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2023-08-06 15:49:38

Cooking chicken biryani for 30-40 people - For when you are really REALLY hungry!

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Morning guys .

Um , so today my mom is uh making some uh chicken biryani for 30 people .

But uh it's gonna be a big order .

So she wanted to show you all how she makes it on the outside fire .

Well , it's not the outside fire .

It's on the gas stove .

Hello , everyone .

Ok .

So she's gonna start off with her , um , onions first .

I think I have two cups of oil heated up in my spot and like the onions were chopped .

That's good and allow these onions to dry out .

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Mhm .

My onions are browning up nicely .

So I have cinnamon stick to go with some jira .

They live and black .

Yes .

And uh a few and all the whole ingredients from the Biyani mix .

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Um , then I put in my curry and my time that's fine .

I have two tablespoon of ginger garlic .

But last night I did marinate my chicken uh , with ginger garlic and the chicken marinade .

So the chicken has its own marinade ginger garlic .

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So , ok , my masala for every three cups of rice , I use a curry spoon of mixed masala .

But uh , because I'm making Biryani .

So I added an extra tablespoon of and Jira and graham powder , an extra two tablespoon of more to bring out a beautiful color and a teaspoon of coloring .

How many cups of rice you cooking for ?

Uh I'm cooking 12 cups of rice .

So it is uh 3 kg in hour .

So then how many 12 .

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So I got about four tablespoon at a ho spon of mixed masala and with all these , it makes it to about five .

So we are cooking uh 8 kg of chicken and the chicken is a free range chicken .

It's uh quite soft like the pieces .

But uh it is not a uh soaked in with water or bread .

And in that chicken you can use in the skin because yesterday I burnt out the skin and uh yes , cut them and wash it properly .

So I'm gonna use some of the skin .

Ok .

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This cooking is being done for one of Clash's Friends reserving a function .

It's a yearly thing that he always gives me the cooking to do and he loves his free range chicken .

Have soaked up three types of biryani dogs last night .

Why I'm breathing in my door first .

The chicken is gonna be a very quick squeeze .

Ok .

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Last night , I marinated my chicken with uh uh two cups of sour milk and um about uh 200 g of chicken spice and uh two tablespoon of uh some little bit of barbecue spice and ginger garlic , a tablespoon and half a cup of oil and you can see I had left the skin to most of the chicken because for who I'm doing cooking requested for the chicken to have its skin on .

Usually I take off the skin and this is 8 kg and he requested for a little less uh chicken .

Usually when I'm cooking for 30 to 35 people , I use 10 kg of chicken .

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OK ?

I'm gonna give this a quick step and let the chicken will dry out .

And usually when I use uh sour milk , I don't use tomatoes to my cooking .

And then you can follow up on my chicken biryani recipe .

It's similar , but there's a little bit of addition to be done to the cooking .

I'm gonna add in my salt now .

But bear in mind our marinade , our coloring has their own salt .

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So just say I'm using about uh two tablespoon of salt , but we will taste it on as it's cooking and it stayed on the , that's the purpose why I'm using this .

The spoon is quite old for me .

It's about how many years ago , if possible , maybe about 15 years old , maybe not .

It's quite old .

And then you also bought me another spoon when you were traveling .

OK .

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My chicken is fried out and must remember this is the fresh free range chicken that doesn't contain much of the water like that .

Uh frozen chicken .

So I had to add in maybe a liter of water or starting for letting the chicken to cook out thoroughly .

This is a liter of water and I'll allow this to cook .

It's tied out very beautifully .

You can see the colors are quite rich .

Ok .

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So I'll let you to , uh , uh , cook for about 15 minutes and then I'll come in to add my frozen peas .

Ok .

I'm checking on my chicken .

Oh , you can see it's getting done very nice .

But now I will stop staring my chicken , but instead I will keep turning the part two the side of the heat .

So that's how it will get done .

If you're gonna keep staring , you might start interfering , breaking the chicken .

Ok ?

Now the meat and the is done .

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So I'm gonna head in my frozen peas , which is a kilo to give it a different color to the piano .

Some green , some orange , some red .

And I roasted out my potatoes .

I have about 20 potatoes that I cubed and uh put in color in and roasted it out .

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So I'm gonna add in my , all my potatoes and then a after about another 15 to 20 minutes , the curry will be completely done .

I'm gonna give it one final stir .

So my potatoes will soak in some of the gravy .

A very big step plan should help me .

Now , I'm gonna let this to simmer for about 20 minutes and then I'll garnish my curry .

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Then I'm ready , ready to set in my biryani .

Uh This is uh my boiled rice .

I did 12 cups of it , which is 3 kg .

I boiled with the four bay leaves , uh two table spoon of hardy and uh about three tablespoon of salt .

But you can taste your salt .

And after straining , I put in three tablespoon of margarine uh to keep these grains separate .

And I put uh about a tablespoon of coloring and shook it well .

And this is part of the rice of which I'm gonna do the setting of the curry .

And I have another part of rice too .

Add on .

Now , the curry is completely done and damaged .

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I garnished the the chicken with the spring onions .

Oh yeah .

They send me this to my pot of rice .

I'm gonna dish out the curry and it still has to steam for another 15 minutes for the curry to get into the rice .

After that steaming is done .

Then we can stay in the curry .

You don't stay in while you set in these enamel crates come away very handy .

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It's old fashioned but he does a powerful job and then cooking that job for me r to it .

The salt was tasted but it was uh like the first time .

That's the funniest thing .

A reason .

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Goodness this amount is looking like to feed 40 to 50 people .

OK .

Mhm .

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You see , I allowed some gravy to stay and I didn't dry the curry completely because now I'll put the stove on low and let it simmer .

Got another 15 to 20 minutes and then it's done as you can see this .

Instead of stirring the curry , I turn the pot round and round .

You can see the chicken pieces .

Pieces are still whole .

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Yeah , just that before I really send out the Biyani , I will to some lovely .

I've got a lot of fresh pudina in the garden .

I usually get black , so I'll do that in the last moment .

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I will let the viewers to guess how many can feed in this pot .

OK .

Now it's done , I'll just uh put on the heat for a low time for about 15 to 20 minutes .

And uh then uh I will let it to let the gravy simmer into the rice and then I'll garnish , this is our Biryani for 30 to 40 people .

I don't know how many will uh try to attempt this .

Uh But uh it's looking very tasty .

I hope you all enjoyed watching and thank you all very much .

Enjoy .


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