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2023-08-08 07:05:54

CINNAMON ROLL WAFFLES _ Easy Waffles Breakfast _ Self Quarantine Cooking

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Today , I'm making a fun breakfast idea .

This could be breakfast , a snack dessert .

It's cinnamon roll waffles .

You take a can of store bought cinnamon rolls , press it in your waffle maker and voila .

You have a treat .

Ok .

So today I'm going to be using a store bought can of cinnamon rolls .

Um This are the larger cinnamon rolls , but actually what I typically make it with is the Pillsbury smaller cinnamon rolls , the smaller can and they're a lot easier to put , you know , as far as the size and actually I will link the recipe um that I got this idea from , it is from the Pillsbury website and some of you probably already know about this .

I've made these several times for my kids .

I actually let my son do this .

This is something he enjoys to do with the help of us , but I'm gonna show you this is a good uh idea , you know , for the kids .

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So I already have my cinnamon rolls out .

So actually , before I place this on my waffle iron , I'm gonna spray .

Now you're going to place each roll .

I this is a two waffle compartment or section .

Um It just depends what type of waffle maker you have .

I'm having difficulties here .

You're gonna place it right on here and then you're gonna close it .

You want it right in the center .

And I have this like on the medium setting it goes from minimum to maximum heat .

I have it in the middle and it's gonna take about uh I would say two minutes of cook time , 2 to 3 minutes .

OK .

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So here see if I sometimes I have issues with these .

Oh , there it goes perfect .

Use the kitchen utensil of choice and here we are .

That smells so good .

OK .

So it looks like I will say this .

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If you have a waffle iron that is not nonstick , this might not be a fun recipe for you cause already you know the cinnamon does kind of get stuck in between the grooves of your waffle iron , but I'm gonna make this work .

I , I sometimes look out and I have no issues but see how this kind of got stuck .

Oh , there it goes .

Still gonna be good .

Still gonna be good .

OK .

So all of my little cinnamon roll waffles are done .

Now , I'm going to take the prepackaged icing and just drizzle over all of my waffles .

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OK .

Now this is an easy breakfast .

That's a treat for your kids and they can even make it themselves with the help of an adult .

But it's a nice fun idea .

I hope you give this recipe a try .

I hope you like it .

And thanks for watching .


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