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2023-08-08 07:10:15

How To Clean Jordan 4 Metallic Purple With Reshoevn8r

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What's going on youtube Hayden here with rejuvenator today .

I'm going to be showing you guys how to clean these metallic purple Jordan fours .

As you can see these things are pretty beat .

I did quite a number in them when I was wearing them to get them dirty for this cleaning video .

So I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys how to clean these today .

We will be using our signature kit , which can be found at rejuvenator dot com and we will also be using our collapsible cleaning bowl as well .

So let's go ahead and get started .

All right .

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So for the purposes of this cleaning video , we are going to just be cleaning the left shoe to me .

It looks like it's a little bit dirtier than this right one here .

So I'm gonna go ahead and clean this one , set this one off to the side .

First thing we're gonna do , grab our handy dandy shoe tree , adjust it to size .

Now , these are a size 10 probably go in that fourth hole right there .

Boom , perfect .

And now that will allow us to put lots of pressure on that toe box without risking Andreas or damaging like that .

So we are going to go ahead and now take out these laces and then we will move forward with the cleaning .

First step .

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I'm going to go ahead and do with these is use our soft brush as a dry brush to brush off all this excess dirt .

I do see a lot of it on there and when you're cleaning , you don't want to push this further into the shoe .

So we're just going to go ahead and take our soft brustle brush and just give this a quick brush down .

Alrighty .

So we got a little bit of the excess dirt off .

So now we can go ahead and start with cleaning the uppers , got our cleaning solution here , opened it up , drop a few squirts into our cleaning solution .

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Now let's get started with our soft brush and then when you are done cleaning that sock liner , probably a good idea to just kind of pat dry it .

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So you don't leave any excess dirt or water in there .

So I noticed some of these stains kind of in this area right here .

Some on the wing a little bit over here .

They're being quite stubborn .

So I'm going to go ahead and move up to our medium bristle brush for this one .

I shouldn't have to worry about damaging anything .

Bristles on this brush are pretty soft .

It's not going to damage the leather or anything so we can go ahead and move forward with that .

So uppers are looking pretty white .

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There are still a few stains here in this lining along with on that little air Jordan tab right there .

So I'm gonna spend a little bit more time with our soft brush in these areas just to make sure we get them completely cleaned .

So one thing I am noticing is it looks like it's hard to tell if it's just because it's wet , but it looks like this tag up here is starting to bleed like with this purple area .

Uh , it could be bleeding .

It could just be because the material is wet .

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So we'll have to see what happens after it dries .

But if you are cleaning these , you might want to be careful , try not to over saturate that area just in case it does bleed , uppers are completely done looking nice and white again .

Now we're gonna go ahead and move on to this mid sole slash sole area .

I'm gonna start with the medium brush just so I don't damage any of this white paint on here , but I might end up moving to the stiff brush if those stains will come out .

So let's see what our medium brush can do .

Now , one question we do get a lot is how to clean like this little air bubble right here , this air unit .

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Um It's on like Jordan threes , Jordan fours , not sure if it's on any other shoes but one thing you can do to clean , this is kind of just take like the tip of the edge of one of your brushes and just brush it like that .

Get all the deep stains out of there and then to dry it , you can just take the corner of your towel and almost just push out all the excess dirt and stains .

Right ?

Mitzel are looking pretty clean again .

I do see this part of the mid is still a little bit dirty .

So I am going to move up to the stiff brush for this .

Now , it's not the same material as like this painted Mitzel right here .

So you don't have to worry about scratching this or damaging it at all .

It's basically a part of the soul .

So I am going to move up to our stiff bristle brush to clean this one .

So let's get started .

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One thing I am noticing as I'm cleaning these looks like there's some yellowing going on right here .

Hard to tell if that's just stains that are not wanting to come out or it could be caused by oxidation .

We'll just have to see what happens when they completely dry .

See if that yellowing goes away .

But for now we're going to move on to the sole and we will still be using the stiff brush for that favorite , my favorite Jordan of all time .

That's a good question .

I'm gonna have to say 88 white cement three .

Just a classic .

I'm not a fan of the free throw line ones .

I , I don't like the whole icy soul .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just the regular 2013 , 88 white cement three .

That's a grill for me .

Uh Let me know what you guys' favorite Jordan is , are you guys a 33 person , one person , four person .

Um You guys like elevens , twelves ?

I know there's not a lot of people out there like that like anything higher than 14 .

So let me know what your guys' favorite Jordan is down in the comments .

Still noticing quite a few stains here on the sole , especially like right where the mid sole and soul meet , it almost looks like it's oxidation , which is super weird considering these just came out .

So I'm going to focus some more time on this sole in this mid sole area with our stiff brush .

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See if we can get these stains out , right ?

So second time cleaning the sole , still noticing quite a bit of yellowing .

Um So if you guys do have a pair of these , you still got them dead stock .

I would definitely probably recommend throwing some soul shields on there .

Um especially just because they're all white .

You definitely don't want to have these .

So and mint so oxidized like these ones did .

Um So make sure you guys pick up our sole shields , find them rejuvenator dot com , use them on fours elevens , anything to keep your shoes in the bottoms from oxidizing .

So overall , these cleaned up pretty well .

We still got a few steps left .

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I'm thinking I might actually end up throwing these into the washing machine just because as you guys can see , this netting does not look like it wants to get clean with our brushes and solutions .

We might have to put them into the washing machine .

Same thing with the liner in here .

So we'll see how these dry .

But for now let's go ahead and move on to our laces .

So just take these scrunch them up in your hands , dump them in your solution and water mix and just rub them together .

So after you've done that , about 30 seconds to a minute , the laser should be good to go .

You could take your towel and string dry them .

It's probably gonna be the most effective way to get all that access water and dirt out of there .

So we got our laundry bag .

Throw these bad boys in there .

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Alrighty , we can toss the laces in there too , block it down .

All right , let's go throw these in the washing machine .

So the next step is going to be to take one of our rejuvenator laundry pods and put it into our laundry bag , drop it right in there and then when you're washing these , make sure you guys always use cold water on a normal cycle .

All right guys , we are back as you can see shoes are nice and crispy white .

Again .

Take a look at that before .

I mean , these things were filthy , so I'm super happy with how these cleaned up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

One thing I do want to point out to you guys , um , if you were looking at a brand new dead stock pair , you would notice that the netting on a dead stock pair would be a little bit wider than these reason for that is because when I threw these into the washing machine , I'm 99% sure that sped up the oxidation process and actually caused the netting all across to let yellow a little bit .

Uh You can't really see it that much , but it's almost like a , a just a shade darker than it was when I put them in .

I also noticed that across here there's a little tiny bit of yelling .

So if you guys are going to clean these , I would not recommend putting them in the washing machine .

Uh Hopefully your pair doesn't look like this .

So you won't really have to , you should be able to clean it just fine with our brushes and solution .

We did use the signature kit today .

You can find this on rejuvenator dot com .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just a reminder , guys , make sure you're following us on all of our social media platforms , Instagram , Facebook , youtube , Twitter , everything .

So you can stay up to date for any discounts , any sales , stuff like that , new products we might announce .

So make sure you guys are following us .

Um , but yeah , I'm overall , I'm pretty happy with how these came out and I think that's gonna do it .

You guys have a great day and I'll see you next time .


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