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2023-08-07 14:12:30


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What's going on guys .

Uh , today , I'm gonna go do a quick how to , on how to rig and tie a spinner bait .

Uh , I usually use spinner baits in the spring .

Uh , a lot of times I really use them more often in the , uh , when the water is murky or muddy , it seems to really allow the fish to see better when you , especially when you use these big , these big , uh , spinners on the back .

But we're just gonna go do a quick tutorial on how I do it .

And I can say honestly , I very rarely have ever had lost a fish on the spitter bait as far as like breaking off or , or anything like that .

So this has always really worked for me .

Now , some of you may have different ways you rig them , but I just wanted to share how I rig it .

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Uh , and it's always been , uh , really good for me , first of all , as far as tying it goes , this is a pretty , pretty common not , but I take it like this right here .

I go up under like so and normally I wet it and I'll spin the spinner bait probably like seven times .

We'll do eight just , uh , just in case .

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And then what I do is I take this end up here and I run it back down through the loop at the bottom sometime I'll wait it again and I sent it down like , so this is a very strong knot .

I've been using this knot ever since I was a teenager .

Uh , there's a few more different knots I do use for certain occasions .

But uh this work , this always has worked for me and you just cut your , you know , cut your little , your extra there , not getting way down close to the night , you know , just leaving just a little bit there just in case there's any slip .

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But I dare uh I doubt very seriously there's gonna be any slip now as far as like a trailer goes now , if you haven't seen my video , uh I'll put a link in the description so you can check it out .

But it's what I do with all of my plastic worms .

Uh after I catch a couple of fish and they're kind of ripped up , but I don't have them on me right now .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take one of these worms .

I probably wouldn't actually use this worm on this spinner bait .

But since I got these right here , that's what I'm gonna do .

In fact , this right within itself , it would be a good trailer .

Without even taking any of it off .

But sometimes what I'll do is I'll take a little bit off the top .

I like that .

Normally I'd have something with a little more , uh , something with a curlier tail .

You have some kind of , uh , split tail or something like that .

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But again , back to the , what I do with my plastic worms is after I catch another fish instead of , you know , when they tear up , instead of throwing the worms away , I always keep them .

And so whenever I use a jig or whenever I use a spinner bait or something like that , I'll take those worms .

And we , you know , normally up here's where your hook is .

So it usually tears right in here .

And what I'll do is I'll take that top part of it off and I'll keep the back end and then I'll put it on .

Uh , I put it on my hook as a trailer .

And to me this is a really good idea instead of going out and spending a ton of money on , on , uh , different trailers .

When you can just take the worms that you've already , you've already used , you've already purchased and , you know , you just get more use out of them because I know a lot of folks like you'll see in the video below they take their , their used worms and they throw them away .

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But , uh , you really can get a lot more to , uh , out of those worms and , and in the end it'll save you a lot of money too , you know , instead of having to go buy individual trailers and whatnot .

So , that was on my mind today .

Ah , I wanted to share that with you .

Ah , I will be doing some more videos on how I rig , ah , certain allures and what not in the future .

So , if you're a new viewer , please like and subscribe to my channel , Bama as outdoors .

Ah , and if you are a current subscriber , ah , please like this video and as always happy fishing .

God bless and have a great day .


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