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welcome back to my channel .

I pray that you are all in the best of health And if you are new welcome .

My name is Nafisa .

I make Islam and lifestyle videos .

So if you're interested in that kind of content , then please don't forget to hit the subscribe button down below and join our family in today's video .

Guys , I've been planning to make this video for the long list of times .

But other video ideas kept getting in the way , and I just thought , enough is enough .

I'm getting it done .

So last year I went for um and , um , ever since I've started my channel , I've been meaning to make this video to share with sisters , you know , tips on what to take with them to , um , and give a few advice here and there .

Because when I was going , I searched on YouTube for content like this .

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And to be honest , I struggle to find content like this , and I think now there's a few more than they were last year .

I haven't been for ha .

So I'm tiling this video specifically for , um because there are some rituals that you perform for , Hage that you don't do for um so that is why .

But of course , you can apply this for your Hage as well .

So if you're doing a sort of typical 10 day stay , I would suggest you bring about five five a buyers or your bobs with .

And if any of my buyers got dirty or I felt a bit sweaty and the armpit area were a bit you know , then I would just wash it with some shampoo and I'll be good to go .

So in take about five a buyers with you , including the one that you're wearing , and bear in mind that you need a plain one without any designs in order to perform your , um in it .

So , yeah , now onto hijabs , you can bring as many hijabs as you want .

I mean , who's the girl to tell you how many hijabs to bring ?

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But one thing I will say , though , is that Saudi is typically a desert , so it's very hot .

So please don't forget all your cotton hijabs .

Bring your cotton hijabs with you because you're gonna thank me later .

OK , now , aside from the cotton hijabs , though , I had this other hijab that I wore when I got there , and it made life so much more easy and simple for me .

And that is one of these , um , hijabs .

Now , some of the young girls might just be like I ain't wearing that .

That looks like a granny's hijab .

Listen , girls , it's practical , and it works .

OK , so that's just one of these ones that you sort of pull your head through .

And I'm telling you , this is not a cotton one , but in one of those cases where you're like in a rush , you literally get to the hotel .

You get changed .

It's like the next Salah .

You can hear it coming .

You wanna just go quickly ?

One of these is gonna save your life , OK ?

Because you you ain't got to deal with all of this looking for your head pins and blah de blah .

You know , you just take it literally .

Gather up , put your head through cover up .

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And , um , you're good to go .

It's that easy , guys .

So if you can get your hands on one of these , I'll say G , you know , get yourself one .

Otherwise , um , you can buy loads of these once you get there , so they just make life a little bit easier .

So if you can get one of these , but definitely make sure you bring your cotton hijabs with you also on the issue of clothing , I just want to talk about bringing PJS with you .

Now , most likely you're going to be sharing hotel with other sisters .

But you don't want to have everything hanging out , do you girls ?

So just bring something cottony , something free and flowy something that's just not showing the world .

Everything OK , girls , depending on the time that you go for your , um , you might find that at night , especially in Medina , it can get a little bit cold if you have a very cosy cardigan sort of wintery cardigan that you can bring with you that you can put on if you're there during the evenings time .

Maybe you go for Isha prayers and you're coming back .

You're a bit cold .

You can just throw some of this on , so bring bring maybe one or two .

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You're not really gonna need any more than that .

Now , finally , on the issue of clothing is bring a very comfortable pair of shoes .

Girls do not come there with slippers OK ?

Because one of the sisters that I went with , she brought slippers .

And by let's say , day eight , her toes were swollen from all the walking that you have to do .

You really need a comfortable walking shoes .

Something preferably light .

Very light and airy walking shoes .

Next is to bring a backpack with you .

Now , this backpack is slightly big .

If anyone's wondering .

I got this from Primark .

No surprise there .

Um , but the one that I actually took with me , it was a little bit smaller than this , and it still contained everything in it .

So I'm now gonna show you everything that I put in this backpack and why I say bring a backpack .

Um um , now , in here , I have a water bottle , You know , me and my water bottles .

Guys , this water bottle saved me .

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Seriously .

It's This is one of , like , a really big tip that I would give for sisters .

Buy a water bottle .

It doesn't have to be a filtered water bottle like this .

