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2023-08-08 06:53:14

Speak Fluent english

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Hello , friends .

Many of you have asked me to give some tips on English speaking skills .

Very often people have studied grammar and vocabulary .

But when it comes to speaking , they are unable to form correct sentences .

This is mainly because they have not received the correct exposure to English .

English has only remained a subject at school or college .

When we think about how a child learns to speak his native language , we realize that it is only by listening and imitation .

But when it comes to speaking English , there is a lot of pause and hesitation and fear .

This stems from a lack of confidence .

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The surprising part is that in India , English has become so much a part of us that even when we speak any of our native languages , be it Tamil , Tego , Marti or Hindi or any other language , we involuntary tend to use a number of English words .

Even for us , it is very difficult to speak three or four sentences continually in our own mother tongue without bringing in a couple of English words .

Not necessarily only for the educated , even for the illiterate .

Let us say I speak to my maid and I ask her the reason for not coming on time to work and to give you an example in she might just say breakdown , 10 pass for those who uh don't understand Tamil .

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Also , I'm sure you would have understood what she said that she was late because there was a breakdown and she's in a lot of tension , especially because her Children have gone have to attend the exams .

So you see , even within just two sentences in she has used about five or six English words , even though she has has not studied English .

Then where does the problem lie ?

The problem lies in that we are not trained to think in English .

This reminds me of a popular ad which used to be aired many years ago during the cricket matches .

It was a commercial for some popular soft drink and it would say eat cricket , sleep cricket , drink cricket .

And that is what I think one should do to get a mastery of the over the language , eat English , sleep English drink English .

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Then you will start to think in English and English will come very naturally to you .

So what is fluency ?

Fluency is about being able to communicate .

Fluency means that you're able to speak smoothly without any pause or hesitation .

There is a continuous flow of language .

Fluency is a practical skill .

You cannot just get it only by reading books .

It is something like learning any sport or learning swimming .

If you want to learn how to swim .

It is not enough .

If you just stand long hours at the edge of the pool , looking at other swimming , you have to dive into the pool .

That's exactly what you have to do .

If you want to learn English speaking , you have to do just one thing and that is speak .

So the first tip is speak without fear .

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Don't be afraid of making mistakes .

It's only when you make mistakes that you will learn where you go wrong and it will help you to learn in your language .

Remember as a child , when you first learned cycling , were you able to peddle the very first day itself ?

You fell down a number of times you had your bruises .

Did you give up ?

No , you just went back and tried cycling all over again .

And remember the day when finally you were able to cycle all by yourself without anybody holding you at the back , how thrilled you felt ?

It is the same with speaking English .

The more you use the language , the more you speak , the more number of times the right word will come to your mind .

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Most of the time people will understand what you're trying to say , even if you have made a mistake , the next tip is express your ideas and phrases in everyday situations .

Also let us say somebody has a joke and how do you respond to it ?

You can say that's a good one .

Now , this is a good phrase to remember when you listen to a good joke , you say that's a good one .

That's how you respond or when you want to thank somebody .

Just saying thanks .

You can say that's very kind of you .

These are all simple phrases for a beginner which when you put into practice , it will become part of your everyday speaking as a beginner .

One step , which will help you is to listen carefully very often , you'll be able to find the answer in the question itself and then you will be able to frame your sentence correctly .

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For example , if somebody asks you a question saying , does he know English or does he know Hindi ?

The answer can be yes , he knows .

Can you sing ?

Yes , I can .

Is it your book ?

Yes , it is .

So does he can he , is it these are the words in the question itself from which you can form your sentences for the answer .

Now , as I said , it all depends on what your level of English is .

If you're a beginner , these very small tips will help you grow along the way .

And if you already have a good level of English , you can become more advanced by using better words , better adjectives and improving your vocabulary too .

In every situation , try to speak English right ?

From the time you get a , let's say you're going to your office canteen .

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So think of words , let's say you have your food before you .

This food tastes good or uh she's a beautiful girl , whatever you want to say , just keep on thinking in English and think of words in English for everything around you .

This is another tip which will help you to improve your English .

A common error which I find which uh beginners make , especially Indian students is when I ask them their name or ask them to introduce themselves .

