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2023-08-07 14:16:32

How to set up a Tie Dye Station

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The right tie dye party starts with the right kit .

This two up one step tie dye party kit is loaded with 18 premeasured colors , 90 rubber bands , six pairs of plastic gloves , a table cover and even a project guide .

But there's a few more basic supplies .

You'll need to make your party a hit for your station .

I recommend a plastic bin filled with water , large disposable plastic table cloths , a sturdy table buckets for dying in filled water pitchers , gallon size sealable bags , paper towels and wet wipes for your party .

We also recommend you telling your guests to bring their own tea or supplying inexpensive shirts for them to die .

Make sure they are 100% cotton when guests are ready to die , have them put on their plastic gloves and aprons .

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So no one gets dye on their clothing , fill up your tulip one step dye bottles with water .

Make sure to shake each thoroughly until the dye is dissolved .

Have guests look over the instruction guide and decide which technique they'd like to try next .

Let everyone start binding their shirt with the rubber bands .

Now it's time to tie dye .

Let the guest choose their favorite tie dye colors and start dying .

Keep this process mess free by having guests die inside a bucket or bin .

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Have the guest put their dyed item in a plastic gallon bag , then attach the wash care instructions that are provided in the free printable download for more fun projects , inspiration techniques and your free tie dye party printable package .

Visit tidy your summer dot com .

Happy tie dying .


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