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2023-08-06 15:51:57

How to Make Bubble Waffles ♥ Egg Waffle Recipe!

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Guys , it's Angel .

I am super excited for today's video because we are making bubble waffles .

Now , if you guys don't know what bubble waffles are , they are also known as egg waffles and in Taiwan .

When you go to a bubble tea shop , you can usually order a snack called bubble waffles .

They kind of taste like waffles , but they're a little bit different .

They , since they're egg shaped , they have a crispy taste .

Also , they can also be chewy depending on how they're cooked or they can even be filled with mochi and the mochi ones are so so good .

So anyways , before we get started , I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everybody who posted on my last video for 100,000 subscribers .

And thank you guys so much .

And also I wanted to say I will be posting a couple of vlogs of my move and my new kitchen shortly .

So stay tuned for that .

Ok ?

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So the first thing we'll need when making bubble waffles is of course the most important thing the bubble waffle maker .

Now I got one from Star Blue .

Thank you , Star Blue for sending me this I love using this bubble waffle maker .

It's super fun and easy to use .

In addition , you'll need a few basic ingredients .

You probably have them at home because they're fairly common for baking .

So with that , let's get started in making bubble waffles for the ingredients .

I'm adding one cup of sifted cake flour , half a cup of cane sugar , one teaspoon of baking powder , one teaspoon of any neutral flavored oil , a splash of vanilla extract two large eggs and finally mixing all that together with one third cup of filtered water , then mix everything together really well until the batter is super smooth .

Like this next preheat your waffle maker .

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And when it's almost ready , spray a light coating of nonstick oil , let that heat up for another minute .

Then pour in your batter .

I'm using just over half a cup of waffle batter .

Then I'm going to close the lid , flip the waffle maker over and let that cook for 3 to 5 minutes .

Or until the bubble waffle is golden brown .

When it's done , you want to take the waffle out and place it on a cooling rack or you can put a spoon underneath it and let it cool for a few minutes .

So it doesn't get soggy after it's cooled a few minutes , your bubble waffle will be ready to eat and serve .

Hm .

That is so good .

The one downside to making bubble waffles at home is that you're gonna have a huge craving for boba , which I do right now .

So after this , after I wrap up this video , I'm gonna head out and get myself a cup of bubble tea .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

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Give me a thumbs up if you like this video and post in the comments below and let me know if you want to see different variations of bubble waffles .

There's macha bubble waffle , there's mochi stuffed bubble waffle , which is oh , so good .

And um yeah , let me know .

Thank you guys so much for watching until the next video take care and I will see you guys soon .

Bye .


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