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2023-08-08 12:47:27

How to Make Bubble Waffles _ Homemade Egg Waffles _ Bubble Waffle Recipe

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Hello and welcome to you in the kitchen with Matt .

I am your host Matt Taylor today .

I'm gonna show you how to make bubble waffles or egg waffles or egg s .

These are really , really popular in Hong Kong .

I read a study that said bubble waffles were the number one street food over in Hong Kong .

Pretty awesome .

They're al also popular in places like Thailand as well .

And it's just a really neat little play on a traditional waffle .

And uh in order to make one , you do need a bubble waffle maker .

There's a variety out there .

The one I'm using is by Masterchef .

It looks similar to a waffle iron on the outside .

And uh they sent this to me and asked me to play around with it and see what I thought about it .

So thank you master Chef for sending that over to me .

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This comes down .

OK ?

So I'm gonna show you kind of how to , where to grab it .

OK ?

So when you just get a tie match up the two ends .

So you're gonna grab the two tie ends , match them up and then you let it , you let them straighten out like that and you grab the middle , OK ?

So this is where you're gonna have the intersection occur .

So you take that , you come over to your neck and you're going to put , do exactly what I'm doing .

Just grab that , keep your fingers right where the middle is .

OK ?

That's the middle and actually depending on the length of the tie , you might have to adjust this .

So depending on how big your torso is .

So you might , you know , I'm gonna go just a little bit below that just because I know where , where I like my tie .

Um So we're gonna grab that right there , keep your fingers on there , put it on your neck .

OK ?

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You can see that there's a good knot already right there .

You just have to finish it up .

So you come right across the front and then you take this and you squish it out from behind .

Like so and you draw the whole thing , the whole knot , the whole tie through there .

So it's up like this , OK ?

Now it's gonna come down this way .

But through here .

So what you wanna do is you want to loosen this up just a tad bit , make sure it's loose like that .

Take the tip of your tie , make sure that it's not backwards .

So this is the back of the tie , this is the front and you just slip that right through there .

So you hold on to this and pull that through .

OK ?

So now what you're gonna do , you're just gonna give us a good little pull and make sure that it's uh gets nice and tight around here .

You don't want anything too loose , but you don't want it too tight if you have it too tight you'll start seeing whatever is under , show up on the surface if you want , you want it pretty loose but not just kind of find a good , good feel for it .

Ok ?

And then you pull that down and there we go .

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So now before you tighten it all the way , um , you're going to actually go ahead and drop your collar down just like so , and the tightening is done by this little thing in the back .

So if you pull that back , you'll see there , you have a short little uh skinny end hanging back here and you're gonna pull that to tighten that whole tie around your neck .

So now you can see that you do that , it actually centers the whole thing and tightens it right around your neck and you can move the tie around side to side up down depending on how tight it is kind of fling that out a little bit .

You can't put a uh like a , a crease in there .

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Some people like the crease , some people don't like the crease preference , but the last thing you want to do is once you have this all down is you take this little skinny end on the back and you just stick it through this little loop on the back of the big portion of the tie , the white portion , you have these two little loops or one on some and you just take this little skinny end and you feed it through there .

Um , feed through both of them in my case , just like .

So , ok , once you have that there , just let it , let it hang down .

And , uh , when you look down , you don't want the tie to be , I might have made it just a tad bit long , but you want the tie to be right about at the top of your belt buckle .

So if it's right at the top of your belt buckle , that's perfect length .

Uh , mine came out to be a little bit long , but it could be all right .

Um , I think I'll actually re tie , make it a little bit shorter and at that point , it will be great .

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So if you want to readjust the length of the time , um , no guess work .

So in my case , I do need to readjust it a little bit , it's a little bit too long .

So I need to remember how much , how much it was long .

So it was about that much long , right ?

About an inch , right .

So I'm just gonna really quickly , I'll do it right up to , I put my fingers on the top on the knot here so it doesn't come apart .

Ok .

So I come back to this point , the very first step .

Ok .

And if I want to make it a little bit short , I just feed a little bit of that back in like that .

Ok .

So I fed about an inch of the white portion back in there just like that kind of feed it , ok ?

And then you can do it all over real quick .

I'm gonna go fast this time .

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You keep an eye on that and you'll see , but now that I just fed a little bit of it back , I'll have more on this end , but this end will be shorter , open that up , stick that in , ok ?

Before you tighten , you always want to put the collar down because as soon as you put it on , it's gonna get loose again , it's gonna come loose if you do that .

OK ?

So then it's all on , it's all in there .

And now if you look down , I'm gonna tuck this in .

OK ?

Now if you look down here , you can see that that's right at the bell buckle .

Perfect length .

All right .

And there is the tie , this is called the Windsor knot , I believe .

So hopefully that helps you .

Uh You know , first time Ti ti can be kind of frustrating .

You can um check out my channel and actually I'll have some links come up of my more complicated knots .

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If uh you can start with this one , you can check out the other ones .

They're a lot more complicated , actually , not that much more complicated , but they look really cool and different and I think you'll appreciate those .

So check that out , check these links out , see what you like .

Leave some comments , ask me questions , tell me what you think , ask me for advice .

I don't know if I have any of that .

I'll see you later .

Hopefully it's been Eugene .

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As always if you have any questions , comments or requests , put them down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can thumbs up down the corner .

Push it .

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos , take care time for me to dive into this .

Oh yeah .

Oh Yeah .

Mm mm mm mm .

Yep .


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