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2023-08-07 14:15:00

How To Tie a Tie - Intrinity Knot

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Hi , everybody .

I'm Patrick Novotney .

I am the Thai guy .

This is my youtube channel and I'm doing how to videos on every single neck tie knot known to man and I'm bringing them to you .

So if that's the kind of thing you're looking for , then please subscribe .

All right .

This time , I've got one that I've learned from a guy that uh his name is Charlie Trung and it's called the in Trinity Knot .

Here it is .

And I want to show you how to do it right now .

OK .

Starting off , throw it over your neck and you're gonna be tying it with the little end .

If you don't have an extra long tie , this is going to be uh very difficult not to finish without the big end and uh ending up being really short to accomplish that .

So let's get started .

All right .

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So taking the big end , we're gonna make our dimple pinch it , bring it towards the middle , take our little end , overlap the front , cross over the front and now you're gonna feed that up and through the back of your neck , tie knot and across like , so this part I want to keep tight and , uh , taking the little end , we're gonna wrap it around the back and if or not , this is all tight .

Now , this is where we can relax a little bit .

I'm gonna bring it across the front , but I want it to sit up high a little bit .

So it's not like dragging down here .

I want it to be on , on that knot still and I'm gonna keep that in place with my finger .

All right .

Taking the little end up and through the back , this part's gonna be snug , but enough that you can still loosen it , I wanna keep that knot together .

Now , we're gonna untuck this just a tiny bit .

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This loop feed our long end through that loop .

You can pull it straight down and now pulling it across from which it came .

Now , you can tighten up this bottom loop that'll loosen up the top loop that you got here .

And now taking the little end , we're gonna bring it around the back like so , so that would have made this one hopefully loose enough that we can feed this little end up and through that loop .

If I can reach through there .

There we go .

So here's your Trinity knot kind of done with a shortcut still works .

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Now , this is gonna be your best chance to shape it if you have any creases in it .

This is the part where you can work them out if you tighten it too tight .

I find that you'll get more creases .

So keeping a little bit of , uh , you know , if it's firm but not tight .

All right .

So I pulled my necktie through the top loop .

Now it's hanging down below .

I wanna fold this in half so that the edges are facing inwards .

So I'm folding this , this necktie in half .

It's gonna be folded in half for the rest of the way it's gonna cross over the front .

So the single , the smooth side will be facing down , the open side will be facing in towards your Trinity knot .

And I'm gonna keep my finger here for the moment .

So I have my sort of loop and it kind of helps keep this fold together from falling apart .

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Now , I'm gonna feed this fold with my thumb up and through the back of my necktie , my neck hole here .

And now I can easily fit it down through that loop where I had my thumb .

So this kind of takes some maneuvering around the , the back end of the knot .

I'm gonna push this loop over from the back .

I mean , I don't wanna pull it over this way .

I wanna be able to maneuver it from the back side .

So this is still all kind of loose .

I can take this little end .

You could see them running out of length here already .

And now I can start tightening this up a little bit because I want the front end , this front loop across here , tight .

So I'm gonna pull up here with my thumbs and then I can just pull it down snug because I still have to feed this little end through the top here .

So it's going to create our triangle .

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And now it's just an adjusting if you have any excess , you tuck it under your collar .

But if you have just a little bit , make sure to pull here with your thumb and forefinger , so you can tighten down this knot .

Now , of course , it's not perfect as is .

So you can adjust it to show that Trinity knot in the middle .

You know , I'm just kind of pulling and pushing at this point until I get sort of what I like .

And I , what I'm doing at the very end , I end up tying knots .

I end up going out like this a little bit .

In this case , you wanna , you want the top of the knot to sort of lean out .

So with my thumbs , I'm pushing them out .

Now , if I grab the entire knot with one hand , grab the big end , I could pull on it and cinch it up to my neck , this will sort of help keep might not in place the way I want it .

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There we go in Trinity knot .

So that's how you do the in Trinity knot .

Thank you very much for Charlie Chung for inventing that and thank you guys for watching .

I'm Patrick Novotni .

It's my youtube channel .

I'm doing how to videos on every single way of tying a neck tie and bringing that to you .

If that's the kind of thing you're looking for , then please subscribe and thank you so much for watching .


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