Just any kind of water bottle will do just something quite hard and steady .

Because what you can do is once you get to and you're walking around and you see , um , sort of a keg full of water where you can top up your Zs and water , literally top up your Zs and water and throw it back in your backpack and you can have a drink no matter where you are , because sometimes it can get quite congested .

And just looking at all the people that you need to get past gives you stress .

So bring a water bottle with you .

You will thank me later for this .

The next thing I have in my backpack is my purse .

Of course , with all my money and my , um , hotel room key in there as well and a few other bits and bobs , I just literally throw it in there , and I'm good to go .

Um , also , the next thing that really helped me whilst I was there is having my own prayer mat with me .

Now don't get me wrong , girls .

That place is spotless .

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You could sleep on the floor .

It's that clean .

But sometimes , just in case , the cleaners haven't quite got to a certain spot yet .

And it's time for Stella .

You you just have to stand and pray where you are .

because you can can't always get into the actual mustard itself , because sometimes it gets really packed .

So wherever you are , if you join late or anything , if you have a prayer mat in your backpack , you can just lay it down and pray .

So bring a very light and small prayer mat with you .

It's very useful .

It just means you can pray anywhere you are at .

And then , of course , this is not the kind of snack I would have in its backpack , but I just threw it in there just to give you an example .

What I would suggest you do is put like a few snacks in your backpack .

I was taking one of those , like , you know , those breakfast bars and granola bars type of thing and bringing them with me .

But to be honest , Zamzam water is pretty much like food , isn't it ?

So that was filling me up most of the time .

But if I sort of got hungry and I got a bit peckish and I'm just like around , then I can have a quick snack in my bag that I can just eat .

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Before I actually went back to the hotel to have a proper meal .

So yeah , keep that in mind .

And then , of course , it goes without saying Bring either your actual phone with you or bring a small phone with you .

Now , this kind of phone , yes , is a brick phone .

Um , but this is the kind of phone I take with me when I'm travelling , and I use it to call my family back home because sometimes when you're going there , um , depending on which , um , or hedge company you're going with , they might give you a SIM card so you can actually slip it into one of these phones and just easily call your family and you can top up once you get there .

I'll give you some tips about how to top up once you get to Saudi and because there was a whole another , like , funny story that went with that .

But yeah , bring your phone with you if you bring your actual phone that your you know , your regular phone that you take .

If you're bringing one of those , then you can always contact your family via WhatsApp .

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You know , it's not really necessary to have another phone like this , But if you like to and you like to top up separately and all of that , then this is an option or something else that you could bring with you .

By the way , girls , if you haven't figured out already , I'm one of those people .

I like to have things in , like smaller compartments .

It just makes life easier for me .

So that way I know that if I'm looking for something , I know exactly where to go to look for it .

So So next is this really pretty pink bag right here where I keep all like , my cosmetic stuff .

And when I say cosmetics , I don't mean makeup because you definitely don't need makeup over there .

But obviously my creams and my soaps and things like that , By the way , girls , it's advised that you do not use anything with scents on it whilst you're performing your so , um , I just poured a little bit of coconut oil into a little travel size container with me .

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And I use that as my moisturiser on the day that I actually performed Umra and also because when I was there , I was literally just about to finish my menstruation , so I had to have my bath .

And I was at all cost trying to avoid anything with scents in it .

Um , because there's a size not to .

So I brought with me , um , this simple bar of soap .

Um , and this one it has no colouring and no perfumes in it .

So you just need a soap like this to wash yourself with .

And that's just in between the time where you get into the state of Ikram until you've completed your umra , you're not allowed to use anything scented on there .

So because I took my bath in Mecca in preparation for my , um , I still I just wanted to make sure that the soap that I was using did not have any perfumes in it .

So So if you're going to be in a similar state , make sure you bring a non scented soap with you in so you can have your bath in that right ?

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So next I brought with me this kind of little sewing kit pack thing , which is so cute , I think one of my year 11 students gave this to me when they were leaving .

Um , basically , the reason why I bought them was of course , It has a few pins in there .

So I didn't have to worry about carrying more pins with me .

And it also has , um , a measuring tape going to need a measuring tape .

