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2023-08-09 09:56:37

How To Clean Sneakers _ Common Projects

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While I personally don't mind the look of worn in common projects .

It's always nice to give them some TLC to ensure you get as many wears as possible out of them .

As you can see , these shoes are in need of some TLC , but I'll show you how to get them looking new in no time .

I'll also show you how to reduce the appearance of scuffs and scratches to get these as close to box fresh as possible .

This is everything you'll need .

You'll need some towels .

Jason Mark cleaner , some shoe cream in the color of the shoe .

You'll be cleaning a stiff bristled brush , a horse hair brush and finally some Jason Mark repel start by removing the shoelaces , removing the shoelaces , gives us full access to the leather upper and makes it easier to clean .

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Take the laces and place them in some warm water , then add some of the Jason Mark shoe cleaner , agitate the shoelaces by shaking them for 1 to 2 minutes , then set them aside to soak while we clean the rest of the shoe , take your horse hair brush and brush over the entire shoe we want to remove and dislodge any large particles that could damage the leather when we start to clean the shoe .

Next , take a damp cloth and wipe down the upper and out sole of the shoe .

This will move light dirt stains and allow us to focus on areas that need more attention .

This will also help when we start to deep clean by making sure we are actually removing dirt instead of just spreading it around , get some warm water and wet your stiff bristled brush .

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Apply some Jason Mark cleaner to the brush and shake off any excess start with the since it's usually the more difficult to clean using medium pressure , use the brush to clean the outsole , work your way around the outs hole in small sections being sure not to miss any spots .

Jason Mark cleaner is great because it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or abrasive .

So it's safe to use on all colors and materials as you work your way around the shoe , wipe away any excess cleaner to keep your workstation clean after the outsole is clean , work your way up to the upper again , work your way around the shoe in small sections till the upper is spotless .

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Once we're done with one shoe , move on to the second one , repeating the same process once both shoes are completed , give your shoes one final wipe down , remove your laces from the cleaning solution and rinse under running water then set the laces and shoes aside to dry , ensure your shoes have completely dried before moving on to the next step .

As the polish and the shoe cream we will be using will adhere better to a dry surface .

The shoe cream I'll be using is this white shoe cream .

By take some shoe cream using your finger or a towel and apply a thin layer to the shoe .

The shoe cream will condition the leather to nourish and restore the leather fibers .

The polish in the cream will rejuvenate the white leather and fill some of the lighter scuffs and scratches a quick tip to get your stitching bright and white , go over the stitching with some of the shoe cream as well .

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The white pigment in the polish will help brighten the stitching for deeper scuffs and scratches .

You want to be more liberal with the shoe cream .

I carefully apply enough shoe cream till the scuff is no longer visible .

Don't be afraid to be a little heavy handed here as we will be buffing off any excess later let the shoe king dry completely .

So the polish has time to adhere properly to the leather .

Once dry , take a dry cloth and buff away any excess shoe cream be mindful of where the deep scuffs were as we don't want to buff away too much of the shoe polish .

Once buffing is done , we can re lace our shoes for me .

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This is the most time consuming part as it is always a pain to get the ends of the laces to the exact same length when re lacing common projects to finish up a light spritz of Jason Mark Rappel on both shoes will help protect the shoes and laces from future dirt and stains .

This is how I keep my shoes pristine and white year round .

I hope you enjoyed the look into how I clean my sneakers and found some useful tips you can use .


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