um , just using the same square , not principle .

So I'm gonna take these two sashes and I'm gonna go just a little off to the center .

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So I'm going to do the right over the left , the right sash over the left sash , and I'm gonna go underneath , pulling the right sash through to the top .

Ok , easy enough .

So we got that .

So now is where the square part comes in .

So I'm gonna take the right sash , which is coming out over the top and I'm going to wrap it .

So I'm just gonna cross it over the left and then I'm gonna take that right sash and take it back behind the left and pull it through to the front .

And as I'm pulling it , I'm also smoothing it inside of the knot here so that it won't be this big bulky knot .

And so then you've got this nice flat knot here with your sash where it lays flat against you .

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So that let me turn her just a little bit so you can see a little bit better .

So that is your square knot .

So , um , typically whenever you have any top knot , one sash is gonna be longer than the other .

That's just how it is , um , the nature of the knot .

And so that's fine .

Also , I did this knot a little bit off to the side so we could also do it more to the center .

So I'll show you one more time trying it in the center so that you can make sure that you've got this knot down .

So I'm just gonna untie it and I'm gonna retie it just in the center of the dress .

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And I am going to take my right sash and cross it over my left , go under the left side , pull through , tighten , gonna let the right side flop over and then I'm gonna have it just on the right side of the left bottom sash , and I'm gonna take it and wrap it underneath where it comes out the other side and then cross under and not under the center part .

And then you've got this nice fat square knot that looks great .

It's so much more fashionable than a bow and can use on any type of garment .

So anyway , thanks for tuning in .

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If you have any questions about your image or how to do something image related , let me know at color basis .

We are here to help and we don't look good unless you look great and your image is our business .

Thanks so much .

Comment like and share .

Have a great day .


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