I say please uh tell me your name and he says , madam myself , Harras .

Now this is incorrect .

You don't introduce yourself as myself or myself .

Uh You say I'm Harras or my name is .

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So this usage of myself is incorrect over here again , the way of asking somebody their name , I find some people still say , what is your good name ?

That is uh very , I would say old fashioned , it's very incorrect .

Also , you just say what's your name ?

There is no need to say what's your good name .

And if you want to be polite , you can ask , may I know your name or could I please know your name ?

These are better ways of asking and replying to such questions for beginners .

For more advanced learners .

It is very important to use precise words , especially on your resume or when you're going for a job interview .

For example , even this word resume , see the pronunciation very often I find people pronouncing it wrong and just using the words pronouncing it as a resume when you say resume , it's just a verb .

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The match resumed after the rain .

In that usage , you can say resume here .

You are using it as a noun .

This is your resume or your bio data , which you're applying .

Uh when you want to go for a job interview and even in your resume or at the interview itself , use better words .

Don't just say I worked in the finance department .

You can say I analyzed financial data , you or you can say I implemented the company's policies .

So when you use better words like that , it shows that you have greater command over the English language .

As you are all aware in English , very often , the same word can have different meanings in different context .

If you take a simple example , say of the word bank .

Bank can be the name of a place where you deposit your money .

As the first meaning comes to you .

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Bank also refers to um the bank of a river or when I say I was banking on his help .

Banking means were depending on him for his help .

Or even as for the word book , book might just refer to a text which you're reading or the action for for example , when you book a ticket for a journey .

So depending on the context , the meaning can differ and the pronunciation too can differ .

For example , if you have the word re ad , if you're using it in the present tense you say I read the newspaper every day , then you pronounce this as read .

But if you want to use it in the past tense , the same re ad , you don't say I read the paper yesterday , then you pronounce it as I read the paper yesterday .

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So these are small things one learns along the way where English usage , the functional English is very , very important and close our home to give simpler examples in your everyday situation .

Let's say you're on a call and you're not able to hear the other person very well .

For whatever reason , maybe the network is bad or there's a lot of noise around .

Don't just say , ah , that sounds very rude .

Say sorry , which means the other person would repeat what he said or you can put it in a sentence saying , could you please repeat that or you can say , I'm sorry , I'm not able to hear you very well .

Coming to this word here again , very often people uh do not know the difference between here and listen .

When you hear , you just hear the noise involuntary .

For example , you hear the thunder on a stormy night .

Listen means you're listening with attention .

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Maybe you're listening to the lecture again .

The mistake or the error which I commonly find is when I ask a student , what are your hobbies ?

He says , I like listening music .

That is again a wrong usage .

You don't say listening music , you say listening to music .

So such problems can be overcome by regularly revising your English and understanding the correct usage forms .

And very important use polite language .

Always instead of just saying , do something , add the word , please , please .

Thank you .

Sorry .

Make it a part of your everyday language .

This is something which I insist .

And when you want to offer somebody something you can say , would you like to have something that sounds more polite ?

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Or if you want to say borrow some your pen say , could I please use your pen ?

That sounds much better .

Also try using good communications .

What are collocations ?

Communications are groups of words which are frequently used together .

For example , for example , simple phrases , say you have to wash the dishes , OK , after you after a meal .

So the correct words are there , do the dishes .

But after you get up , if you have to fold your bed sheet and keep your pillow in order , then we don't say do the bed , we say make the bed .

So learn the correct colorations .

It will be very useful to you and you will sound more like a native speaker of the language .

Also become familiar with idiomatic expressions , idiomatic expressions .

I can give you an example .

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Say just before the exam bell rings , you have studied well .

But still there is some amount of nervousness in you and you have a funny feeling in your stomach , then you use the expression , there are butterflies in my stomach , which means you're a bit nervous .

So these extra idiomatic expressions also add more color to your language .

So try all these various tips which I have given you .

And uh I'm sure you will enjoy the language and improve day by day .

Thank you for listening to me and please give me your feedback in your in the comment section of this video so that I can understand what it is that you would like to learn more from me .

Thank you .


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