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2023-08-09 10:18:35

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry - Authentic And Easy Chicken Curry Recipe - Smita

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I'm going to show you a delicious recipe from Sri Lanka .

It's a chicken curry , which is also known as the Coco mask curry .

I have a kilo of chicken over here and we're gonna marinate it with a few spices .

Let's add two tablespoons of chili powder , half a teaspoon of turmeric powder , two tablespoons of coriander seed powder here .

I have the Sri Lankan Curry powder , which we're going to put about two tablespoons in this .

The recipe of this is going to be given in the description and I'm going to add a tablespoon of paprika powder .

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The paprika powder basically is slightly Swedish and it also gives an amazing color to the curry and finally some salt .

So I'm going to massage the chicken generously with all these spices and I'm going to just let it marinate for about 15 to 20 minutes .

Let me keep this aside and then we'll move on with making the curry for the curry .

I'm going to heat three tablespoons of coconut oil .

You can use any other vegetable oil as well .

Once the oil gets hot .

I'm going to add an inch of cinnamon , five cloves and five green cardamoms .

The spices have released an amazing aroma .

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I'm going to add one onion which are finely chopped and I'm going to sort it till it's a nice golden brown .

We've got a nice golden color on the onions .

Let's add finely chopped one inch ginger 3 to 4 cloves of garlic that are finely chopped and three green chilies , finely chopped and just saute it for a minute till the raw smell goes off .

Now I'm going to add 7 to 8 curry leaves , some lemon grass .

The lemon grass will give an amazing flavor to the Coco Mas curry .

I've sorted this for about 30 seconds and now I'm going to add one tomato , a large tomato that I have finely chopped .

Cool .

And I'm going to saute this because the tomatoes are nice and soft .

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So , yeah , the tomatoes have gone nice and soft .

Now , let's add the marinated chicken and saute for a good five minutes .

I've sorted the chicken for five minutes and I'm going to add one cup of thick coconut milk and now I'm going to add half a cup of water .

We've already added salt in the marination .

But if you feel you need to adjust the salt , you can do it at this stage .

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We've kept the curry to cook for 20 minutes with the chicken .

Let's see if the chicken is done .

It's cooked beautifully .

It's released an amazing aroma .

I'm sure the flavor is also going to be really nice .

Let's remove this in a serving bowl .

What you can have it with a mulberry perrotta or you can have it with me , dosa anything of your choice or even steamed rice .

So do try this recipe and let me know .


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