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2023-08-07 14:23:36

How to clean triple White Huaraches with Reshoevn8r

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How's it going today ?

This is Steve with rejuvenator and we're gonna clean a pair of all white or , and we basically took these out and we pretty much destroyed them , tried to get them as dirty as we could .

So we can show you how well rejuvenator , um , sneaker laundry system works , mesh material as you can see there .

So , first step in this process is going to be to adjust the shoe trees .

These are 11 .

So they should be right around there .

We're just going to clean one of these today .

So the shoe tree in there you go , you basically want that toe box firm .

Um , nothing too tight .

Secondly , we're gonna take a rejuvenator , advanced sneaker cleaner and we're gonna put a little bit in our dish that we have here being that these shoes are mesh .

We're going to start with the suede brush .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The suede brush is going to be safe on delicate materials .

And before I get ahead of myself though , let's go ahead and take out this lace .

What's really gonna clean these is the sneaker laundry system and I'm putting these in the washing machine now that we've done just a nice little pre treat with the suede brush .

We're gonna move on to the all purpose .

Ok .

Now , on the sole brush , basically , you see these dirt stains still .

We got them .

The other two brushes didn't work .

We have a specific brush just for soles .

I'm gonna grab our brass bristle brush .

This brush is made to , um , reset the nap on suede .

Once you get sued wet , um , these brass bristles are fine .

You gently go over the suede and it resets the net makes them soft .

It does work really well on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , as you can see , there's still some dirt there , I'm going to take this brass bristle brush .

It's pretty much gone .

So now that we've done that , we're gonna pat these down .

So I'm gonna take this shoelace , dip it into our solution and then I'm gonna just basically take it into my hands causing friction .

Ok .

So the next step in this process is to put them in the sneaker laundry bag .

All we gotta do is put them in the washing machine .

Now .


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