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2023-08-06 15:31:08

20 Bad Social Etiquette_Manners You Should Quit Now _ Self Improvement Training By Skillopedia

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Do your friends stare at you when you knock things off the table with your elbows ?

Have you noticed people backing away from you when you get too close to them ?

If you answered yes to either of these questions , you might need to think of some of the reasons why this may be happening .

Well , you could start by working on changing your social habits from bad ones to good ones , the habits that will attract people rather than push them away .

So it's a known fact that once a habit is established , it can be extremely difficult to break it .

And today I'm going to share with you some of the worst etiquette habits that should be changed as soon as possible to know if you have any of them .

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Keep watching the session with me about breaking 20 bad habits that can affect your relationships .

My name is Michelle and you're watching me on skied the place to develop skills for the real world .

Let's start .

So let's begin with some bad habits associated with eating and drinking .

The first one is talking with your , um , what is that mouthful ?

So , talking with a mouth full of food is just so rude .

And a sign that you need to learn some table manners .

So chew your food , swallow it and then talk .

If you're asked a question , you can gesture and say that you will answer after you swallow .

So if somebody asks you , um , hey , Mark , can you tell me when can we meet this evening ?

And you're having your lunch ?

You could say mm and then say what you have to say after you finish chewing .

And the other thing is don't rush .

If the other person really wants to hear what you have to say , they'll wait .

It's better than seeing a mouth full .

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Don't you think the other habit that is associated with eating and drinking is elbows on the table ?

This might seem harmless until you knock over a plate or push a glass off the edge , causing the content to spill .

So it's best to sit back and keep your elbows to yourself on the table .

And next one is drinking too much .

So I'm not talking about coffee , tea , water or soda when you're in a social situation that involves drinking alcohol , avoid over indulgence , which means drinking too much alcohol .

Maybe it helps you feel more social but it can also cause you to say or do things you'll regret later most of the time you won't get a do over which means a second chance to change what you said .

So stop before you feel the buzz and if you drink too much and make a fool of yourself , you might not find yourself in the host's next guest list .

And the other thing about dining , which is eating and drinking is taking food off someone else's plate .

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So are you guilty of seeing something on another person's plate and immediately stabbing it with your fork ?

Like you also want it .

This is rude and may cause you to get your hand slapped .

never take food off anyone else's plate unless it is offered .

This is a sure no , no .

And another part of eating and drinking is dining where some people tip the waiters very little .

So what I'm saying is when you go out for dinners , you do , do you find yourself tipping the waiters really less ?

Ok .

So I don't mean you should give out a fortune which means give them too much money .

But remember that many people who rely on your tips make below minimum wage .

And so when you tip them , it helps them support their families .

So I suggest that you tip according to the type and quality of service provided .

Now we are going to move on to bad manners associated with communication .

Earlier , we looked at bad manners associated with drinking and eating .

Now let's talk about communication .

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So the first thing on my list is making inappropriate comments .

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have no speech filters as in they say whatever they want to say if you suspect that you could be one of them , then I suggest that you stop and think before you speak .

Even if someone is wearing shoes that clash with her dress and do not match , you don't want to embarrass yourself or anyone else by constantly making rude comments .

And the second bad habit that can affect healthy communication is chronic cell phone use .

So cell phones are wonderful until they replace personal contact .

So if you're one of those people who are constantly glued to their electronic device , don't be upset if all your friends stop talking to you because this is what happens when you have the habit of chronically as in always using your phones .

So the key is when you're with others , put your cell phone .

Now let's look at some more communication mistakes that people make socially .

So next is the use of sarcasm and insults .

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So sarcasm is funny which means to make ironic comments or to make kind of rude comments to somebody .

So it's funny to everyone but the person about whom you're making the comments .

So when you feel that you have a desire to be sarcastic with someone or to give out a rude comment , I would say that you bite your tongue until you stop thinking of doing that .

Remember that if you can't say something nice , either don't say it at all or wait until you have a chance to think about whether or not you want to keep that person as a friend because if you're too sarcastic with them , I'm sure you lose your friend .

Another habit that is associated with communication is talking too loud .

So this is another thing which is associated with poor manner as well .

