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2023-08-08 07:06:33

YEASTED WAFFLES (3 Brunch-Ready Recipes - Buttered, Sweet, & Savory)

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Hey , what's up today in an attempt to reclaim the waffle from the pasty bland continental breakfast version that we all hate .

I'm gonna show you how to make a very good tasting one from scratch , using bread style fermentation and brown butter from there using the same techniques .

I'm gonna show you how to make two fancy brunch style waffles .

One sweet one , savory to get started .

I'm gonna grab a high set of container 12 to 24 hours before I want waffles and into that measure 200 g of room temperature water , a small pinch of instant yeast or just enough to cover the urfa like this .

Then 200 g of strong all purpose flour .

Next , I'm gonna grab a sturdy spoon and give everything a good stir to combine .

What I'm mixing here is called a polish .

And most people watching this video probably are familiar that this brings a ton of additional flavor and a unique crispness to a yeast bread .

It's just flour , water and a little bit of yeast that you ferment overnight before you make a dough .

Once I've got any dry spots mixed in and the polish is looking all gloppy like this .

I'm gonna pop a lid on it and ferment it here on the counter for 12 to 24 hours .

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The next day this polish is fully ripened and very active .

This stuff's gonna make our waffles taste a lot more complicated and give them a crispy chewy texture .

That's usually only reserved for a nice baguette .

Now to make this polish into waffles , I'm gonna create a small sauce pan over high heat .

Once that's hot in goes 100 and 65 g of butter or about a stick and a half right away .

The butter is gonna start getting really foamy .

That's what I want .

I'm making brown butter here and the foaming is the water content of the butter boiling off as that water cooks off , it's gonna get closer to pure butter fat and the milk solids are gonna sink to the bottom of the pot and get dark brown and toasty like this .

Now to stop the browning and to cool off the butter .

I'm gonna add in 240 g of cold milk right from the fridge using a wooden spoon .

I'm gonna stir that to combine while scraping the bottom of the pot to loosen up any brown milk salads .

Then in goes 240 g of buttermilk .

If I added the buttermilk with the milk before the high heat of that butter would have probably split the acidic butter milk into curd and way and it would have been a grainy mess .

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Now , the combo of both milks right from the fridge has cooled this butter down enough to be mixed with everything else .

Back to the cutting board .

I'm gonna flip all 400 g of that overnight polish into a medium bowl behind that comes 5 g of vanilla extract one large egg and then all of my brown butter milk that doesn't look very delicious From here .

I'm gonna grab a whisk and give this mixture a stir to get the polish evenly distributed throughout the wet stuff .

There we go .

Now in goes 200 75 g of strong all purpose flour , 10 g of salt , 35 g of sugar and 3 g of baking soda .

The whisk goes back in and in general combining hydrated flour with fresh dry flour , takes a little bit more work to get combined properly and probably won't yield a perfect lump less batter like you're looking for .

That's not a problem though .

Try for fewer lumps if you can get them .

But except that there will always be some lumps and that looks like finished waffle batter .

Now , for the main event , I'm gonna grab my waffle maker .

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I bought this one at the recommendation of America's Test Kitchen Gear reviews and so far so good , it could cook two waffles at once and it allows me to pick how crispy I want my waffle once the waffle maker is preheated .

I'm gonna give it the unglamorous but necessary dose of pan spray that it needs .

Then to portion the waffle .

I'm gonna use this handy cup that came with the maker .

This batch size makes six jumbo waffles by the way .

But use a three quarter cup measure .

If you don't have this one from here to properly cook this waffle , it's pretty much the same process as it would be at any in and sweets continental breakfast from coast to coast .

One detail though , to prevent overflow is to use the cup itself to get an even spread on this batter from edge to edge and that looks good .

Now , the lid goes down and this is gonna get inverted to help spread the batter and open up the top side for waffle number two .

If you're gonna be making it after five minutes , when I flip this waffle over , you can see that it has that classic Belgian style waffle look with those deep pockets .

But this time thanks to the pool , it's gonna have a lot more flavor , more aroma and just better texture .

Overall .

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For me , the hot waffle on a plate with butter and maple syrup is pretty much the coat thing that I can think of .

The combo of the toasty crispy outside with that yeasty almost boozy chewy interior creates something that is so much more deep and flavorful than that vapid pasty stuff that you're used to .

These are dope they're double dope , they're five dope , six dope .

They're just very , very , very , very , very , very , very , very , very dope .

But I promised you guys fancy brunch waffles at the beginning of this video and nothing is fancier than mixed berry como with Cheesecake Whipped Cream .

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No .

Oh , hey , look at this bowl of freshly mixed waffle batter that's fully ready to go to make some berry compote to go with these waffles .

