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2023-08-08 06:51:31

Facebook Tutorial - How to Create Messenger Account Without Facebook

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Hello , everyone .

Welcome back to another episode of How to Guide in today's tutorial .

I'll be helping you learn how to sign up to messenger without a Facebook account .

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So , let's move on .

Go to your Facebook messenger application and tap it on from the very first interface .

You can see that there is a log in on option .

If you already have an account , then you can simply enter your credentials and log into your account .

But since we are creating a new one using our messenger , let us tap on and create new account doing this will take you to Facebook , which means that unfortunately , there is no way you can create a messenger account without making a Facebook account first .

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So in order to sign up for a messenger account , you'll need to create a Facebook account and your first name in the first text field and then move on to the next text field and enter your last name , tap on the next button and choose your date of birth from the drop down menu after you're done .

Tap on the next button and on the next page and your phone number , you even have an option to sign up with email right under the next button .

Tap on it and you can enter an email instead of phone number to sign up once you're done , tap on the next button and choose your gender on the next page .

Tap on the next button one more time and on the next page , create a password for your account .

After you're done creating a strong password .

Tap on the sign up button .

Wait for a few seconds .

Now in this page , you'll need to enter the five digit code from your email .

Simply go check your email , click it open and confirm your account .

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You'll receive a five digit code type in the code right here .

And after entering the code , tap on confirm doing this will take you to the next page where you can add a profile picture of yours .

Tap on add photo to do so select an image from your gallery or you can even take a picture by tapping on the camera button and take a picture quickly from your camera .

After that , you can tap on the next button in the upper right corner of the screen .

Wait for a few seconds and tap on the turn in button and allow messenger to access your contact by tapping on , allow tap on done and you'll be signed up to a new Facebook messenger account .

That is the only way you can sign up for a Facebook messenger account .

In order to do so , you'll need to create a Facebook account first and you will be signed up for your messenger account as well .

That is how you can do it .

I hope the tutorial was helpful to you .

If it was , go ahead and give it a thumbs up .

Feel free to comment down below in the comment box .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you have a question or a feedback for us , I'll see you soon with more tutorial episodes .

Goodbye till then .


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