Some people seem to talk at a high volume all the time .

The reason could be that someone close to them is hard of hearing or maybe they don't realize how loud they are .

Well , it's important to check your volume .

Remember that most people can hear just fine .

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So practice talking more softly unless the other person asks you to speak up .

So this is another communication mistake that you should be aware of .

Now , talking too loudly is followed by interrupting .

I do know that there are many times when the only way to get your message across is to interrupt the nonstop chattering that is happening around you .

But interrupting when it's not necessary is really a bad form .

So you should wait until the other person pauses or stops talking before you open your mouth .

You should only interrupt when it's necessary .

So we've already looked at eating , drinking and communication , some bad bad habits associated to these three categories .

And now I'm going to talk about my final category for this session , which is bad manners associated with behavior in public .

So the first one is invading personal space , which means to stand or sit way too close , close to somebody .

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So no matter how close you are to someone in terms of your relationship , you should give him or her some personal space .

So no one likes having someone hovering around them all the time , you know , like a bee hovers around the floor .

So you don't want to be like that bee .

So you'll be amazed by how suddenly people will be more comfortable around you when you have , when you start giving them their personal space .

So this is my tip number one , which is related to behavior in public .

And the next one is public display of affection , which is popularly known as PD A .

All right .

This means when couples show their love for each other in front of others .

So for some people , PT A is so cool and for them , it's like if my partner loves me a lot , he will show me affection publicly .

But socially pity is not very cool .

It's basically making the people around you very uncomfortable , which may include Children among others .

So I'd say that many people are embarrassed by public display of affection .

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So keep things cool until you're behind closed doors and it's not good to display public affection way too much .

And now let's talk about another public habit or etiquette that can turn people off .

And this one has poor hygiene and gross actions .

So most personal hygiene needs to be conducted in private .

So even if you need to brush your hair , never do it at the table .

Be that in your office or be that in on dinner table , please don't do that .

The best thing is to get up and find a restroom and if you're consistently doing gross things , please stop .

No one wants to be around people who constantly spit or pick their nose or scratch their private areas in public , which is not cool .

Now , what we have is cutting in line .

So remember what you learned in kindergarten , get in the back of the line and wait for your turn .

And if you don't do this , you can get into all kinds of trouble .

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And this is an extremely ill mannered behavior .

So do not cut in the line .

And the next behavior that I'm going to talk about is dropping trash on the ground .

Well , this is also associated to social behavior or public behavior .

So after you finish your food or drink , the best thing is to look for a dust bin for the wrapper .

If you drop your garbage on the ground , that comes across as very ill mannered and it the worst part is that it leaves a mess for someone else to clean up , which is not cool at all .

And the last one in the category is laughing at other people's bad luck , right ?

So as funny as it may seem , when something bad happens to someone else , I think you should avoid the urge to laugh .

So if you want to really laugh , try biting the inside of your cheeks like yeah , that will help you to stop laughing or not laugh at all .

So remember that it's not funny to the person who experiences the misfortune and it's very rude to laugh at him or her even in front of them , that's extremely rude .

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You shouldn't even do it behind them .

I should not end here .

I should tell you about one more thing that I have had a lot from other people , which is staring .

So , although looking someone in the eye as a maintaining eye contact is a good thing , especially when someone is talking to you , but it's not a good idea to stare at someone and let's say that someone did see you staring at them in that situation .

I think you should just look at them .

I mean , continue looking at them and give a smile and then turn somewhere else .

Do not turn somewhere else without smiling at them because then it'll look like you're trying to hide the fact that you are staring at them .

So please don't stare in public .

So here we are at the end of the session .

I want you to keep in mind that it can take a while to change your habits .

So you might need a reminder every night then and for this , you can let your friends know that you have these habits and the next time you do something like that .

Ask them to remind you right .

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And please don't justify your bad behavior because if you do that , then there is no possibility of change and it makes you feel more like more as if you're unwilling to change .

So I say that you work on these habits and try to get rid of them so that they stop affecting your relationships and that you can have better communication with other people .

So like it or not bad habits are really bad for you and it's time to get rid of them .

Thank you so much for staying with me .

See you very soon in another session to then keep learning good habits .

Bye bye .


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