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2023-08-06 15:24:34

Make R150 a day_ How to make money online in 2022_ Earn cash_ high paying websites _South Africa

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You can get 150 right now .

What it does is hard to welcome back to my youtube channel .

Thank you for joining me again .

Thank you for joining me for the first time .

It depends if you're returning or you are in SI V but I really appreciate you for tapping into this video .

Um So I'll be sharing the apps that I'm using to make extra money .

Let me firstly start on M for GM .

I've spoken about M for GM and on M for jam .

You can get 150 right now .

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If you log on to your M for jam , if you are vaccinated , um starting from 1st May until now .

If you're recently vaccinated , you get yourself 150 you can check it right now , check , you can check my screen and also as you can see on my screen that um on MG , they currently have jobs of Heineken and you can make up to 1000 .

And also I want to share this with you when you're using M for GM .

Make sure that you are too comfortable in using your ID .

I know many people don't like using their I DS in own websites .

But M for GM , in order to have jobs and in order to perform um jobs on MGM , you have to sign on to MGM .

You need to fill in your ID .

So if you don't like sharing your ID on online , then don't join M for GM .

I've been saying this , don't sleep on M for jam , don't sleep on for jam .

M for Jam is paying like it is paying .

And one app that has been giving me jobs is street be .

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I've been getting so many jobs from street .

Uh They are currently on search about alcohol .

So I'm drinking alcohol so much .

So I've been on sweat beers .

You can try it guys .

The new app that I want to share is Sweat Coin .

Sweat Coin .

You are paid just to walk like you are paid to walk the steps .

It's calculate the steps that you walk and then they will give you the money .

You know how to use this app .

You need to have data as always and you have to turn there um the app on at all times whenever you're working so that it calculates your steps .

Uh But if you lose connection , it will stop counting because it , you , you have , you always have to have connection but it pays , imagine getting it like I wish if you have a sister who is currently a teenager and at school , um maybe in high school or your primary .

Please make them download these apps and , and let them stop wasting data on Facebook and all of these things .

They should start making money just to walk .

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If you walk to school , if you walk every day , like there are so many , I will show you on my strengths .

There are so many offers that you can go get just by walking .

I myself have been working , I've been using the app for three days .

Um Yes , I've been using the app for three days and I can see the progress .

Like I can see the progress .

Please tell everyone to join that app .

Tell everyone who's working , who's not driving to join the app .

Um I didn't believe it at first but I'm like , ok , let me try it .

And then you also get daily rewards you can claim on a daily basis .

Um Also the app that I'm going to share is premises , its premise .

Yeah , premises .

They are always available projects that you can perform .

So you can check the app also .

I I'm using it as for now and I have been getting so many jobs .

Yes .

And then we have respondent um , respondent uh pay is high like it's high paying , but it's really hard to get a job .

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It's really hard to like to get a project , but you can try it .

It's um because it starts from $15.15 dollars is a lot to pay for my project .

So it start from $50 you can try it .

Um It's really paying , like it's one of the highest paying apps on social , like on internet .

It's one of the high paying um apps .

But then it's really hard to get a job .

I don't even want to lie .

Those are the apps that you can try .

Those are the apps that I'm currently using .

And thank you so much for the people who have subscribed to my channel .

I really appreciate it .

I will leave the links below uh in order to join .

Thank you so much for joining .

Please guys .

Uh One thing I want you to , if the teenagers , mostly you have to give the teenagers these apps , they should start making money now , like they should start making money now in high school or junior year , they should start making money right now .

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I think it's very advantageous for them so that when they get into university it's , it doesn't get hard , even if they don't get bursaries or even if they like , they should have extra money , they will make extra money .

I , I wish myself I've found about these apps in high school because I would have been , I would have stopped wasting money on Facebook on whatsapp and just start making money .

It's really advantageous .

Thank you guys for watching .

Please don't forget to like , comment and subscribe .


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