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2023-08-06 15:58:19

Bobby Flay's Cornbread Waffles with Ranch-Style Eggs _ Brunch @ Bobby's _ Food Network

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We're gonna make the cornmeal waffles with the ranch style eggs .

But the ranch style eggs , they need a sauce .

I'm gonna sweat .

The onions and garlic sweating means uh , sauteing without achieving any color .

I'm gonna add our tomatoes .

These are canned tomatoes and I'm gonna put the juices in there as well .

And then , uh , a Serrano chili pepper , which is sort of like a jalapeno .

The fresh dried chili , it's , it's got a good amount of heat and then some red chilies , two kinds of chili powder .

If you can't find these a good quality chili powder from your store will work really nicely .

This is a nacho chili powder which is sort of like a spicy raisin .

It's got a little bit of fruit ness to it , a little bit of heat and then uh red chili , it's a little bit earthier .

These are chilies a little bit darker .

All right .

So we're gonna let the chili sauce cook and now we're gonna move on to our waffle batter .

So we're making cornmeal waffles and remember we're gonna serve these waffles with the ranch style eggs .

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So we're gonna start with 1.5 cups of all purpose flour and then one cup of yellow cornmeal .

Now , the corn meal is gonna give it a little bit of a nutty flavor .

Actually .

Sometimes what I like to do in this case is toast the cornmeal first , but we're just gonna put the cornmeal in as is .

So we have two teaspoons of baking powder .

One teaspoon of baking soda , a little bit of salt and a pinch of cumin cumin is that spice that you'll find in a lot of Latin dishes .

It's a little earthy .

A little bit .

Goes a long way .

So don't put too much in and a little pinch of cayenne as well .

It's just a little bit of heat .

All right , these are our dry ingredients .

I smell the cum and run away .

Now , the wet ingredients , we have a couple of eggs like the whisky eggs , one and three quarter cups of buttermilk .

You know , buttermilk is gonna have that .

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And also because of the cultures in the buttermilk , it's gonna help to give us a nice tender waffle and then a couple of tablespoons of honey .

Yeah , I just learned the other day that the only natural ingredient that will never go bad is honey .

So there you go .

OK .

I'm also gonna add some butter , but first we're gonna combine these wet ingredients into the dry ingredients .

I'm just gonna start to gently mix just until it becomes incorporated and there'll be some lumps in it .

It's totally fine .

If you overmix the batter , you're gonna have tough waffles .

And who wants a tough waffle ?

Ok , I'm gonna fold in the , the melted butter .

The amount of butter that you put in here is going to determine how crispy your waffle is going to be .

I make mine sort of medium crispy .

If I doubled the amount of butter , they'd be really crispy .

Ok , waffle batter is done .

We're gonna let this sit for about 30 minutes .

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Something I always do with my batters just because I wanna make sure that the baking powder and baking soda are reacting so that we get nice fluffy waffles .

I'm crushing the tomatoes in my tomato and chili sauce .

So now I'm going to make a uh a re so for this , we need fresh cilantro , some Cotija cheese , which is like Mexico's version of Parmesan cheese .

If you can't find Cotija use Parmesan and then some pine nuts and we're gonna puree all this up .

If you have the cilantro leaves and a mini chopper here , it's kind of cool to have like one of these small food processes on hand because if you're not making a lot of something , the bigger food processors , the blade doesn't actually get to , you know what you're trying to .

But so in this case , I'm just gonna use this little mini one and it's gonna work really nicely .

I hope some pine nuts some and then some garlic looks good .

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So we're gonna take a little bit of goat cheese .

Some of our Mexican crema .

If you can't find Mexican crema , you know , creme , fresh or sour cream works perfectly .

And we're gonna fold the pesto .

That's not a real pesto .

But you get the idea our cilantro mixture here right into the crema .

A little salt and pepper and some lime zest .

I'm gonna finish up this sauce .

I'm just gonna put a splash of red wine vinegar just to make sure I have enough acidity in there .

And then I'm gonna add just a little bit of Chipotle puree , chipotle smoked jalapenos .

You know , I like to use them and be careful because they're fiery and smoky .

Mix this in there and let this cook for a couple of minutes and I'm just gonna chill it all out with a little bit of honey .

I use a ton of honey in my cooking not to make things sweet , but just to , uh to balance out the big strong flavors like , you know , these chili peppers , a little salt and pepper and then our ranch style red chili tomato sauce will be ready to go .

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All right , I'm just gonna spray my waffle iron with a little canola oil nonstick spray and I've let my waffle batter rest for about 30 minutes .

Get our waffles going here .

I'm gonna grate some cheeses .

This is some white cheddar .

So it's gonna be a little sharp .

So , you know , Monterey Jack is a very good melting cheese .

White cheddar melts pretty well .

Not as well as Monterey Jack , but it also has a nice sharp flavor .

So , my waffle , I'm looking for some crustiness , which I think we're getting here .

Yeah , it's beautiful .

You just want them to be cooked all the way through .

I'm gonna just Sprinkle a little bit of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese right on top .

Classically for ranch shell eggs , it would be a tortilla , but we're using waffles instead instead of a corn tortilla .

It's a corn waffle .

All right .

So we're gonna go into the broiler , let the cheese melt on top of the waffles .

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A little bit of butter just to kind of coat the bottom of the pan .

A little salt and pepper .

So I'm gonna cook my eggs sunny side up , pour the eggs right on top of the waffle .

And then we take some of our ranch style sauce .

Some of a but so are you crema some green onions and a little bit of cilantro ?

Let's give it a try .

Mm .

Love the crispiness of the cornmeal waffle .

It really gives it a fantastic texture .

Good heat here .

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If the tomato sauce is a little bit spicy , that's ok because it has to cut through the eggs and the crema and the waffles , it's got a lot of work to do .

That's good , man .


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