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2023-08-06 16:04:06


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Hello , you guys .

Welcome to my channel .

I'm so excited because we're tying this top in as many ways as possible .

My best friend gave me this top .

She didn't want the white one .

So she gave it to me .

This is from Sheehan I believe .

And I was like , great .

I'm gonna use that for a video .

So shout out to my best friend for that and we're going to tie this in as many ways as we can .

So this top as you can see , it just can kind of be tied and wrapped however , and I'm just learning .

So starting off with the one that I'm wearing right now is you take this , you throw this over your shoulder , ok ?

So it just looks like this .

You take this side .

I'm trying not to flash you and pull it through like this .

OK ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're gonna kind of pull on it on each other and I saw some girl just do it like this and left it like this .

Um I don't know how that's staying for her .

So we you can make a bowtie , you can make a little , just a little knot .

Yeah , I would just nod it like that's cute .

Right .

First one cute , easy done .

Of course , there's this one that we have seen from so many beautiful women all summer long .

All you do is cross it across your chest and tie it in the back .

She's cute .

She's gorge .

I feel like this one .

It makes my neck look huge .

But other women I feel like look gorgeous in it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You could also take this and do a cute little tie in the front if you want to keep you know , doing something cute .

So here's another way just looks like this in the back .

Super cute .

Next you could do it this way but upside down .

So stick it in here .

So instead of this back part being done here , we put this in the back of our neck , crisscross over the front , take it to the back , you can tie it back here .

So it's pretty much the same as the last top except it will hang down here instead of from the back of your neck , right ?

So there's one or you can take this and you can take this simmy .

You could do a cute little tie like on the side , right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

A cutesy little moment like this .

So this top is so fun .

Let me read you .

Come on .

Are you serious ?

This is cute .

This is cute .

OK .

You can also I saw someone take this neck part down and put them on their shoulders .

I think I saw it on tiktok so we're gonna try it now , but I feel like I need to give this way more room to come over my shoulders .

So we're just gonna tie it out like this .

I'm trying to , trying to wiggle my way .

Look , wait , hold on .

OK .

We're gonna cross it over our shoulders like this .

Cross around the back .

Hold on , just stick with me .

I know this looks crazy .

Hold on .

I saw a girl did this on tiktok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I can't remember who if you guys know little tagger and I swear I saw her do this .

I don't think this one is as like wearable out but for like photos .

Yeah , this is more of a photo top because it doesn't feel like a top .

I don't know how the hell she did this but like this does look like those off the shoulder top though .

The back looks weird like that kind of looks strange , doesn't it ?

I would do this and take photos in it and be like this is like a photo top .

Does that make sense ?

You could also just try it across the boobs and around and around a few times as well .

This is pretty cute .

This is cute off the shoulder moment , right ?

That's the thing with the top like this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You just kind of gotta tuck and go look how cut that looks .

Boom .

Now the one that I was wearing when this video started was this .

I kind of , well , I took this and I tied them in the middle .

This a little OK .

Be careful pulling on my boobs a bit .

Oh God .

So spread out the fabric as so and then in the back here just tied it off .

So you have this one with a little on the back .

I think it's so cute .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Obviously , if I'm , I keep forgetting that this has a tag on it , I would also cut the tag off if you get one with the tag on it like that .

All right guys , we'll start off with those styles for now to see if you even like this kind of a video .

If you do let me know and I can make a tar a tart too if you do let me know and I will make a part two of this video .

I would love to learn how to style this in more ways .

Um So yeah , this is fun .

I hope you enjoyed .

You were learning as I was learning and trying for the very first time .

So that was a lot of fun .

I will see you guys very soon .

Bye guys .


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