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Dip Powder Nails at Home with Kiss Salon Dip

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So today we're gonna be doing some cute affordable nails using the new Kiss Salon dip color system .

This one is the updated version with a white powder .

I can't wait to try that out and I'm gonna be trying their new salon dip color palette .

This one is in Rose Garden .

The colors look really pretty big .

Thank you to kiss for sponsoring this video .

So let's get to it .

So this is the kit salon dip color system .

As you can see , it has a new trendy white color and on the box here it says no , you be light needed .

Gentle on nails color lasts up to two weeks or more easy to use , easy to soak off from using this kit in the past .

I can agree with that .

So let's go ahead and get this open .

You almost lost the sponge .

So this is everything you get in the kit .

You got your brush softener , we got the activator dipping tray , the buffer slash nail file base and top gel .

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You get a little sponge for cleaning off the excess powder .

Let's see .

We got some extra brushes , a manicure stick .

Of course , the dip powder and instructions .

So I'm just gonna skim through these to see if anything's changed since the last time I used it .

So let's see .

Buff the prep my gel finish .

Ok .

Everything looks pretty much the same .

All right .

So this is the new color palette in Rose garden and I am really curious to see what these colors look like .

Let's go ahead and open this up , although they do have a nice little representation here at the bottom .

All right , so we got four new colors .

Oh How open this ?

Ok .

And these come with instructions as well .

So if this is your first time using dip powder , especially this kit , make sure you read the instructions , ok ?

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I'm gonna walk you through it .

But if you have any further questions , refer to your instructions .

Uh So first thing I wanna do is open up these powders so we can see what they look like .

So this one is the white and the color name is All Hail .

Alright .

So it's white , ok .

So then we have , oh , it's pretty red .

So I was trying to see if I can find the names of the dip powder colors and it's right here .

So we got light nude rose pink , plum red and gold glitter .

So this one I assume is the plum red and they say you can use your manicure stick to open these up .

So there we have plum red .

So let's see how this is gonna look once we dip it because y'all know the color kind of changes .

Once you , you dip it , OK , you don't know the true color until you put your second coat on .

Ok .

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So as y'all can see , this is just a swatch , but that is what it will look like .

Light nude and here is what a swatch of what the first dip will look like .

And so yeah , as you can see , it's a very light natural color , very soft , apply some more base .

So we can see the true color , right ?

That's cute , rose pink .

Ok , so this is the first code .

Let's see what a second one would look like and what it will look like .

Oh , ok .

This one is actually really pretty .

The rose pink and gold glitter .

So y'all already know how I feel about this glitter , but this is what it looks like with one coat .

One coat is good .

This second dip and let's just get a look at what it will look like .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All top coat .

00 yeah , that is gorgeous .

So here are all the colors side by side and these are really cute .

I actually really like this rose pink one more than what I thought I would .

I'll definitely have to use that next time .

All right .

So I have to do some nail prep as you can see .

I got a little bit of gold glitter from opening that that one .

So first I'm gonna take my acid tone and we're gonna wipe all the nails .

So , yeah , we just want to get all of the residue oils or whatever we have on our nails off .

We want a clean surface , a clean plate .

So next , I'm gonna take the manicure stick and I'm gonna lightly push back my cuticles .

You know , we just don't want any dead skin or anything on our nails because the dip powder is not gonna stick to that .

I get that a nice cushion and you can also kind of scrape a little bit if you have to always being gentle though .

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So now I'm going to take the file side of this and we're just gonna lightly file the surface of our nails .

We wanna just take all the shine off and also fall around the cuticle area to further get up all of that dead skin .

Like I said , we don't want that on our nails and typically with dead nails , I need a little help .

So I'm gonna be putting on some nail tips .

I'm just gonna put these nail tips on .

Nothing special .

I'm gonna cut them down a little short .

So I don't really care about the shape of these .

Yeah , we're just gonna put that on .

Oh Making sure it's straight because these nails are short .

So I can't fix it if it's not straight .

