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2023-08-08 12:47:44

How To Make A Single Color Spiral Tie Dye Shirt Including Tips To Help Keep The White Area White

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Hi guys .

It's Angie with today .

I'm making a single color spiral shirt .

And in this video , I'm gonna give you some helpful tips and tricks on trying to keep the white areas white on your shirt .

So to begin , I'm going to take a fork and I'm going to use that to begin my spiral .

It's always important to remember that if you're using a fork or hemostats or tweezers that either they're coated or that you don't press too hard where they poke a hole in your shirt .

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After I have my shirt spiraled , I'm just going to hold it in place with some rubber bands before I put my shirt aside though .

I'm going to take a washable marker and draw a line down the middle of my shirt on the front and on the back where I'd like to apply the dye .

I'm going to make sure I take that line down through the middle of my spiral .

Ok .

So it's time to start applying the dye before I start to apply the dye .

I'm going to find the top or the neck area of my shirt and that's the side of the shirt that I want to apply the dye to .

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It's my personal preference .

But when I do a single color dye , I generally like to apply the dye to the top side of the shirt for this shirt .

I'm going to use a grateful dyes color called plum .

My dye set up is I have a long plastic tub and I have a closet rack that is longer than the tub .

I lay the closet rack down over the top of the tub and lay my shirt on the rack .

And as I apply the dye , any excess dye just runs through the grate and collects down in the togue .

I'm going to apply this plum color only to this one side of the shirt and I'm going to saturate it really well , but I don't want to over saturate my shirt because if I over saturate my shirt , more of the dye is gonna want to creep over into the white area .

I am totally expecting part of the dye to creep over into that area .

And I'm ok with that .

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If you're not OK with losing some of the white area , then you may need to take some thickened water and put in that area and apply it just like you were applying dye .

But because it's just thickened water , it doesn't have a color associated with it after I have the front side saturated really well , I'm gonna turn my shirt over and do the same thing on the back side .

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Today , I'm going to show you my version of how to tie the perfect bow .

I'll start with a double sided satin ribbon which catches the light beautifully and it's really easy to work with .

After we've learned the basic steps , I'll show you another technique of how to work with a single sided ribbon .

Start by laying your gift or package on top of the ribbon like so bring a ribbon together and tie a knot , pulling it snug the trick to achieving a perfect bow is quite simple .

Always make your first loop using the lower part of the ribbon like .

So the upper part of the ribbon has to go over the top of the first loop , top over top .

You will then tuck your top ribbon back through and behind the first loop , your top ribbon then becomes your second loop , pull it into place and gently adjust the loops .

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So they are the same size for me .

The perfect bow is complete with a double point on both ends .

This is simple to do , fold a ribbon in half and cut at a 45 degree angle from edge to fold .

And there you have it your perfect bow .

This is also the same technique for tying a bow tie for a single sided satin ribbon .

The steps are the same and will flip our ribbon at the cross points .

Here's how you do it .

I've already tied my knot and make your first loop by using the lower part of the ribbon satin side out .

Again , the upper part of the ribbon will go over the top of the first loop .

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But before you bring it over the first loop , twist the ribbon to make sure the satin side is out , twist the ribbon again and tuck it through the back of the first loop , revealing the satin side on the second loop .

As you tighten your loops , twist and turn the final piece of the ribbon again to show the satin side .

Another of my favorite ways to finish the ends is to simply cut each ribbon at a diagonal like this and there you have it .

Two versions have a perfect both

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What that will do is that will help keep the dye from redepositing onto the white area of my shirt .

I just let it soak in the sudsy water for a while and about 30 to 45 minutes later , I'll come back and change out the water .

I usually do that a couple of times before I throw it in the washing machine .

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Ok .

So now it's time to throw it in the washing machine .

I put it in the washing machine by itself .

Add a little bit of Darma textile detergent and wash it in hot water .

I generally wash it a couple of times by itself .

Then I just throw it in the dryer and here's how it turns out .

Listen , if you guys are enjoying watching these videos , I sure would appreciate it .

If you had subscribed to my youtube channel , it's really easy .

All you have to do is hit the big red subscribe button .

Thank you all for watching and I hope you have a great day .


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