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2023-08-08 12:50:19

How To Tie An Adjustable Bend Knot

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Hi , everyone today , we're gonna have a look at the adjustable bend , which as the name suggests is a way to join two pieces of rope together that we can adjust the length of .

So I just adjust this out one side , then the other and the rope will still hold in place even after it's adjusted to tie this one .

I just wanna take my two ropes and then just overlap them and then I wanna take this upper rope and overlap it over the lower and then I wanna take wraps in this direction here .

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So I wanna come in under and then over , under , over again and then I want to come in under , but then I wanna come in over both of these two lines .

I wanna find my last loop lifted up a little bit tuck the end through that loop and I can tighten this whole thing down and then I wanna tie the exact same not over this side with this rope around this one .

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And the easiest way to do that is to flip ropes around the other way or if you're good enough , you can just tie it this side .

But do it in the opposite direction .

So I've flipped them around and now I just need to tie the exact same knot with this one around the blue line .

And again , I'm going to come over and then take wraps around the blue line .

That's one wrap , two wraps .

Now on the third wrap , I wanna come in around both and then tuck it up through that last wrap , just tuck it through there and then tighten the whole thing down .

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And now you'll find that we can adjust the length of this knot .

But when we pull on these ends , it will hold in place .


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