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2023-08-08 12:47:40

How to tie a ribbon onto a gift box

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Hi , I'm Lisa Birnbach with howdini dot com .

Ever wonder how your favorite shop gets the ribbon on their gift boxes to look so perfect .

When I try it at home , it seems that I'm the one getting tied into Knots Rod Martinez from Papyrus .

The high end stationary gift wrap store is here to show us how to tie a ribbon around a gift box .

All right , Lisa .

So let's do this .

Um We have a very nice satin ribbon here and what we're gonna do this one is double sided .

You see the orange and the green , I'm gonna leave a little extra to begin with .

I'm gonna wanna tie my bow here on the top left side .

So I'm gonna leave some extra ribbon to tie the bow with .

OK .

Wrap this around and up and over .

Make sure that it didn't fold or anything while we did that .

I'm keeping my thumb here .

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I'm gonna bring it back underneath the the box and back over and again , no need to do a tie or anything over here .

Make it nice and clean .

Once you get to this spot here , you're gonna wanna measure .

So both your ends are the same length .

And what I'm doing is I'm just holding it here for now .

We're gonna cut this .

It doesn't really matter at first how you cut it because we're gonna fix that a little later .

So now that I've got this all prepared , the trick is to come underneath the first ribbon that you started with .

I mean , the first side of the ribbon that you started with .

So I come underneath that end and come over .

You see how that and what that's gonna do is when I tie this simple knot , it's gonna bring all the ends together .

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I see also that it will make less of a bump because you're sort of spreading the knot on two sides .

Exactly what you're , yeah , you're using one knot to do all four ends again , this is all nice and clean and neat .

Now I'm gonna do the bow .

Now with this is I'm gonna choose to use the green to do the bow , right .

If it's two sided , you want to make sure that you make your first loop with the green .

And now the trick here is to make your next loop , you go in with the green , gonna go in towards the bottom , tie it back around .

You're just doing a regular shoe string type bow .

But with satin , the beauty is a ribbon and we just move the ends down .

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And what I like to do is then here with the ends you wanna cut away and we'll do this and over here like nice little tips and how lovely you have a great gift and it doesn't matter that you've re gifted something because look how beautiful it was all about the presentation .

Exactly .

Thank you , Rod .

Happy holidays to you .

I'm Lisa Birnbach .


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