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2023-08-08 07:07:57

How to tie the PERFECT Eldredge Knot for beginners

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Hey , you guys , it's me Lynwood in my dirty room .

And today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to tie the Eldridge knot with the tail behind the tie because as Sweet Brown so eloquently put it when it comes to ties tucked under the collar , ain't nobody got time for that .

So we're gonna go ahead and take this baby down .

We'll get started .

If you haven't seen my last video you can do so by clicking the eye in the top right corner .

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Thank you guys so much for watching .

And just so you know , this image has been flipped for your viewing pleasure .

All right , you guys .

So now that we have this baby down , like I told you before , this image has been flipped for your viewing pleasure .

So when I say right , it's also your right and when I say left , it's also your left .

Um The thing that I feel like is important for you to know is I flipped this so it would be mirrored .

So it's just like tying it in a mirror .

If you are a lefty .

I apologize .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um So yeah , I apologize .

It's , I don't know what to do , but , uh , the large end , which is my blade is on my right side and the thin end , which is the tail is on my left .

Uh My tip of the blade is sitting right at my belt line and we're just going to go ahead and pinch off in the middle and create our power crease or our dimple .

So we're just gonna place our finger in the middle and pinch on the outside corners while we slowly slide that finger out and it'll create a little crease like that looks kind of like a bow tie , pull that to the center .

Now , from there , we're just going to cross the tail , which is a thin end over the top of the blade like .

So we're going to wrap it around the back just like that and then up and through the center from the front , pulling it all the way through .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right .

So once you have that , we're going to go ahead and take the tail of this tie and wrap it around the front like so and up through the center and I know that set may have been a little fast .

So I'll wait a moment for you .

So we went around the front and then take it up from the back through that center portion .

Ok ?

Now , from there , we're going to go ahead and bring that tail over to the right side , place it over just like this , wrapping it around the back and then we're just going to bring it over the top and right through the middle .

Like , so , OK , so you guys can see we have here where this one has gone in , then we're crossing over .

So now we want to create another cross over here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we're just gonna bring up on that right side and cross right on over there .

We're kind of creating like that basket weaver fish bone type pattern .

OK ?

From here , I wanna make sure everything is nice and smooth .

All right , we're not caught up on any buttons or anything .

Now that we know it's smooth , I'm gonna bring that tail end on up and over the top like so and pull it down through the center .

Now , we're not finished yet .

So when we created our first set of loops , we actually created a pocket back here .

Let me turn .

So you can see .

So I'm just gonna pull it down and you can see where that little portion pops out .

If I place my finger through there , there's that pocket , that's where we're going .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm gonna go ahead and place my finger through from the bottom just so that way I can kind of have a bit of a gap in there to place the tip of my tie and I'm just going to place that tail right on through there .

And pull through once we have done that , it is all about adjusting .

So I'm just going to go ahead and adjust this .

So it doesn't look like this port portion hangs out further in the back .

We're gonna flatten it out a bit and get it just right .

And then here we want to go ahead and take our tie and just kind of pull it out a little bit just so the tail is not highly visible , ok ?

From there , pull that color down and you are ready to steal the show .

You look like the best groom in the room , the best man in the room , you're the bomb all the time .

And if you're a lady , you're still the bomb all the time .

If you like this tutorial , let me know by giving it a thumbs up or telling me in the comment box down below .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if you have a request , I have another tie that end underneath the collar that you'd like me to try to figure out there's a way to get it tucked behind .

So you don't have the bulk under the collar .

Let me know and I can try to get it taken care of for you .

Thanks as always for watching and God bless .

Don't forget .

Uh You are fancy now .

Yes , you are .

I almost said what I say for my other youtube channel .

Take care of you guys .

Bye bye .


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