I also like that , you know , if you are gonna put tips on , just make sure you know , it blends in well with your natural nails .

That's what I'm trying to say .

So I'm gonna do that for the rest of the nails .

This is like shapewear for nails .

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If you don't think you look that good in the dress by , you know , just your natural body , you just wanna add a little extra for extra shape .

That's what these tips are doing .

And then as far as to just make sure that the corners are nice and glued down as well because we're doing dip powder , every little imperfection is gonna be seen .

So you have to make sure the surface is pretty smooth .

Alright , so nail tips are on and I'm just gonna cut these down like I said , they're gonna be some shorties .

So let me just go a little bit longer than what I want .

I want a little cute .

I want a little cute short nail today .

Oh , yes , see .

So now y'all see what I'm saying , how I just need a little help with shaping .

I have a nice long nail bed but my nails do not grow even .

So I can't really get that , get that square that I like .

I'm just gonna touch up any shaping I need to do .

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So next , I'm gonna take the same side of this and I'm going to take the shine away from the nail tip .

So we want to make sure that the dip powder is going to stick to the nail tip as well and I'm just lightly making sure this blends in with my natural nail .

We don't want to feel like where the tip and the nail .

We want that to be extra smooth .

So just lightly blend that in .

Alright , so we got the tips all shaped , prepped filed , all that good stuff .

So now we can go into dipping .

So as y'all saw , I already opened this up , this one is the white powder and I'm gonna go ahead and pour this into the dip tray , taking the base gel .

So these nails are really short .

So I don't have to worry about an apex or anything like that .

So we're just gonna apply this over the entire nail like , so you wanna make sure to not get any on your skin .

If you do , you can use the manicure stick to get it off .

So now we're gonna dip right into and take it out .

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I like to just tap off the excess powder and we're gonna let that sit .

It doesn't specify a time , but I like to let it sit for about five seconds just to make sure that the base gel dries down , ok ?

And then taking the sponge , I'm gonna go ahead and wipe off the powder .

Alright .

So next I'm gonna go in with my second coat of base gel and we're just gonna apply that like we did before just making sure we are covering the entire nail and I do like this base gel as you can see it , like it doesn't run , it's thick enough to kind of stay where you put it before you put this back in the bottle .

Make sure you wipe it off , wipe it on some paper towel because if you get powder inside , it's gonna harden your brush .

They do give you extra brushes but just try to take care of this one and we're gonna go ahead and dip this in here .

The tray makes it really easy that , that off .

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Wait about five seconds .

Ok .

Start , look good it out of the way a little bit .

You can see the shape for me .

So part of the instructions , it says to do two coats , but it also says if you need more coverage , you can add three .

I think I'm gonna add three .

I like to add just , you know , a little bit extra and then I'll file and crisp fit and it's the perfect coverage .

So we're gonna use the sponge again , you know , you wouldn't think it , but the sponge is really effective .

It gets the powder off .

So when you're doing your first coat of dip powder , you can just go ahead and do your first coat and then do that on the rest of your nails .

Me though , I like to work one nail at a time .

I know it may not be the most efficient , but that's just the way I like to work So for my final coat , I'm gonna make sure to get as close as I can to the cuticle and I think I got a little bit on my skin .

We're gonna wipe that off .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Don't worry .

Let's see if I can get that .

Yeah .

Using that manicure stick and maybe a little tiny white .

I just don't want , I don't want the glue , I don't want the powder to stick to my skin .

We don't want that and then we're gonna go ahead and do our final dip inside of here and tap off the excess , ok ?

I'm gonna let oh , it look like it did kind of alright .

So now I can troubleshoot with you , ok ?

So as you can see , powder is sticking to my skin .

So we're gonna use our manicure stick and get this up before it fully dries and then I can fix the rest of that with falling .

So I'm gonna do that on the rest of my fingers except for this one .

This one is gonna be my accent finger .

I can't wait to see what that gold looks like .

