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2023-08-07 14:20:54

How to make a '3D' candy Lei w_ Kisses

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Hi , everyone opus here .

So it's another week and here's another video vlog .

Um I decided to do another how to make a lay video .

I got so many positive feedback from the other one , the other video from last week I did and since it's still graduation season , I decided might as well , you know , make another video of how to make a lay .

Um This time I'll be making a candy lay just like this one , but it's not like an ordinary simple um candy lay that you usually see it's gonna be a full and it's a full candy lay and it's gonna be really heavy .

So uh um I guess so we'll get started .

Ok .

So materials we'll be using , of course , we would need cellophane .

Um Some people like to use plastic wrap but I prefer cellophane because it makes uh it looks like a better quality and it just makes your layers look way better .

Um You could use any color .

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Um Typically you would want to use the school's graduation colors right now .

I'm just gonna be using red just for just a sample piece .

Um You would need some type of ribbon you could use cloth ribbon , you could use even the plastic ribbon that you use for gift wrapping and even um for balloons .

Um Any of those would work um in this video .

I'm just gonna try and see if yarn works .

I was just kind of curious .

It might look kind of cute and book arty because it's yarn .

I just wanted to see if that works um for scissors and importantly , kisses , uh Hershey kisses .

Uh , you would need roughly 100 50 to 100 60 kisses for one good lay .

It depends on how big and how full you really want it .

It could easily , uh , go up to 200 .

Um , that said , um , you would definitely would need the , the family pack .

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Um , how many packs you would need .

Uh , I had done it with two packs before but they were kind of small .

Um , so definitely , I would say 2 to 3 to even four family .

So next step will be cutting our cell of thing .

Uh , you would want your cellophane to be roughly maybe four inches by four inches just enough that it will just cover your kisses .

Um , if it's too big , it doesn't really matter .

You could always cut the excess off .

Um , what really matters if it's too small because if it's too small , well , you can't really tie it .

But yeah , so I'd say roughly like four by four inches .

So let's estimate that's about four inches .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Right there , four squares there .

And now this cutter yarn , um , for the length of the yarn , it really all depends of how , um , big you want your lay .

But , um , I just start out just doing one arm length just for the sake of it because so here's my yarns like one arm length and that's gonna be where you tie everything towards .

And yeah , like I said , you could use any type of ribbon .

You could use um the balloon ribbons uh or gift wrapping ribbon .

You could even use like those cloth ribbons , maybe like uh what was it like ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

1/4 inch or three quarter inch sizes .

It doesn't really matter as long as you have something to tie it to right here .

I'm just using yarns .

So this is gonna be in the main where you tie everything off and now you might just wanna make a whole bunch of little other strings because this is what you're gonna be using to tie everything .

OK .

So I guess let's start um constructing our kisses since we have our short ties here , our squares of cellophane and our kisses .

So to start it just get our cellophane and make sure it is point side pointing down and then just close it up like a peasant and there you go and you have your first kiss and then just get on your ties and just tie it .

There's one tie and then I always double knot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It because you want a really good secure knot because you don't want your county to be flying away .

And the reason why we have our little , our ties here a little longer because eventually we use that same tie to tie it on the main string that goes around your neck .

So we'll keep on going .

So , since we have four already for the sake of video , um I'm gonna start constructing the whole thing .

Yeah , I'll be , you gonna be using my , my foot again .

I mainly I just do this for to make it tight stability because like , you know , I'm by myself .

So it just makes it a lot easier for me .

And basically what we are gonna be doing is just tying all this down up there .

And then um since each , we try to try to make it 3d right ?

To make it , try to make it full .

So since we have 44 will be like maybe like about one row right here and then you're gonna see me twisting it around like that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we gonna start time .

Ok .

So we tied all four in and as you see it , this is how it looks like with just four .

And basically what I did was I spiraled it to make it like a row .

So because you would want to make it look full .

So , and then um with that , you just keep on doing this over and over and over until you get like over 100 50 100 60 kisses for a lay and then that's about it .

So basically it's gonna end up looking like this .

See this one I use yarn , but this one I use um cloth ribbon .

So it looks like that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And yeah , that's basically it .

So I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you , you'll um do this for someone you know who's graduating and I hope they will like it .

And um if you found this video helpful and you actually like it , please give me a thumbs up and subscribe , I may be doing more how to videos since I get , I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on that .

Um In my other videos , I'll be talking about art and stuff like that since , you know , I'm an artist .

So um please enjoy and subscribe and happy graduation for everyone who's graduating .

Thank you .


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