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I'm gonna preheat a medium nonstick pan over high heat and into that measured 350 g or one bag of frozen mixed berries and a small splash of water about 20 g as that comes to a simmer .

I want to mention that I didn't buy fresh berries here because I didn't want to buy individual pints of blackberries , strawberries , blueberries and raspberries .

This way I get exactly what I need .

The only downside is that these strawberries are way too big .

So I'm gonna pop those out real quick and then chop them into chunks that are roughly the same size as the blueberries .

And then slide those back in .

At this point .

I'm gonna added 25 g of maple syrup to cut through some of the tartness of the berries and then 25 g of lemon juice to bring a freshness to the whole thing .

I'll stir that to combine and then bring it back to a simmer after about 6 to 8 minutes of cooking this over high heat .

The fruit has gotten slightly broken down and the juices have thickened to the point where when I drag my spatula through it , there's a nice wide trail left behind like this .

Now I'm gonna take this off the heat , transfer it to bolt , then stick it in the fridge to cool it down as quickly as possible from there .

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I'm gonna make what I'm calling cheesecake whipped cream because it tastes like a mix of both of those two things together to make that into my stand mixer .

I'm gonna drop 225 g or eight ounces of cream cheese .

150 g of heavy cream and a small pinch of salt .

The whisk attachment goes on and gonna spin this on low speed for a few seconds so that the cream cheese doesn't splash out the cream everywhere .

And once those are getting a little bit more combined , I'm gonna speed this up to high and whip this for about one minute or so or until that cream cheese and cream are well combined and starting to thicken up like this from there .

I'm gonna sweeten this thing up a little bit with 20 g of powdered sugar .

If we use regular sugar here , the whipped cream wouldn't be as stable and it would get a little bit weepy .

Now the whisk attachment goes back on and I'm gonna whip this up for another 15 seconds or so or until that sugar is fully dissolved into the cream and there we go .

This stuff is really crazy .

You guys , it tastes just like a cheesecake , but it's lighter and spread perfect for a waffle .

Speaking of which , I've got a freshly toasted one right here ready to rip .

That's gonna get a heavy dollop of that cheesecake whipped cream .

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Then a generous few spoonfuls of that mixed berry compote after it's been cooled , that compote's pretty saucy and has a lot of fun berry textures and plenty of moisture to stand in for maple syrup .

If you guys like sweet stuff for breakfast , this is pretty much it .

It's super rich and very luxurious .

But the tartness of the berries and the texture of that waffle helped keep the whole thing in balance a very dope waffle .

Indeed .

But how about that fancy savory waffle ?

I'm so glad you asked .

How about a cheesy chive crispy ham waffle with fried eggs .

Back to the part where we have finished waffle batter .

Ready to go this time though .

I left out the vanilla extract because cheese and vanilla aren't really like the best thing to do together .

Otherwise , though , this is the exact same waffle batter and into it .

I'm gonna measure 225 g of sharp cheddar , 225 g of pepper , jack cheese and then 25 g of mint chives goes in as well .

Now using rubber spatula , I'm gonna stir everything to combine .

I'm a loser .

I can't even stir chives .

Ok .

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Once the cheese and the chives are properly folded into this vanilla less waffle batter , I'm gonna grab my waffle maker , give it a spray and then layer in a torn piece of relatively thick sliced ham from there .

A full scoop of the cheese batter goes on top .

Then one more slice of ham is gonna get torn on top .

I did try mixing the ham in with the batter by the way , and it just steamed and made the whole thing a little bit softer .

Putting it on the outside , touching the iron makes it a lot more crisp .

While that waffle cooks , we're gonna fry some eggs to put on top .

So in my medium nonstick pan goes one squeeze of olive oil .

Then two large eggs .

I'm gonna hit those eggs with a generous pinch of salt .

Then about 10 cranks or so of fresh cracked black pepper .

I'll reduce the heat to low now and top these eggs with the lids that they can slowly fry and steam for about 2 to 3 minutes .

After about three minutes over low heat .

This egg's been gently fried .

The whites are set and it's looking ready to go back at the waffle maker .

It's time to check on this cheese waffle and oh my Lord .

Look at this thing .

You guys .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's salty crispy ham on the outside with a bunch of fried caramelized cheese there's some chives in there to bring freshness and all the moisture comes from egg yolks and a little bit of hot sauce .

All of a sudden you find yourself being quite the luxury brunch .

Whether you go with the classic maple butter combo here or one of these two fancier waffles .

It turns out that when you add bread starter to a waffle , it tastes way more pro I hope you guys find yourself brunching on these sometime soon .

Let's eat this thing .


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