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2023-08-08 07:06:17


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Good morning .

Good morning people .

I'm coming to you this morning and as you know , I stay with my mom in-law .

So everything that we have is in storage .

I usually do the homemade waffles .

But the next to go to , if we're not doing homemade waffles is the egg waffles .

The buttermilk , eggle waffles are home style whatever flavor the kids choose .

But let me tell you , we do not do the toaster because it just doesn't taste as good .

But let me tell you the best way , the best taste on waffles .

And if you like waffles or your kids like waffles , tell me what you think .

You just take the waffles and you get your little bit of butter and you spread the butter on the , um , just the skim coat .

Let me see if I can flip them over .

Just a skim coat of butter on that side .

And you cut the , um , stove down low and you kind of let them fry .

Oh , my gosh .

And this is all my mom have is the nonstick .

I really don't do nonstick .

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I try to stick the cast iron and stainless steel , which is better for you .

So I will let you know that , but she doesn't cook much because my husband is grown and he's out of the house .

So we actually are the only ones to utilize these pans because they were new .

But anyways , um , yeah , this is the best way to make a waffle .

I'm telling you it out .

Beats the broiler .

It out beats the toaster .

They taste so crispy and buttery and awesome .

You know , I'm greedy and I love food .

So I always find ways to jazz up stuff , especially when you're making it come out of the box .

But trust me , you will love these and watch how they come out .

You just wanna move them around a little bit .

You hear them frying ?

Yes , they are gonna be so awesome .

And I'm gonna show you what they look like when they are done .

I'm telling y'all , y'all gonna thank me .

You're not doing this already .

You're gonna thank me .

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Um a cousin of mine showed me this uh many , many years ago cause I used to do the toaster and he was like , no , I'm not do on top of the stove .

I guarantee you'll love it .

So I don't even put them in the toaster unless I really can't wait .

I don't put them in the toaster , especially if I'm doing them out the box .

So watch how they come out , see how golden they come out so good and crispy and listen to them .

You hear him .

Do you guys see these awesome waffles and just listen to them , listen to how crunchy they are sorry for damaging them .

But yeah , try it .

Tell me what you think .

Tell me what your kids think it's gonna be a big difference .

All right .

Talk to you later .


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