Because as part of the , um , process , you're going to have to cut your hair .

Yes , girls , you heard me cut your hair .

But I think you don't have to cut any more than an inch .

So bring with you a a measuring tape so that you can give to another sister , and they can help you measure an inch of your hair and then cut it off .

Um and I now , of course , to cut your hair , you're going to bring with you a pair of haircutting scissors .

This is not a haircutting .

Scissors .

Bring your haircutting scissors with you .

Um , so that again , another scissor can help you cut your hair .

But I don't have a pair of sunglasses with me anymore , Girls .

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But you might want to bring a pair of sunglasses with you because when I first got there my first day , I was walking around like this .

I literally couldn't see The sun was so bright on my face .

Bear in mind I come from London , and most of the time we have grey skies in London .

So when I got there , it was just like too much light for my eyes to take .

So I did struggle for , like , the first day or two .

But after that , my eyes adjusted .

So if you want to bring a pair of sunglasses with you , why not go ahead ?

It should help a bit .

So next you might want to bring with you a small bag or a container containing all of your medications in there .

Also bear in mind the kind of person that you are , and the kind of you know illnesses and sicknesses that you tend to have .

Sometimes in the summer , I might get hay , fevers and things like that .

If you get headaches quite often , bring some paracetamols with you .

Of course , it's not like you can't buy these things over there .

Of course you can , but you know , if you can bring it with you and just save yourself the time so you can put all your time into actually worshipping law .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The reason why you're there , then it's even better , isn't it ?

So , and on the issue of medications .

I've heard that it is OK for you to take medications to delay your menstrual cycle if you're going to be , um , on your menstrual cycle during the time that you're due to go for HUD .

Now , as for , um , I'm not sure if it's the same , um , sort of ruling , but for me , I was due to finish my menstrual cycle on the night of me arriving in Mecca .

So I just let myself go through my natural causes and finish .

And then when I got there the next morning , I took my bath and started , um and then performed my the last but not least is a just a little toiletry bag .

This is going to have your sponge , your soap , your toothbrushes and all that kind of stuff with you for you to take .

Because , of course , you're going to be showing bathrooms .

So you've got other sisters , and you wanna have all of your stuff all compact into one , bag if you like .

So , yeah , in if you can get another bag , get one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now I know that going for Hagen comes with a lot of expenses and stuff like that .

So if you can't afford any of these little mini bags that I'm showing here .

Just get yourself one backpack and then go to Tesco's .

If you live in England and get yourself a clear plastic bag like this , um , this is actually like a freezer food container , container bag .

Um , but they work just as great .

And you can literally just put a whole load of your stuff in there and just put them in your bag and you're good to go .

So it's just another option for you there .

OK , girls .

So this is it .

If I have to remember off the top of my head things for you to do definitely bring .

I would definitely say a backpack .

Bring a prayer mat , bring a water bottle , bring haircutting scissors and , um , a measuring tape with you , those you cannot go without and make sure you bring all of your medication and all of your sort of menstruation womanly stuff that you need to bring with you .

Those are a mask .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Everything else you know , you can decide for yourself what is important and how much of it it is important to take , and I will leave the details and list of everything that I've mentioned in this video in the description box down below .

So I hope that you guys have definitely found this video useful .

I know I would have found a video like this useful if I was going , So yeah , guys , I'm just I'm just so jealous .

If you're going , make the offer for those of us at home .

Pray that our last one call us as well , uh , to make the offer for the , um at large .

We are going through such a challenging time at the moment , and we need all of the DOS that we can get .

So please don't forget the rest of us at home .

And I pray that you have have a lovely and safe journey .

Do not forget this is going to be a three part video .

So depending on when you see this video , if I've already filmed the next two videos , I will leave them linked in the description box down below .

So have a look in there .

So just ask like , hey , sisters , for watching this video .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if you know of anyone , or you think that anyone might benefit from the the content of this video .

Then make sure you share this video out , um , so that other sisters will see and benefits as well and shut a lot .

And yeah , just I feel like hey , girls , for watching .

I'm going to have myself a cup of tea cos my throat is getting dry cos I've been talking for far too long now , So I will see you in my next video in to , like , a little break .


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