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2023-08-09 10:18:05

Perfect Japanese CURRY _ Simple Recipe

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So guys , welcome to Japanese kitchen .

So today we're gonna make something I know you love Japanese curry .

So let's go cooking .

OK , guys , the first thing you will need for this recipe is two boxes full of delicious Japanese snacks .

Oh Wait , that's today's sponsor .

I wanna say a big thank you to Sakura and Tokyo Treat for sponsoring today's episode .

Each month .

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You'll receive over 20 unique and seasonal flavored sweets with Tokyo treat as well as artisan snacks and more with and trust me , these boxes are really full of great stuff as I learned when I tried to put them all back in the box after filming .

Now , back to the video .

OK , guys , for real .

This time , the first thing we wanna do for our curry is to prepare what will become the base of our sauce .

Tomatoes .

I have two large tomatoes here and first , I'm going to remove the stalks .

Then on the underside of the tomato , we wanna make two small slices into the skin .

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The reason we are doing this is because we want to remove the skin and the easiest way to do this is to put the tomatoes in boiling water for about 30 seconds until we start to see the skin peel away .

Then we will quickly take it out and put into iced water .

You can't skip this step .

But I think it makes the curry a bit smoother and silkier in the end .

Once those tomatoes have cooled down , we can easily peel off their skins .

And then we want to cut these into small chunks and that the tomato is done .

Next .

We're going to dice half a large onion .

And I'm also gonna grate some fresh garlic and ginger .

You can add whatever vegetables you want to your curry , but just make sure you cut them small enough .

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So they cook all the way through .

OK ?

Now , let's prepare the meat .

I have one large skinless chicken breast here and we're gonna remove any fatty or parts .

This will prevent us from getting any chewy surprises in our curry .

Now , we're gonna cut this up into about two centimeter bite size chunks and try to make these all roughly the same size .

Next , we're gonna season our chicken with about 3 to 5 g of salt and pepper .

Two .

If you don't forget it like I did .

Oops .

Now that's all prepared .

It's time to cook .

I'm gonna heat some olive oil over a medium low heat .

And the first thing we wanna do is add our onions .

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We wanna let the slowly caramelize to release that sweet onion flavor and this will take about 10 to 15 minutes .

You will want to keep stirring to make sure nothing burns .

Once the onions have turned translucent and you notice liquid start to evaporate from the onion itself , then it's time to add grated ginger and garlic .

Now in the red corner it's all .

Sorry .

Keep cooking that for about 5 to 10 minutes until we don't see any pink left .

And this is the stage where we wanna add our tomatoes .

We're gonna let that simmer over low heat for about 20 minutes to really stew those tomatoes while we're doing that .

I also wanna show you some ways to add more of an accent to your curry .

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The first thing I'm gonna add is some grated radish , which will add a little bit of a sweet flavor and also help to thicken our curry .

I have 150 g of Japanese radish here .

We're gonna peel the skin and then grate that down and we will add that into our curry as soon as it's grated .

Next .

Let's add a little bit of sweetness .

I have one apple here which I'm gonna cut in half and then into thirds and we will grade this down and add it to our curry .

Often in Japan , lots of people use this premade roux for curry , but it may be hard for you guys to find this .

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And personally , I think it's much tastier to make your own .

So let's do that .

I have two tablespoons of curry powder here , which I'm gonna Sprinkle into our pan .

You can adjust the amount if you want less spice .

And next , I'm gonna add two tablespoons of oyster sauce as well as the same amount of Japanese cooking sake .

Although you can use white wine for this instead .

Finally , I'm gonna add two tablespoons of honey , which I've put in the microwave for a few seconds to make it nice and runny and it's easier to stir through our curry .

These next few steps are optional .

But if you want a deeper and silkier curry , I also recommend adding 10 g of butter and 30 g of coconut milk .

Mm That smells so good .

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Finally , all we wanna do is season our curry with salt to taste and OK guys .

So the curry is pretty .

Mm It is so nostalgic smell for me .

Let's give it a try you .

Mm Compared to store bought curry .

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This has such a full flavor .

Today .

We used apple tomatoes , radish and onion many fruits and vegetables .

So this is very healthy and also it's a little bit sweet because I used honey and coconut milk and speaking of sweets .

That's right .

It's time for dessert .

With this month's Tokyo treat .

You will receive a bunch of snacks based around the theme Sakura Picnic or Hana in Japanese .

There are Sakura themed sweets like these little cherry blossom marshmallows .

There are also limited edition snacks you can only get in the Tokyo trade box as well as some snacks .

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I even ate when I was a kid and this month is all based around the .

And so there's a bunch of green tea flavored snacks as well as delicious mochi or rice cakes .

And you get one special piece of tableware each month .

Both boxes also come with a little guide book .

So you know exactly what you're eating .

Plus they all pair super well with curry .

Uh Well , I mean , at least I think they do .

Ok guys , I hope you enjoy today's curry .

So please let me know if you made it at home .

If you wanna try Tokyo Treat or use code for $5 off .


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