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2023-08-07 14:18:39

How To Tie a Tie - V-Trix knot

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Hi , everyone .

I'm Patrick Novotney .

I am the Thai guy and this is my youtube channel and I'm doing how to videos on every single necktie not known to man and I'm bringing them to you .

So if that's the kind of thing you're looking for , then please subscribe .

All right .

This time , I've got one that's been inspired by the Matrix movies .

It's invented by a fellow named Boris Mocha .

He's got a youtube channel with the original video there .

If you want to check that out , it's called the V trick .

And if you already know how to do the mayor of Indian knot A K A , the , it's gonna be really easy to learn .

So you should check this out and I want to show you how to do it right now .

OK .

So first step is to uh throw the necktie over your neck .

You're gonna be tying it with the big end this time .

I know a lot of the knots are tied with the little end , but the mayor of Indian A K A , the A K is tied with the big end .

Now , the little end I want it to be uh about where my belly button is .

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I want it to be a little bit long uh for the sake of finishing this knot .

And I've done a slight modification to Boris Moca's uh V Trix knot and I hope it improves and makes it last longer throughout the day without it coming undone .

So I'm gonna get started .

Let's have a closer look .

All right .

So this is the little end .

This is the big end .

We're gonna take the little end cross over the big end .

So it essentially bringing the big end underneath , crossing underneath the little end , bringing the little end to the center of your shirt .

Now , from here , I want to hold this , taking the little end .

I want to make a loop .

So you make a loop like this with a seam side in and you're gonna put the pointed end on top of where you crossed over your necktie .

I think so , you know , hold that with your pinch , pinch that between your forefinger , your forefinger and your thumb .

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Taking the big end , holding that pinch , gonna cross over and feed that up through your neck tie through the back of your neck tie .

Tighten that up as you go and across .

Now , I'm just gonna hold that .

I'm gonna pinch that with my thumb and forefinger and I'm gonna pull on this not too hard to wreck your neck tie , but I want to keep it tight because that's what's gonna keep this loop from falling out .

All right .

So now we take the big end , bring it around the back again , just like the and up through the front and across the back again .

So I gotta cross over the back .

So now I've kept this knot quite tight .

I wanna keep this loop in some sort of shape for the end .

So make sure you don't pull on this or it'll come out .

All right .

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Now , we can cross over the front like so and we're gonna finish off our engine knot and turn this into the V trick .

So taking the big end , we're gonna feed it up through the back of our neck tie hole .

Uh And the way I like doing it for AM of engine is keep it on the same side , it just makes it a little bit more symmetrical and doesn't look like your big ends are crossing over and now bring over the big end .

Now this is the part that's loose and feed it up through the front of our neck hole , back down through this loop .

You see how I kept it loose like this and now gently , we're gonna tighten this up .

I'm gonna pull it , pull it from underneath here from this one side to tighten up this side .

And then I can pull on the big end while holding my knot , pulling this down and that'll tighten up both sides .

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So , what we're left with is this loop here So this is the , this is how Boris Moca has changed the mayor of and turned it into a V Trix .

You feed the big end up through this loop gently all the time .

And now I don't like having any creases in this front loop .

Now , we still have to tighten this .

Normally , you would pull on the little end and you would tighten this up .

So I know which end to pull on because the , the end that you want to pull on is underneath because remember we made a loop and we looped it over top .

So I want you to hold on to your knot and pull on the underneath portion and that you've done it really tight .

You don't want to pull out the other end and that's why I'm being very careful about holding on to my nod as I pull .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There we go .

So that's how you do the V Trix knot .

I hope you like that .

I really like that .

If you're looking to add some even more .

Wow , factor to your knot , then the V Trix variation might be the perfect knot for you guys .

Let me know what you think in the comments below and thank you so much for sending your inventions to me and thank you for watching , liking and subscribing and take care and stay tuned .


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