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2023-08-07 14:23:01

How to Clean White Shoes _ Quick and Easy Method!

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How's it going on youtube ?

This is Steve back with another cleaning video .

I have this really , really dirty pair of Ultra boost .

Um , they're actually pretty filthy .

Our camera guy Fran took them on a video shoot , um , somewhere in some bano .

Now we're gonna give rejuvenator the ultimate test and try to clean these things .

So to clean these , we'll be using our advanced three brush sneaker laundry system .

You can find that at rejuvenator dot com .

This is the kit that we recommend for these because it gives you all three brushes .

Um , and our laundry system which is key in cleaning this mesh material .

So let's get started .

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The first thing I'm gonna do is take out the laces in these shoes , um , and then insert the shoe trees so I can get a proper cleaning .

Um , so let's go ahead and do that .

You want to adjust this to size by pressing in on the , um , bars here and then you adjust it to whatever size you need should be good .

Actually , you're gonna go one more .

Ok ?

A couple of squirts is all you need .

It's highly concentrated .

I'm gonna go ahead and start by using our soft bristle hog , uh premium brush , um , that creates the most ladder and , um , it'll loosen the dirt so I can move on to the second brush .

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Ok .

Now that I did the pretreat with the soft bristle brush , I'm gonna go ahead and grab the medium bristle brush and I'm gonna hit the mid .

So I'm gonna hit the plastic straps and the heel tab .

Um , and then basically , what I'll do is I'll look over the entire shoe and see if there's any , you know , stubborn stains that I want to hit with a little more detail .

And the way I will do that is take this brush and go one direction maybe with the , uh , bristles .

So they don't fray the material , right ?

I'm gonna go ahead and try to use the edge of this medium bristle brush , um , to get this dirtier spot and it's kind of snagging the material because this is uneven .

I think .

So , I'm not gonna use that , um , for that application .

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I'm gonna go ahead and go back with this soft bristle brush and clean this area that is still dirty .

Ok .

I think those are pretty good .

The uppers are pretty , um , well , pretreated .

So what I'm gonna do now , I'm just gonna take the hard bristle brush and I'm gonna gently go over the mid sole , the edge of the , the bottom of the soles , um , to clean them up a little bit more again , letting the brush do the work .

There's no need to apply too much pressure with this brush .

So for instance , I'll show you why this brush is so good .

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If you see how dirty that front is much cleaner , I do see some dirt right around here .

I'm gonna take the soft bristle brush hit that one more time .

Ok .

Now that we've pretreated these , um , the last step in this process is to put them in the washing machine .

We've had a lot of comments and questions about using bleach for white shoes .

We do not recommend using bleach .

From our experience , it is tinted white , yellow and it , it kind of made them look worse .

It didn't really make them white .

So we don't use bleach .

I don't recommend it .

Um , unless someone else out there has , you know , a better idea on that or has had better results .

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I don't know , but I would say avoid using bleach if you can .

Um , what I'm gonna do is clean the laces up a little bit before I put them in the bag .

Ok .

So one more thing that I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you a close up here of this scuff , there's a few scuffs on this rear , um , heel tab and , um , some marks on these straps here .

What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take our microfiber towel , dip my finger in there and I'm kind of gonna buff that stuff out .

So , um , let me show you a close up of what I'm talking about .

It's working , there's a little scratch on there , but I think overall that looks quite a bit better .

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Ok .

So as you can see , we did the pretreat and they look pretty good , to be honest with you .

Um , just from a little pretreat , you can see the difference .

Um , they look a lot better and once they dry , they'll lighten up just because they're wet , so they look a little dark .

But after going through the washing machine , I'm pretty confident that these things will look really , really good .

Um Considering how bad they look .

So let's not wait any longer to do that .

Let's go ahead and put them in our specially designed sneaker laundry bag .

Come in here , pick the laces , toss them in , close it up , put these in the washing machine , cold water .

Um , and we'll go ahead and do that .

Now , we'll show them to you wet and then show them to you dry .

So you can see the finished and final result .

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Let's do it like this washer hooked up , turn it on .

We're going to do a small load cold cycle .

Start , get the water flowing .

We got our advanced sneaker laundry detergent , squeeze it fills up , throw the shoe in , we'll let it wash 40 minutes .

We'll come pull them out , we'll show them to you wet and then we'll let them dry and show you the final result .

What's up youtube .

It's Steve back again here to show you the results of the ultra boost cleaning video .

I did yesterday .

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Um , we let them dry overnight because we wanted to get them fully dry so we could show you the proper after results .

Um , they look great .

I'm very happy with them .

There is a small stain that we'll show you here in a minute .

Um , that didn't come out .

But other than that , I'm super thrilled on how well they were cleaned .

Um The last thing I'm gonna do wrap this video up , spray some of our deodorizer .

Um keep them fresh and don't forget to like this video .

Johnny Bubbles and I have a contest about who is going to be able to get the most likes on their cleaning video .

So make sure that you do that .

You like my subs , you like my video and you give him a thumbs down .

Ok ?

Give him a thumbs down me a thumbs up .

I wanna win this .

We have like a healthy little friendly bet going .

Um , other than that , subscribe to your youtube channel if you don't already , I'm the best , bro .

Yo , I'm the best , bro .

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I'm I'm the best , bro .

Alright .

Oh , this guy Johnny Bubbles .

That's it till next time .


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