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2023-08-08 12:50:40

How to Tie a Necktie Onassis Knot

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Hey guys , I got something else for you .

It's the Onasa knot .

This is a really unique looking uh knot because as you can see , it actually is no knot at all .

Uh It's completely flat .

This is awesome for showing off like really cool ties .

If they're a neat pattern , you don't want to complicate things with a knot .

You want to just really keep it really simple .

This is , it , it's actually really easy to tie .

Let me just show you here's to untie it .

It actually is uh identical to making a full Windsor .

So if you know how to make a full Windsor , this is a great gateway .

So as always the videos mirrored , here's my little end .

Here's my big end .

You want to give yourself a lot of slack on the little end because like I said , it is a full Windsor .

So you're gonna go around quite a few times .

So you're gonna go big end over little end and up through the back on my left side , up to the left side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now we're gonna go back around the back , starting at the left side , around the back to the right side and I'm gonna go up and over .

Now , don't , don't panic .

This is identical to the full Windsor .

Ok .

As you can see , here we go .

Now , what do we do ?

We're gonna go here , we're gonna go around the front and then up to the back .

Ok .

At this point , we would go through here and make a full Windsor .

Don't , you're done , just go over the top instead , then you got to kind of , you know , make sure it's , it's straight , tighten it up and that's it .

That is all this is very easy .

See that it should take up the same amount of fabric as a full Windsor takes up .

So , you know , the same precautions , it doesn't actually take up any more .

It actually might be a little bit less because if you not , it not , it , you kind of crunch yourself a little so you probably lose a little bit this way you have what's just free hanging .

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Uh I've noticed that people don't tend to notice that you're wearing anything special when you have this on .

People don't seem to notice they , I have to point it out to them , but as you notice my knot is weird and then they go , oh , yeah , that is interesting .

But when they do notice the feedback is really good .

So I think it's pretty inconspicuous .

You can kind of wear a cool knot and people who are tented will notice and other people won't , won't be bothered .

So can't really go wrong .

Should we tie it again ?

Just for fun .

Let's tie it one more time .

If you're all done here , you can just pause the video .

Go somewhere else .

Watch a different , not if you want , but let's , let's do it again .

So once again , here we go alongside little side , top over big end over the little end on the , on the left side , go up through the top , keep it on the left side , on the back toward the right and up in the middle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And now we're gonna go around the front creating our , what would be a Windsor knot and then just drape it over that .

Is it , tighten it up ?

You're done ?

Oh , Nasa's not very nice .

Look at that dress for success .


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