I am a fan of the powder nails because it is really easy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Like if you're just so new into nails and you have no clue on how to do all the other methods starting off with dip is pretty easy .

You don't want to use too much force either .

You kind of just wanna glide in if that makes sense because if you kind of push it , then you'll see wrinkles in it .

So I'm gonna let that sit for five seconds and while that's drying , I can move on to my next nail .

Alright .

So this one has had time to dry , go ahead and brush off the excess gel .

Another thing is you wanna make sure that the nail is dry before you start brushing with the sponge because you'll brush off your powder and you'll , it won't look good .

So have a little patience , make sure the nail is dry .

So we're gonna do the same thing .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And once again , always make sure to wipe your brush off before you dip it back into the bottle trying to get really close to my cuticle .

So it can be a a nice shape , especially with this being white like gaps will show .

So I wanna make sure my application is where it needs to be and we're gonna dip this in .

Oh yeah , cuticles looking great , right ?

So all that I can move on to this now .

So yeah , as you can see , once you get the flow of it , it's like it's really easy .

You can bounce between nails , your nails are done before you can even realize it .

Like this is one of the quickest methods I also like that .

This base gel doesn't dry really fast .

You have a little time to kind of perfect it .

Make sure it's not on your skin and then dip Oh , yes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I always hold my breath around the cuticle area .

It's like it got to be perfect .

We can go back to this one .

Like I said , I'm doing three coats on each nail .

I need that coverage , but don't worry , it's not gonna be chunky or anything .

We're gonna file and make everything nice .

So I'm gonna go in with my last coat for this middle finger .

And one thing I also learned is when you're doing these coats , just make sure that it's a nice even layer because we want , you know , we don't want any streaks or anything in this base because if this base is not like applied good , if it's not applied neat , the powder will show you that .

So we're just gonna tip .

I like to let it sit just a , just a little smidge of a second and then we're gonna tap off .

Ok .

Nice .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Clean application .

Oh , yes , I can go ahead and brush off this .

The white is actually really cute .

I thought I was gonna have a little issue with this one .

I guess it's not too bad .

It's just a little flat .

I don't know .

I think I might go in with another coat just to Yeah , this is one of my flat fingers .

All right .

So now for the thumb and just like the rest , we are just going to put this base over the entire nail very neatly .

Making sure to not touch the skin and oh the thumb you might need a little help with .

So I just wanna make sure my cuticle area it's going to get covered .

OK , I can work with that .

You know , I think I probably am gonna go in with just one more coat on my index finger .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is where you kind of just have to know your nails .

I know this nail is flat .

So I should have done my apex method on this one , but it's all right .

I just need a little more powder in the center .

I'm gonna file it .

I promise it's not gonna look chunky .

OK .

So that should have given this time to dr lightly brush off .

Don't dig into the nail .

The only con with di nails is that it does get a little messy , but nails is pretty messy and we're gonna go in with the second layer .

And as you can see when I first start , my main concentration is just like getting really good around the cuticle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think that is like the number one thing that makes your nails look salon quality is if the cuticle area is nice round and evenly shaped and you don't have any like any product on your skin , I just wanna make , oh I'm on the wrong side .

I just wanna make sure I just wanna make sure the cuticle is perfect .

Uh We got a little bit .

I wanna clean this up a little bit so you can do that before it dries , you gotta be kind of careful to not mess up the rest of the nail , right .

So I need to do one more coat on my thumb just lightly dust this off .

So as you can see , this is two coats and , you know , depending on your nail shape , that may be enough for you .

But for me , I need three .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

Just kinda , if you feel like you're struggling a little bit , just dip it upside down .

That will help as well .

But yeah , I definitely want to make sure that this doesn't dry on my skin .

But I do love like how thin it is like it just looks , it just looks natural , right ?

I'm just gonna use this sponge to see if I can .

Ok ?

It's working .

Let's try to get the rest of this off of my fingers .

So we are done with this color .

I'm gonna go ahead try not to spill it .

Then we're just gonna pour this back into the jar , wiped out the tray and now we're gonna go in with that beautiful glitter .

