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2023-08-06 16:18:07

How To Remove Salt Stains From Shoes (Water And White Vinegar Solution)

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Hey , everybody .

I'm here today to show you how to remove salt stains from your shoes .

So , as you can see here , my shoe has some salt stains on it .

And uh you know , I use this shoe to walk through um an area that had a lot of snow and road salt and uh you know , it became stayed from the road salt .

What I have here is a mixture of white vinegar and water and this mix mixture contains 50% white vinegar , 50% water or one part white vinegar , one part water .

Ok .

So half and half , basically , I also have a cloth right here that I will be using .

So basically , what you're gonna want to do is take your cloth and dip it in the white vinegar and water solution so that it's , it's pretty damp , bring it out a little bit , but it should have quite a bit of the solution or the mixture on it .

Ok .

Then you're gonna take that wet part of the cloth and you're gonna rub it on these salt stains just like that .

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And you will notice that these salt stains come out really , really , really easily what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna dip it again .

That that's , you should only do a little bit of a little , you know , a bit of your shoe or remove a few stains before dipping the cloth in the mixture again .

So , just like do a little bit of the shoe just like that , then dip the cloth in again and then do a little bit more of the shoe just like that and then once again , dip the cloth in again , ring it out a little bit and continue doing that and slowly but surely you'll notice that all of the salt stains will come out , you know , from your shoes and your shoes will just be completely salt stain free .

So it's very , very simple .

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All that you have to do is create a mixture of half water , half white vinegar and then dip a cloth in it , ring the cloth out a little bit and then rub the cloth with the mixture along the salt stains that are on your shoe and the stains will come out really , really easily .

And that's all I have for you today .

Thanks for watching .


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