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are you seeing this monstrosity before me ?

If you want some easy steps on how to transform it from this to this , then make sure you keep watching to see how to clean your trailers with bleach .

So the first thing you're gonna need to use this sterilising fluid .

Now , this is a form of bleach .

It's just a weaker form .

The next thing you're gonna need to use is two containers to hold the bleach and the water .

You're gonna need a cup to measure how much bleach and water you actually adding .

And also two brushes , the one with brass tips .

And you're gonna need one with plastic tips .

The one with brass you're gonna use for the rubber of the trainers as that is a lot tougher to get clean .

And for the actual level , you're gonna use the plastic tipped brush , so take your cup and pour bleach in about a quarter of the way up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then take your container and pour the bleach inside .

Next , fill up your cup with hot water and pour that in as well .

This is what you're gonna be using to dunk your racism , and then you can put that to the side and leave it to soak for about 20 minutes .

Then take your second container and once again , fill your cup with bleach a quarter of the way and pour that into the container and fill up your cup with hot water and pour that into the container also .

So then just get your trainer and start working away with the plastic tipped brush and then wipe away any of that excess liquid , some tissue already .

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It's almost looking brand new , and now we're just gonna go and clean the base .

So this time you're gonna want to take your brush with the brass tips and use that to clean the base .

So if I ever go home , look down and I think Dom , Dom , Dom , I know that I can always whip out this technique , and it will work miracles literally and now wipe off all the excess with the tissue .

Now the laces have soaked for 20 minutes .

Just wash them off and dry them , and then you can go ahead and place them back into the shoe so as you can see a major difference .

So I really hope you guys found this video helpful If you ever need tips on white drainers , I am here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

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So I'll be seeing you guys next week in a bit .


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