So we're gonna go ahead and pour this in here .

How gorgeous .

Oh , beautiful .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Alright , so now we're just gonna do the same dip process but on my accent finger and like before I'm just gonna apply this over the entire nail , making sure everything is nice and even right and then we're just gonna dip inside the tray .

Oh wow , that's really pretty as before I'm gonna let this sit for about five seconds .

Imagine that on all the nails .

I have to try that kinda lightly and dust off the excess .

So yeah , we're gonna go in with our second coat once again making sure it's even and don't forget to wipe your brush off before you dip it back into the bottle .

Ok ?

We don't want this to harden up on us .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Right ?

And then we're gonna go in with our third and final coat .

Alright .

And so next we want to apply the activator .

This is gonna ensure that the nails harden fully and that we're able to file in shape .

So you wanna be generous with this but don't get it on your skin .

But yeah , I just make sure to really get around the cuticle area .

We want this to penetrate all layers of the dip powder , don't forget about the tip .

So once all the activator is applied , I usually give it probably about a minute or two to fully dry and absorb .

All right .

So the activator has had time to dry down nails , feel hard to me .

So I'm gonna go in with my shaping and filing because it needs it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now the beauty with dip powder nails is that you don't have to do a lot of filing because it's just powder .

So you know , don't go overboard with your filing .

We just want to smooth everything out and one of my tips is just to make sure you file around the cuticle area very well .

Like that is the separation between your nails looking really pretty and professional and not looking professional .

So filing and shaping is all done .

Oh , these are cute .

Alright .

So after you fall in shape , you want to put on some more activator and this just ensures that all the filing and shaping you did , didn't expose any areas that aren't fully cured .

We don't want that .

So we're just gonna apply more activator , even the tip .

I was a little afraid about filing the glitter but as you can see , it didn't come off .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I mean you know , I was able to fall in shape um but the glitter is still there and y'all I'll be in here doing nails for hours and I was literally able to do this in probably like , I don't know , maybe like 20 minutes you have to add extra time for me filming and stuff , but this is by far one of the quickest nails to do .

I know it may seem like a lot of steps but once you get the hang of it , it goes by really , really quick .

Alright .

So we're gonna let the activator sit for about 1 to 2 minutes .

Alright , so we applied the activator and after it's all dry , you wanna make sure to wipe it , wipe the surface with a dry paper towel lent free preferably because if there's any on your nails then the brush of the top gel is gonna harden up and we don't want that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then we're gonna go in with the top gel , apply two coats of this to give us our shiny finish and we're just gonna apply it as you normally would .

Any top coat got a little bit too much .

So we're gonna just wipe that up and this is the one that I've been waiting for this glitter , but we kind of already saw what it looked like .

You know , once I was doing a nail , but you know , this is the finished , the finished nail and it is just gorgeous .

Just repeat this for all of the nails and we're just gonna let this dry before I put on the second coat .

Oh , but that is so cute already , right ?

So I'm going in with my second coat and , and I just love simplicity of this set .

It is really cute .

I don't often get to wear a simple set .

So I am happy with this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And so after applying this second coat of the top gel , I'm gonna let this dry instructions , say to let it dry for about 5 to 10 minutes .

The first coat didn't take that long to dry .

So I'm hoping this wouldn't take that long .

But anyway , I'm gonna go ahead and not touch it and let it dry .

Alright .

So the top gel is all dry and it did take about 10 minutes .

So listen , to the instructions .

All right .

So now I am just gonna put a little bit of cuticle oil on so we can get that fresh salon experience .

And here is the finished look .

I'm just loving this short simple set with a little bit of glitter .

Really , really cute .

Oh , these are cute .

And I also love how they're so thin , you know , not super thin but they're naturally thin .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So if you're interested in the kiss salon color dip system or the new color palette in rose garden , I will leave all the links down below .

And if you enjoy me trying kiss products or want to see more , check out these videos right here and I will talk to you in the next one .

Peace .


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