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2023-08-09 10:15:30

Quick, Easy Chicken Curry Recipe with Rajiv Surendra

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Did you ever wonder exactly how to make the most perfect , delicious spicy yet savory chicken curry ?

Well , today I'm going to show you how I make the favorite chicken curry of all my friends right here in my kitchen .

Chicken curry and rice was a staple in my house growing up .

It was something that my mom or dad would whip up with in within just a few minutes and it was delicious .

It was nutritious and we ate it often .

There is no restaurant , there is no restaurant in all of Manhattan that makes chicken curry the traditional Tamil way .

So I have to make it here at home .

The great thing about making chicken curry is that it's cheap .

It is fast and it is so , so , so good .

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So I'm gonna show you how I do it and maybe you can try doing it at home for chicken curry .

You need some chicken and then you need onions .

Now , in Sri Lanka , they use just these little tiny red onions .

The thing about them is they're so annoying to peel and you have to peel every single one .

So I don't know who's sitting there peeling these onions , but this is what they use .

They do have a different flavor .

So if you can find them and you wanna make it really , really authentic use the little onions .

You can use any onion though .

I like to use .

If I can find these onions , I like to use a mix some of these and some yellow onion , yellow onions .

A little sweeter .

You need some fresh curry leaves .

You can also use dry if you don't have them , you don't have to put them in .

You need some garlic and some ginger root peeled and then some long green chilies .

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These are really , really hot depending on your heat tolerance .

You can put in less or more .

You can cut the chili open , take out the seeds which are the really hot part and just put in the outer part .

Um I like the chicken curry to be hot parked .

So II I put in a couple of these but it's , it makes it really hot .

I like to prep everything over here before I start cooking .

So it's all ready to go onions , get chopped up .

I need a bigger knife .

I need a big boy knife that's better .

This is not fine dining .

So you can be kind of rustic with your chopping yellow onion .

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Again , I'm using a mix of yellow onion and the small red onions , yellow onion gets chopped up .

The green chili gets sliced into sort of slivers .

So a couple of green chilies chopped up garlic .

Nice local garlic .

Really nice .

Just peel this peel garlic and I need a bit of ginger peel the ginger .

You want about a couple of teaspoons of ginger .

So the ginger and the garlic goes into a modern pest and just gets pounded together into a sort of paste .

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My preference for chicken is chicken legs with the bone in the skin taken off .

I get my chicken from a grocery store with a butcher and it's very convenient because I ask the butcher to cut it up for me .

The way I like this .

Cut up .

The way it's sort of traditionally cut up is into almost cubes .

So the leg is cut down the middle lengthwise and then it's cut into about three additional pieces to make little square pieces that each have a piece of bone in it .

You can make this chicken curry with any cut of chicken , but having the bone in adds so much flavor .

The bones adds an almost stock to the chicken curry .

So if you don't mind bones do it .

This way we finish the chicken curry off with some coconut milk .

You can use canned coconut milk .

There's also a coconut milk powder that's dehydrated that you can use .

I like to make my own coconut milk with fresh coconuts and use that .

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Check out my video on how to actually take a coconut and make your own coconut milk chili powder .

This is traditional Sri Lankan chili powder , Jaffna style and I've made this chili powder .

I have a video on how to make this chili powder .

This is essential to chicken curry , salt , spices to mark .

So now I've prepared the base of the curry and now I'm just gonna move over to the stove and start cooking .

You need to add some oil , vegetable oil , peanut oil , coconut oil .

Even if you want first , I add the onions .

You wanna cook the onions until they start to wilt .

Before you add the next ingredient , which is the garlic and the ginger .

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Some curry leaves , just tear them up , tearing them up .

Releases the flavor .

Very nice .

Look at that .

That's beautiful .

I'm gonna add these green chilies .

The chicken goes in and has this chicken is sauteing .

You wanna add some turmeric .

Now we add the homemade Sri Lankan chili powder and , and again , add it to your tolerance of heat because this is hot .

So one scoop , I'm gonna ah , I'm gonna put in three scoops .

It's gonna be hot .

It can be real hot and nice .

Delicious .

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Some salt .

This chicken curry should have a nice gravy like a sauce to it .

And at this point I'm gonna add some liquid but be conscious of how much liquid you add because the chicken is gonna release a lot of its own juices and that liquid level will rise .

So don't put in a lot , a lot of liquid at this point , just a little bit and then you can adjust it later , you can put in water .

But if you have the 2nd and 3rd extractions of coconut milk , if you make coconut milk yourself , like I've shown you use the thin coconut milk at this point .

The second or the third extraction of the coconut milk , you see how much liquid there is in there .

Not a lot , just a little bit .

And you'll be shocked at how much gravy there is in the end from the chicken giving off its own juices from the chicken , releasing its own juices .

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This already looks so good .

Give it a really good stir .

Get everything nicely mixed up and then once this is nicely stirred together , cover it with the lid , turn the heat to low and let it sit there for about half an hour checking every now and then to make sure it's not burning on the bottom and giving it a stir every so often every five minutes or so .

There we go .

Ok .

So it's very clear to see how much liquid has come out of the chicken .

Isn't it ?

Very impressive ?

So all that liquid is from the chicken and that's why the bones are important because the bones cooking in this liquid and extracting their own liquid .

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Hello and welcome today guys .

I'm gonna be making fuel curry chicken .

Now I did this earlier when I started off my channel and I wanted to revisit this recipe .

So today I have here £4 of chicken cut up into small pieces .

You wanna make sure and wash and clean your chicken properly .

And if you want to see how I wash and clean my chicken , I will leave a link down below in the description box for you guys together with the list of ingredients you'll need for this recipe .

The other ingredients you'll need to season the chicken , some hot pepper , pimento pepper .

And if you live out here in the US and you can't find Pimento or seasoning peppers , you can use two fries , no chilies .

I have some green seasoning which you'll find a link for .

Down below .

In the description box , you can use either the basic or the one for the curry dishes .

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Oh boy , that looks so good .

Just a little stir .

It's the real deal .

Just a very simple traditional normal Tamil chicken curry the way I knew it growing up it's done now , it should just , it should just sit there for five or 10 minutes to let all the flavors come together with that final addition of coconut milk and then you can eat it .

What that means is if you make it like this , this is how it'll turn out .

And uh it just makes me so happy to cook this food .

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Now we're using curry , we're gonna be making curry chicken , some chopped onions , chopped scallions .

And we call this salt and pepper to taste mince garlic .

And when I'm currying chicken or making any curry dishes , I always put extra garlic and a tip is when you're making two dishes , you put less garlic .

Here , I have some celery chopped up .

So let's get started on seasoning this chicken .

So to the chicken , I'm gonna start by adding in my salt and black pepper .

This parsley or celery chopped onions .

Basically , we're putting in all of the ingredients .

I just cooled out .

That's a pepper , that's a hot pepper .

And this is Pimento pepper when you're using the hot pepper .


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