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2023-08-06 16:13:27

Off-White Jordan 1 UNC Extreme Cleaning Challenge presented by StockX

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All right , how's it going , Mr Rejuvenator is here ?

Sorry , I'm a little under the weather .

So bear with me as I do this cleaning .

Um Not only do I not feel all that great .

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This kind of hurts my heart .

I told these guys to go get these dirty and I said , just do whatever you want .

A DS pair off white ones .

Um So I have my work cut out for me today .

Um I'm gonna have to go ahead and take these outside and knock off all this excess dirt .

And let's see for those of you that own these or any off white shoes , you know that the material that plastic they use is really , really , really difficult to clean .

I'm not sure if this is gonna clean , to be honest with you .

So we have our ultimate kit to do the test today .

We brought out the big bad boy kit you can find at rejuvenator dot com .

We'll be providing a discount code later on in this video .

So as I mentioned before , we're gonna go ahead and take these outside .

I don't want to create a big puddle of dirt here and mud on this table .

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So I'm gonna try to get as much of that dry dirt and mud off of these shoes outside .

Let's go look how much dirt and stuff is on here and see what we can do .

Jesus .

That'll work .

All right .

So we're back going outside and dusting most of the dirt off these damn things .

Um I'm gonna go ahead and take out the laces as you can see there is dirt underneath this material and I have a feeling it's in between the mesh and whatever plastic they got .

So it'll be , I'll be curious to see if that comes out .

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That's good .

Next thing we're gonna do take the solution .

So we whipped out the big bad boy ultimate .

Um , because I'm not exactly sure what tools I'm gonna need to make this cleaning successful .

So we just want to make sure we had the best of the best and everything that we could ask for .

And without further ado , let's get started soft bristle brush now that I've kind of loosened the dirt and went over it with the soft bristle brush .

I'm going to go ahead and move on to the medium bristle and hit the mid soles , wipe it down .

Look at the shoe , make sure that there isn't anything that sticks out and needs more attention , which I'm sure there is after wiping the foam up it .

But let me use this medium brush and we'll clean it off and see how we're looking .

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So if you can see the dirt underneath this , that's where the washing machine hopefully comes into play .

Same with on the sides and in the back on this mesh .

I mean , you can see that the only way to get that out is gonna be the washing machine .

There's no way a brush is gonna get that out because you need to get water and soap behind that .

So I'm gonna go ahead and move on to the medium bristle brush .

Hit this again , stiff bristle brush .

I think that's it .

What I'm gonna do now is take these laces .

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Don't come in here .

Last thing we're gonna do , get the trust to sneaker laundry bag , toss the shoe in there as you can see there's still some dirt um underneath this toe box section in the sides of the heel .

Um I mean on the inside .

So let's go ahead and put these in the washing machine and let the uh , laundry detergent do its magic .

Take this .

Ok .

Let's go .

Put these in the washing machine .

I'll go ahead and rinse this off too .

This doesn't look good .

So dirty and we'll be back in about 40 minutes .

Ok .

So we're in , in the restroom here .

We're gonna throw these in the washing machine .

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Got a water on sneaker laundry detergent .

You're right on top right there .

Download them .

That's it .

Cold water .

Start this thing .

Let them go through the washing machine .

Let them dry a little bit .

We'll be back in about 42 minutes .

How's it going , youtube ?

We're back .

These things are not completely dry , but they are drier than they were good news .

They cleaned up .

They look awesome .

It did take two cleanings , two pre treats and two times in the washing machine .

It also took Vic's little hands to go inside there and get underneath this toe box .

You had to clean it from the inside because the , the way the material is stuff was in between here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So thanks to Vick's little hands and his time and energy put into these things .

They , they look , I mean , they look pretty much new .

So now we gotta clean this one .

Shout out to Stock X for sponsoring us and hooking us up with this pair of shoes for this video .

Thank you for subscribing .

Actually , I don't know if you've subscribed but you should , if you haven't , um We're gonna be doing a bunch of giveaways .

You can save 10% off .

Now if you use the code 10 off YT for youtube again .

Thanks for watching , subscribe .

If you haven't , we'll see you next time .


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