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2023-08-08 07:12:05

Cleaning Puke Off White Nike Presto

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What's going on guys , Johnny Bubbles back with another cleaning video .

I know it's been a minute but yes , I am back to clean these prestos that uh a ak a cameraman back there went ahead and threw up on .

So yes , I will be wearing some gloves and I know what you guys are probably thinking right ?

We're finally cleaning the Nike shoe on top of a Nike box .

No , I'm saying listen to you guys in the comment section .

So let us know in the comment section below what shoe you would want us to clean next , but let's get started .

Alright .

So for today , we're gonna be using our advanced three brush sneaker laundry system and our sneaker laundry detergent that is available right now at rejuvenator dot com because in order to get , you know , all that grime and throw up out of like mesh and prime it , fly it , any knitted material , you're gonna need that laundry system .

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So the first step is to grab our adjustable shoe trees and adjusting the size by the boom .

Obviously , I'm gonna the left shoe because it's all vomited on .

So I'm just gonna put that in there like so cool .

All right , I'm gonna go ahead and put this right shoe to the side .

Next is removing the laces .

Did you throw up on the laces too ?

Ready for your check up , roll the sleeves , roll the sleeves .

So I'm not trying to get this shirt dirty .

Yo .

A shout out to young and reckless and drama for sending us a care package fire .

All right .

So let me go ahead and go back to uh places .

All right .

So now that the laces are off , the next step is to grab our bottle solution and pour two small big squirts into the bowl and then begin cleaning the uppers using our soft bristle brush .

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All right guys , the uppers are looking pretty good with the first brush .

I'm gonna go ahead and move on to using our medium .

Our new , I should say our new medium or all purpose brush that you can use on any knitted material .

Just don't apply too much pressure , right ?

So I think I'm good using this all purpose brush on the mid .

So go ahead and move on to our stiff bristle brush hit up the mid .

So because I do see a few more deep stains that the stiff brush will go ahead and get out and then I'm gonna move on to the out .

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So , yep .

So next step guys , I'm not gonna forget .

Put the shoot to the side , grab the laces .

Yeah .

No .

Oh Yeah .

No .

Super pretty clean .

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Let's go ahead and put those in the shoe , grab our laundry bag , boom , lock it down and secure the bag .

Now , let's go put it in the wash .

All right guys , let's go ahead and throw this in the wash .

Open it up .

Like so grab our sneaker along the detergent , loosen the cap and squeeze boom .

Just gonna pour it in there like so right on top of the shoe , close that up , just hit on , see where that 10 minute cycle .

Boom start .

We'll be back is good .

We get , we totally go in to go ahead and do this wrong .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm , I'm the worst at uh making uh impersonations .

I'm the worst at it .

All right guys , we are back , went ahead and let these dry overnight and as you can see , they cleaned up pretty good .

I actually had to put these in the wash for a second cycle because that 10 minute one didn't do the job .

But as you can see that 40 minute second cycle did its thing .

Uh One thing I do notice guys is on this back heel tap .

There is a little stuff , but no worries .

I'm gonna go ahead and remove that using our microfiber towel dipped in some of our solutions .

So let's do that now .

All right guys , there you go .

Just like that .

Went ahead and removed the scuff .

Let me go ahead and grab the other shoe and show you guys a side by side comparison .

Boom .

Once again , guys , that was done using our advanced three brush sneaker laundry system and our sneaker laundry detergent that is available at dot com .

Let me know what you guys thought about this video .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let me know what shoe you guys would like me to clean next .

Uh Make sure you follow us on our social media sites guys , Instagram , Snapchat , youtube , make sure you hit that subscribe button , hit that like button and that's gonna complete this video guys .

I'll see you guys in the next when I'm out .


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