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2023-08-08 06:53:00

How to download Netflix movies onto a USB stick on Chrome OS

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Hello .

In the video coming up , I will show you how you can use your external storage to download Netflix movies .

If you use Netflix and let's face it , who doesn't ?

It's great .

It's a great way to spend some time in the evening or on the weekends just to catch up with your favourite series or movies .

There's so much you can do with Netflix , and the good thing is you can download on Netflix .

So when it comes to Chromebooks , although Chromebooks are starting to increase in file in in storage size , that storage size isn't really being increased for things like download , it's more being increased for things like using Linux .

And you do need a lot more storage when you're using Linux .

Now , when it comes to Netflix , you can obviously stream programmes , which is great .

But what about if you like to watch programmes on your laptop when you're in bed , and perhaps a WiFi connection isn't that good ?

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Or if you're going on holiday , you're going on a plane or you want whilst you're away on holiday , you want to be able to watch movies you want to stream .

That because the data cost would be would cost you a fortune , so the best thing to do is download it now to download it as by default , it downloads to your local storage .

That's fine if you've got lots of storage , but if you don't have lots of storage space locally , then you'll want to install it on a USB stick like this .

And the good news is , you can do it .

There's just a few steps you need to do to make that work , so I'm going to show you now how to do that .

So I'm using a USB type C .

But you can do this with a USB type A as well .

It's absolutely fine , or you can do it with any really external hard disc .

It shouldn't matter .

You can use anything , so I'll just plug that in .

OK , so that's plugged in now and then .

From here , you'll see open settings , and that's what you want to do .

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You want to open settings , but we won't do that for now because I'll show you how to get it .

If this doesn't come up for any reason , well , what I'll do is I'll quickly show you Netflix at the moment So if we open up Netflix and then from here , just go to more down here app settings , and I'll go back through this .

I'm just showing you quickly .

At the moment it's got internal storage .

I've got a lot free because I'm using a chromebook , which I bought for Linux as well .

So there's a lot of storage , but you might not have that storage space available , but you do only have internal storage .

So to get around that , even though I've just installed the USB stick , you can see it doesn't give you that option .

And the reason for that is that you have to let chrome OS know that you want android apps to be able to use your USB stick .

So to do that , as I said , when you plug it in and add that option , you could have just clicked on that .

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But if you didn't or it didn't come up for any reason , you just need to go to your settings down here , then go to settings here and then from here , go to device and then from there , go to storage management and then you should have external storage preferences .

Click on that and you'll see this here .

I've named it that you can name it , whatever every USB stick and it's got here .

Apps from Google play may require full system access to read and write files on external storage devices .

Files and folders created on the device are visible to anyone who uses the external drive .

It's just warning you that anything stored on that drive can be visible by other people .

So all you need to do is to simply click on that .

And then once you've done that , just close that .

And then if you open up Netflix now and if you go back to settings so it's on more here .

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Netflix may look different , depending on the the , um , laptop you're using or how big your chromebook screen is .

So this is just a guide , but it's more and an app settings there .

And , as you can see here , we've got download location .

It's currently on internal storage , click on download location , and now you'll see that my SD card is showing .

Just simply click on that and that's it .

And as you can see , it's already got 457 megabytes on it .

That's because I downloaded the movie just to make sure it all works and it does all work .

So then you can watch Netflix movies without being connected to the Internet , which is great .

And I think it's great because it isn't just for people who are going on holiday .

This is also for people .

If you're if you're in a WiFi spot , which is not that great around your home , it's great for that .

Or even if you're going to work .

It's good to have some shows on Netflix downloaded , so it is really good .

Now the good thing is as well .

Once you've done this , you don't need to do it again .

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So now it's done .

Say , for example , let's just close that if I take out my I'll just show you the settings .

So it's device storage management , external storage .

You can see that's on .

Yeah , So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take out a USB stick , but you never take out a USB stick just by taking it out .

You need to go to file manager first and you need to eject here .

If you don't do that , you can corrupt the disc .

So to always make sure you do that before taking it , or obviously turn off the chromebook first and then take it out .

That's absolutely fine .

So I'll take that out , OK , and then I can take it out .

And what I'm showing you now is that now we've done it once .

You don't need to do it again .

So that's the USB stick .

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We close that down , open that , put that back in , but and then open settings .

So this is the way you can do it .

Just go to open settings .

You'll see that it's already on .

So it actually remembers the USB stick , which is good , so you don't have to do it every time , which is great .

And it's also the same with Netflix as well .

If you've got your USB stick , if you don't have your USB stick in in inserted into your chromebook and you try to download something called Netflix , it would just download it to your local storage .

However , if you do put in your USB stick and you've gone through the settings like I've said , it will recognise that and then it will download it to your USB stick .

So once you've done all this .

You don't need to change anything again in the future , so it's really , really good .

Um , I hope you liked this video .

If you did , please like and subscribe to the channel for your future videos .

And thanks for watching .


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