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2023-08-06 15:55:55

How to cook Waffles!! (Eggo waffles, no toaster) Life changingšŸ˜±

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All right guys , we're gonna be making frozen ego waffles without the um toaster .

None of that .

So let me show you guys these are the regular ones but we can , we want some of these ones .

Hold on see them choc chip .

Mm Right .

We can go .

We got the pan right here .

We could turn it .

You don't gotta do well let me see .

You can do it like half ways a little bit .

Uh We could do a little more than that .

All right , I'm gonna get some butter .

Hold on .

We can , we can use this one .

I don't know that I'm not so tip of this song right here .

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You know .

Light light syrup , right ?

All right .

That's what we're gonna do .

Let that heat up a little bit pan right there .

So you need this your waffles butter syrup and then a pan .

Let me see .

I figured this out myself and not like no videos or nothing .

I don't know if anybody does this .

Let me see .

But so you would get butter , you butter both of these sides , this side and that side , both of the sides and yeah , hold on .

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See There you go .

I got one side .

I'm gonna butter .

Uh both of the waffles on both sides .

All right guys .

Well , so here you go .

He buttered both sides .

It's kind of crazy , but I love butter .

So it's all good bam .

So put that back .

Let me show you guys take one of the waffles so that I have to lower it a little bit .

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This is that you will never have waffles in a toaster ever again .

Trust right .

There you go .

I let them sit this away thing going .

Let's give a what ?

A spatula .

No .

Oh Is dirty .

Hold on , let me think of something .

We got , we can do it pretty awesome .

Fucking .

I said to we got tongs .

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Oh I got you see this and you flip this over there it goes , you know , tell me that does not look fire chip .

You could use this with the regular ones too .

I got the regular ones right here but we're not gonna have those today .

Got my togs right here .

OK ?

Make sure they don't burn because if they burn it's game over , they don't taste good .

I say maybe like depending on how the flame is like a minute and 10 seconds on each side .

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And you saw it also depending if you like like soft waffles .

If you like crunchy waffles , it's not gonna work for you .

They don't come out crunchy .

It does get in , let me take that out .

Should this be a thumbnail ?

Oh , no .

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All right guys just don't forget to turn the flame off .

You don't wanna burn your house down .

Got this right here .

You got that .

Throw some more butter in there .

Hold on .

Right .

Look at that , Tommy .

That does not look fire .

You should try it .

You won't ever go buy it in a toaster ever again .

I never use it .

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Yeah , that's how you make frozen waffles on when you call is a skillet on a pan on the stove .

All right guys , subscribe to me if you like the video if you wanna learn more secret recipes , you know .

Alright man .

Peace out .


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