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2023-08-07 14:26:26

Easy Microwave Pop Corn - NEVER buy 'those' bags of microwave popcorn again!

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Today on passion for food .

A truly corny video popcorn .

It's fluffy , it's crunchy .

It's low in calories .

And if you make this for friends , it's sure to make you more popular .

But hang on , don't buy those bags of microwave popcorn with their artificial ingredients and their weird goop .

I'm gonna show you how to easily turn this into this .

It takes about three minutes start to finish and you almost definitely have all the tools you need for this already .

So let's go ahead and pop off here and get started .

Now , let's take just a moment and talk about corn .

You want to get yourself a good quality popping corn .

I would just tell you which one to get , but I'd hate to be a Breville .

Seriously though Redenbacher did spend a significant amount of time trying to come up with the perfect popping corn and I think he succeeded .

You know , I have tried some of this specialty red popping corn that I can get around here locally .

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It uh it does work but it just doesn't pop up very big .

You can see the kernels are quite small .

I do like that for caramel corn .

But not for regular popcorn .

Now , I know what you might be thinking .

Hey Graham , why don't I just buy a bag of this microwave popcorn ?

Well , apart from all the weird fake ingredients I mentioned earlier , these just normally don't taste very good .

This is the leading brands , Extra butter variety , which is kind of ironic because there's no butter on the ingredient list .

But what's actually even more concerning to me are the liners they use in these bags .

In fact , right up until 2016 , a lot of these bags still contained per fluro opti acid , which was added to help keep the bags oil proof as you heat them but has since been banned as a cancer risk .

So I'm not sure what they're using now , but I know what I'm going to be using and that's just a plain brown paper bag .

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Now , even though Redenbacher himself was a firm believer of stovetop popping , being superior .

Personally , I think the microwave is the best tool for popping popcorn specifically because of the heat delivery on the stovetop , you're heating the outside of the kernel .

But in the microwave , that little bit of water on the inside of the kernel can be directly heated by those microwaves leading to a much faster starchy explosion .

In any event , for our standard size lunch bag , we want one third of a cup of popcorn .

Now , originally , when I learned to do it this way , I used to put butter and seasoning down in the bag as well , but not only is that a waste , it creates quite a bit of mess too .

So that's not how we're doing things today .

So let's just fold the top of the bag down two or three times and that's it .

We're ready to whisk this off to our microwave and we're just gonna microwave our popcorn on high for about three minutes and the key is just listen to it .

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And once you're down to about one pop per second or so , you know , you're done , it's time to stop and pull out the popcorn , which reminds me of a joke .

Hey , what do you call a really high ranking snack ?

A popcorn kernel .

Now , as good as this looks and as wonderful as it smells , you wouldn't want to eat it without seasoning it first .

It will taste something like packing peanuts .

So let me show you my two favorite ways to season .

This first is just regular salted butter .

Now , clarified butter would be better .

But you know , gee whiz I just don't keep that stuff around .

So we just want to drizzle on that warm butter .

And what you want to do is avoid adding that very last little bit .

You see that , that is our milk solids and water .

You don't want to add that , that's what'll make the popcorn seem a little damp and nobody likes damp popcorn .

And even though that is salted butter , we still want to add a nice generous pinch of salt .

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That's maybe a teaspoon or so and then just give it a good toss .

Now while that is classically delicious .

Let me show you a quick little spice blend that I put together specifically for popcorn to really take this to the next level .

I like to use a coffee grinder to get really fine particles that will stick to the corn .

And to that we're going to add a quarter of a cup of Parmesan cheese .

Yes , that's the stuff from the green tube , don't you judge me ?

We also want about a teaspoon each of salt and a good quality curry powder .

We'll just take that for a real quick spin here and you can see why I like the coffee grinder for this particular job .

You get a really fine powder , you really need that so it can stick to those popcorn kernels .

Otherwise the spice just falls right off .

So let's grab this and go season our corn .

I like to do this in the bag while the popcorn is still hot .

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So let's dump in our Parmesan curry seasoning .

Once you have that in there , we just want to give our bag a shake , go side to side up and down and all around .

You can just really have fun with that part .

Hey , I mean who doesn't like shaking things up in the kitchen ?

Am I right now with all that Parmesan cheese in there .

This doesn't necessarily need butter .

It's delicious just the way it is .

But I'll be honest with you guys , I'm definitely going to put some butter on there also .

After all , butter is a great way to churn up the flavor on our easy microwave popcorn .

We'll just give that a real quick shake and our beautiful popcorn is ready to serve .

I hope I've inspired you to give this a try and stop buying those suspect bags of weird goop .

I really hope you've enjoyed today's episode of Passion For Food .

If you have , give me a thumbs up below and don't forget to subscribe and hit that little bell .

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So you don't miss our future recipes and check out one of our other great videos playing on the screen .

Now , this has been Graham with Passion For Food .


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