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2023-08-09 10:15:32

Trini Curry Chicken - Chicken Curry - Episode 483

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It reminds me of , it reminds me of being a kid , so much of being a kid was awful , but there were very , very nice parts and this was one of them , every relative had their own version of chicken curry .

And now I have my version .

So as I said before , it's cheap .

It's fairly simple to make .

It is so delicious .

What do you think ?

Are you inspired to maybe try making this at home ?

Let me know in the comments below .

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Now we're using curry , we're gonna be making curry chicken , some chopped onions , chopped scallions .

And we call this salt and pepper to taste mince garlic .

And when I'm currying chicken or making any curry dishes , I always put extra garlic and a tip is when you're making two dishes , you put less garlic .

Here , I have some celery chopped up .

So let's get started on seasoning this chicken .

So to the chicken , I'm gonna start by adding in my salt and black pepper .

This parsley or celery chopped onions .

Basically , we're putting in all of the ingredients .

I just cooled out .

That's a pepper , that's a hot pepper .

And this is Pimento pepper when you're using the hot pepper .

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If you don't want your dish spicy , then leave out the white membrane or the ribs and those seeds , scallions , garlic and the green seasoning .

Now you're gonna mix everything once you've mixed in all of the seasonings cover this and you're going to let this marinate for a couple of hours in your refrigerator or even overnight .

Ok ?

Now the ingredients you'll need to make the curry chicken or to finish this recipe , some oil , some mild curry powder .

You can use mild , you can use spicy , whichever one you choose .

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I have some Jira or , or cumin seeds , some meaty or fenu Greek seeds , some roasted cumin powder or Jira powder and some masala powder .

If you can't find a , a masala powder , guys , that's ok .

Just omit it .

And if you want to see how to make this gir powder at home , I will leave the recipe right up here in the right hand corner for you guys and you'll just need a little bit of water to help bring everything together .

You want to start by putting up a pot to heat up and once that pot comes up to temperature add in some oil and I have my heat on medium because you want to be able to let this curry cook , you don't want it to burn .

So once the oil starts to heat up , I'm gonna add in the meat or the cumin seeds into the oil and let that toast in there until it gets a darker brown color .

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So the seeds have started to darken in color .

Now , I know some people like to blend their meat or Greek seeds till they turn in black and I don't like it like that .

I like it to get a dark , dark brown color and this is the way that I like to this .

I'm gonna add in the curry powder and the , and the powder and I'm just gonna let this toast in here on medium to low heat .

Not high heat , please .

Because all you're gonna do is burn that curry and it's gonna taste bad .

So just allow your curry powder to , to us in here for about 1 to 2 minutes , make sure I keep stirring it .

So it doesn't do it now .

Ok .

My curry has been toasting in here for about a minute .

Now , I'm gonna add in some water to help this curry cook .

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The curry is gonna start to thicken up and that's what you want , you want this to turn into a thick piece and once your curry turns into this thick piece , you're going to add in the chicken .

Next , we wanna mix that chicken up into that curry paste .

OK ?

Now I'm gonna put my stove on very high and I'm gonna allow this chicken to fry up in that curry and b it down , pung it down .

Just simply means we're gonna allow this chicken and whatever water is in this chicken to dry down completely before we add any additional liquid to help it cook .

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I'm just gonna go in and get this chicken in it and soon , and you see how there's no liquid at the bottom of the top , that's what you want .

So now what I'm gonna do is add in enough water to help with .

I'm using the bow that we had the chicken marinating in so that we can get all of the seasonings that was left back .

You just want enough to cover the chicken to ensure that it cooks properly .

So I'm gonna leave this here on medium heat , let it take its time .

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It's gonna cook and that curry sauce is gonna reduce and it's gonna thicken up .

I'm just gonna add in one hot pepper and I'm not gonna break it .

I'm gonna leave it cool and that way it doesn't make the dish spicy , but at the end , you can take it out .

So the chicken has been cooking for about 30 minutes now .

And I went and ever , and then I kept turning it at this point , you can see how this sauce has reduced and it has started to thicken up .

Now , if you're eating this with rice , you'd want to leave some sauce in it .

But you don't want the sauce to be so thin that it's runny .

You want it to at least start to thicken up .

So I'm gonna leave this for about 10 more minutes and then I'll show you guys what it looks like when it's finished .

Ok .

So the sauce is nice and thick .

It's right where I want it to be .

Now , this is finished .

I'm gonna taste the salt and I'll adjust my salt accordingly .

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I hope you guys enjoyed today's curry chicken recipe .

If you did leave me a comment down below telling me if you like it , if you made it and if you make it differently , let me know how you make it .

I will leave recipes for other curry chicken dishes or other curry dishes that I've made at the end of this video .

So look out for that .

Thank you all so much for watching and I will see you all another day with another one of my recipes .

Enjoy .


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