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2023-08-06 15:55:35

Gemma makes a Dog Birthday Cake for Waffles _ Bigger Bolder Baking

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Hi B bakers .

So a lot of , you know , my dog waffles lying here beside me .

So he is a big part of bigger Bulger baking and a huge hit on social media .

I might add , he always gets tons of likes .

So it is Waffle's sixth birthday and I couldn't let that go by without celebrating with a dog friendly birthday cake .

So he's going to hang out here beside me , eat some carrots and we're going to make his birthday cake .

Now , as always , the recipe can be found on bigger boulder baking dot com and make sure you go over to my website because I do have a few pet friendly recipes over there .

Ok , waffles .

I have a feeling you're going to be no help at all .

So you lie there , hang out and we're going to make your birthday cake .

So I just want to start out by saying , you know your pet best .

So make a call on what they should eat .

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I do say that everything in moderation .

So only give them a little bit of the cake , a little bit of each ingredient and they'll be fine .

Ok , waffles .

So let's start out in a nice big bowl .

So because I'm a man down here , I'm gonna make this really easy on myself and just start adding stuff into a bowl .

So add in your eggs , oil , honey , apple sauce , peanut butter and grated carrot and then whisk all these ingredients together .

So , so far , we're really liking the ingredients that are going into this cake .

OK ?

So those are our wet ingredients into this .

We're gonna add in some whole wheat flour because it's a cake and it needs flour and then a little raising agent to give it that rise and then with a spatula just mix until it forms a batter .

So a little note about the peanut butter you want to use , use unsalted smooth and one that doesn't contain Zytol because that can be hazardous to dogs .

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Now , unfortunately , this cake is not good for cats because it contains peanut butter and other ingredients that don't agree with them .

You've got peanut butter over your face .

I washed them yesterday in the tub .

I got them nice and clean and now you're filthy .

Ok ?

I'm surprised we've gotten this far and he's still here .

So let's get this into our tins .

Come here , waffles .

So divider mix evenly as you can without getting it eaten between your two prepared six inch tins .

These are nice little small tins and I'm actually going to put a link on my website because these are what you'd use for a smash cake for a child's birthday or for kind of bakery style cakes are really handy to have .

I already know waffles likes this raw , so I'm sure he's gonna love it baked .

So , there you go .

There's our dog friendly cake made in one bowl with one hand trying to stop our dog from eating it all .

Now we're going to pop these guys into the oven , bake your cakes off at 350 °F or 180 °C for roughly 30 to 35 minutes .

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So now while our cakes are in the oven , let me tell you a little bit about waffles in case you don't know them waffles is a wheat and terrier loso mix .

We adopted him five years ago from NKL A which is a no kill shelter here in L A .

He was around £5 lighter .

He was shaved from head to toe .

Oh , he looked like a little line because he's , he had hair on top of his head and he had hair on his tail but nothing in between .

He was there by himself and they think he was living on the streets for a while .

He had really bad anxiety but myself and Kevin went to go see him in the shelter .

We loved him .

We knew that he was going to be a gorgeous dog .

Super lovely temperament , especially because he's a terrier mix .

He's just super friendly , really lovable .

If you've met waffles .

You'll know you're going to lie down , man .

OK ?

You lie down there , you lie down , I'll tell the story .

So that was five years ago .

So now he's six and he's like a different dog .

A lot of time went into him , but he's really has transformed .

So if you want to see more of waffles , check out my Instagram , especially my stories .

Gemma underscore Stafford .

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He is always in there making an appearance because he follows me around the house all day long .

So he makes for great Instagram content .

So true story once or twice , I've been out in my neighborhood and I know people have recognized me because of waffles every time they look at me and they look down at him and then they say is that waffles ?

Because you're famous because you're a famous doggie .

So our cakes are out of the oven as you can see my co star pieced out hard .

Now come here to me .

I want to show you what your cake looks like when it's done .

It is a little bit golden brown , just a little bit of color .

And then if you put your finger in the middle of it , it's firm underneath .

So it is nicely baked .

What I'm going to do now is set these aside , let them cool down completely in the tin .

So the layers of our cake have cooled down .

Now , the next part is super simple , what I have here is some smooth peanut butter .

Remember the note I said about peanut butter earlier .

No , at all .

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What you want to do is just smear this on one layer of your cake , just a thin layer , pop on your hat or your top .

Then on the top of your cake frost it with a little bit more peanut butter just like that .

So here I have some birthday candles because waffles is very special and deserves birthday candles .

It's gonna pop those on top .

It's probably a good thing .

He's not here for this part because I want him to be really surprised when he sees the cake .

Not like fake surprised , gorgeous .

Look at that .

I have to say this is my first doggy birthday cake and it's pretty rocking .

I think that's really awesome .

So if I'm going to go to so much trouble to make my dog a birthday cake , of course , I'm gonna put it on a cake pedestal .

Make it look really nice .

Take it outside and do a doggy photo shoot .

Let's go .

So cut your dog a piece of cake , then slice the rest and keep it in the freezer for the future .

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So I hope you enjoyed this Waffles episode .

He is such a big part of our team and our family .

I know I enjoyed it .

Probably not as much as he did .

But anyway , thanks so much for watching and I'll see you back here really soon for more bigger bolder baking .

Yeah .

Was that a nice birthday cake ?

Was that a nice birthday cake ?


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