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2023-08-06 15:57:50

Stroopwafel - Dutch Caramel Waffles - Two Ways - Machine and Stove-top Method 荷兰焦糖华夫饼 - 机器 和炉顶做法

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Welcome to my kitchen in this video .

I'll show you how to make waffle cookies with caramel fillings .

I discovered these cookies a few years ago and I like them so much that I had to find a recipe .

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do .

Let's get started .

The ingredients we need for the waffles are 156 g , which is one and a quarter cup of all purpose flour , 100 g , which is 3.5 ounce of butter .

48 g , which is a quarter cup of brown sugar .

One egg , one teaspoon active dry yeast and half teaspoon salt .

We will need 200 g , which is one cup of creamy caramel .

For that .

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We'll use 200 g , which is one cup of brown sugar .

225 g , which is one cup of evaporated milk , half teaspoon salt and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder .

We will start by making our caramel .

Combine the brown sugar , evaporated milk , cinnamon and salt in a sauce pan over medium heat , cook the mixture for three minutes , stirring constantly until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture has come to a boil at this time .

It will be bubbling rapidly , then turn the heat down to a simmer and continue to cook for five more minutes or until the barbing has subsided .

And the mixture has thickened .

We can test the doneness by pulling a tube across the bottom of the pan .

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It's done if you can clearly see the bottom of the pan for a moment .

Now , turn the stove off and set this aside .

We'll cook the waffles next in the mixing bowl , we will combine the egg , brown sugar butter , active dry yeast and salt using a wooden spoon stir until it's well mixed .

OK .

Then gradually add the flour and stir until everything is evenly distributed .

Next , using hands , need the dough for a minute until it becomes smooth and not sticky .

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We'll cover it with a plastic wrap to prevent drying and set it aside to rest for 45 minutes after the dough has rested , chip it into an elongated tube of even thickness .

Then divided into 10 sections , roughly roll the sections into balls with your hands .

I'll show you two ways to cook this .

The first method make use of an electric waffle iron with a shallow grid pattern .

But the second one cooks them on a stovetop just using a regular skillet .

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So don't worry if you don't have the special waffle iron , we turn the iron on medium heat and when it's ready , put a dough ball in the center and press the lid down tightly big until the iron stops putting out steam .

The iron s indicator light will normally change from baking to ready .

At that time , we will remove the waffles from the iron with a butter knife .

While the waffle is still warm .

Ship it using a cookie cutter , the smaller the cutter , the easier it is to handle then carefully split it in half , using a knife .

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Next , we will assemble our waffle cookies with a butter knife , spread one of the waffle halves with caramel , then sandwich the caramel with the other waffle half .

Now let's make some waffles on the stovetop .

Just using a skillet .

The waffles we make are quite thin and using plastic wrap makes them easier to handle .

Put a dough ball on plastic wrap , then using a small rolling pin , roll it down to half centimeter thick , which is about 3/16 of an inch .

We can impress the waffle design on the cookie using the back of a knife but only put the pattern on one side and be careful not to push in too deeply .

Now drop it onto the skillet with the waffled face down .

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Notice the pattern shows through the flat face , we cook inside a medium heat for about one minute .

I always start with the pattern down .

That makes a prettier cookie .

Don't be discouraged if the first waffle doesn't turn out perfectly .

The more of them you do the better .

They'll get , trust me while the waffles are still warm , we'll shape them with the cookie cutter and split them into halves .

If you're having trouble splitting the waffles , that's another way .

Just roll them out dinner before cooking and then use two whole waffles to sandwich the caramel .

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So there we are .

And we didn't even use the waffle iron when enjoy a waffle cooking .

Try laying it over a cup of hot tea or coffee .

For a few moments , the warm air will soften it and make it even more delectable and joy .


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