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2023-08-07 14:09:17

Tie a Necktie (How to Tie a Tie for Beginners) - Pratt Knot _ Shelby Knot

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Hi , I'm Dee Fragment and I'm gonna show you an awesome knot called the Pratt knot .

Now a little personal disclaimer up front , I love this knot and in a few moments , you're gonna see why it was made famous by Don Shelby , the American news anchor , but it was actually created by a guy called Jerry Pratt .

So let's get into it .

Start with your tie turned inside out .

You want the sea to be facing outwards for most people , your starting position should look like this .

If you've got a neck like Dwayne Johnson , then you might need to experiment a little , take both ends and cross them over the thin end goes on top .

Now take the wide end and thread it down through this gap in front of your collar button .

Grab it from underneath and bring it all the way down next .

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Take the wide end and bring it across the front horizontally , swap hands .

Now take your forefinger and put it underneath like this .

This will help make the finishing knot that little bit easier to do as you'll see in a few moments , take the white end and thread it around the back and underneath , bring it up through the gap in front of your collar button and thread it all the way through .

So as you can see , your forefinger has created a loop .

What you need to do is take the wide end and thread it down through that loop , hold the narrow end and slide the knot up , adjusting it as you go .

And what you end up with is a nice crisp symmetrical knot .

One of the sharpest looking knots around .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you want to turn heads and stand out from the crowd , you're gonna wanna check out this tie night right here .

Click the video on screen now and I'll see you over there .

Thanks for watching .


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