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2023-08-08 12:53:41

How to Touch a Woman to Turn Her On - 5 Places Most Guys Miss

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Ok .

Now I'm going to mention the most extreme touches and those touches will literally like make the girl go crazy .

How's it going , boys ?

So did you know that the girl has so many really sensitive spots on her body besides her breasts and her vagina ?

Well , in this video , I'm going to reveal all those spots and if you stick with me to the end of this video , I'm going to reveal the most sensitive spot that will drive the girl nuts if you touch it and you play with it .

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Now , some of the spots I'm going to mention in this video , you can either touch them , kiss them and play with them if you are trying to get the girl horny , trying to get her in bed and some of them , you can touch them and play with them if you're already in bed .

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So I really want you to note which spots are ok for you to touch them maybe outside or before you slept with a girl and which spots you can only touch them when you're already in bed with her .

So , one of my absolute favorite spots that barely any guy touches is the spot right here , right under the armpit .

There's some meat that you can touch .

Usually on the girl and grabbing it .

It's sort of a miniature , really small massage that you can do to the back of the girl and touching that spot is really , it's not a sexual touch , but it can be very arousing .

The back is usually a very tense muscle .

That's why we really enjoy back massage .

And when you're standing and you're talking with the girl , maybe you're sitting with a girl just grabbing right here on the meat on her back will give her a lot of pleasure .

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This point right here is filled with nerve endings and grabbing .

It can be very pleasurable and can lead to sexual thoughts and to warming the girl up before you get her in bed .

One of the other spots that you can touch and you should touch , especially if you're at a kissing stage with the girl is the back of her head and most importantly under her hair .

So if you put your fingers through her hair and you basically massage the back of her head with your fingers , it will give a semi orgasmic feeling to the girl .

Just try and let the girl touch you with her nails on the back of your head and you'll realize it's a very sensitive spot and it gives a lot of pleasure so you can use that to your advantage if you're trying to get the girl ready to get her horny before getting in bed .

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Now , after that , what you can do is you can either grab with your hand , the back of the neck and massage it gently , or you can basically whisper in her ear or just breathe next to her ear and kiss under her ear .

And this spot is one of the most sensitive spots on the body that barely any guy touches .

And this spot it's almost like a like a top secret spot doing that might drive the girl completely nuts .

She might just jump on you and wanna bang you immediately .

Also what you can use with a girl that you are more confident with , perhaps you're already in bed is basically grabbing with your teeth .

I'm not saying biting , just grabbing gently with your teeth behind of her neck or on her neck .

Now , some people might be into that .

Others are not and by people , I mean girls , so you really have to pay attention to how she's responding to that .

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Me personally , I hate when somebody bites me , but my girlfriend loves it when I bite her .

So some girls may like it .

Some don't .

Also you can try and bite under her neck .

This trapa side , which is also usually very tense , very sensitive and especially if you're already having sex , you're behind her , almost kinda gives this an animal vibe like this kind of primal vibe that some girls may really dig and may be really into that .

Now , to the next part , and the next part is also going to be a part of which you're only allowed to use only if you're already in bed with a girl .

So the next part is going to be the fingers .

I don't think you have thought of it .

So I don't want you to massage the fingers .

But the fingertips if you know it or not is one of the most insensitive parts on your body .

You can literally feel any very small thing on the table like it can be less than a piece of sand and you'll feel it with your fingertips .

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So the fingertips are really , really sensitive .

And if you can use it to your advantage , for example , licking her fingers or sucking on them , especially while you're having sex or maybe trying to warm up to sex , this can drive the girl completely nuts because again , it's not something that the girl is used to because the girls are usually the ones that are sucking , not the guy , but then you're giving her this very intimate , very special experience that she may have not experienced in the past .

Also , if you're in a position to do some massage or perhaps you already did the massage and you're trying to escalate and get it a little bit more sexual .

You can start kissing her back from the top , around the ears and just go down through her spine and to the sides .

Now , the sides here , they're usually tickling and they're ticklish mainly because they're filled with nerve endings .

So that means they're very sensitive .

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Now , if you kiss them properly and if you touch them properly , you can really drive the girl nuts .

So be careful here to not be ticklish .

So you really have to calibrate your moves , not make them too soft for them to be ticklish and not too hard for them to not be intimate .

So it has to be something in between .

And again , how can you know if you're doing the right thing ?

You really have to listen to what the girl is saying , listen to how she's responding to your touches .

And this way you will know .

Now one of my other favorite spots and I got in trouble for touching my girlfriend in the dating phase when I touched them , it was a second date and I touched there and that was like a big red light for her .

So that spot is the love handles .

So the love handles , it's a tricky spot because it's not really the ass and it's also not really the back .

So it's somewhere in between .

So it's kind of a gray zone which signals some sexuality to the girl .

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But it's also not super sexual .

So it's a spot that you maybe can touch .

I don't know , maybe third date depends on how comfortable the girl is sexually and physically with you .

But especially if the girl has got some meat there that you can grab .

It can be a very sexual touch .

Even if she's wearing a dress , even if she's wearing the clothes on top of the clothes , you can grab that and you can really escalate the energy and warm things up .

99% of the guys don't know that the girl has three kinds of orgasms that she may experience and it will drive her nuts .

It will make her super attached to you super connected to you .

Now , I compiled those three orgasms and I put them in a very simple format .

If you'd like to get them , I'm gonna leave a link to that in the description of the video below along with all the other resources and stuff that I use personally .

So make sure to check them out .

Ok ?

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Now I'm going to mention the most extreme touches and those touches will literally like make the girl go crazy .

So those touches are probably not for everybody .

So I warn you , maybe you don't wanna use them , but I'm just gonna mention them anyway .

So those touches are basically around the girl's ass or a little bit under it .

So the thighs .

Now what you wanna do is you wanna do the opposite .

So you wanna avoid like touching the ass hole in , touching the pussy and you wanna go around her ass kissing the sides and kissing or grabbing the thighs under her ass .

Now again , this is a super , super sensitive spot and a very , very intimate spot .

It gives the girl this kind of like she's not sure if you are going to go direct to the asshole .

If you're going to touch the asshole with the pussy , it kind of like puts her in this .

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I don't know what's his next move is gonna be , it's gonna prising mood and that can really drive the girl crazy sexual when you touch that .

So the way you can do it is as a foreplay in bed with a girl that you probably already had sex with or it can be a means to escalate things .

So if you're doing a massage for the girl , instead of trying to take her clothes off , try touching clothes to the asshole and to the pussy but not actually touching them .

And what that will do is that will kind of give the girl a small taste of what the pleasure may be if you actually touch the asshole in the pussy and that will just keep her thinking that she wants more .

She wants you to get closer to that .

And what that will do is that will kind of push the girl to do the move , push her to jump on you to want you more .

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And what you're going to realize is that those moves are going to make her extremely wet .

So it's almost as if it's a foreplay .

But yet again , you haven't gone down on the girl .

You haven't touched her boobs , maybe you even didn't kiss her yet .

So it's gonna really warm up the oven for you to put the sausage in now for the last two moves and I do realize they're pretty extreme .

So they're not for everybody .

If you're not cool with it , just don't do it .

I'm just sharing what I do .

Now , number one is while you're having sex with a girl , you can suck on her toes on her feet .

Now , if you're disgusted by it , it's probably not the thing for you .

But for me personally , I get a lot of pleasure from seeing my girlfriend enjoy it and get pleasure from it .

So therefore I do it and the toes and the feet like think about it .

Who puts them in their mouth like pretty much nobody .

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So that's why it's a very exciting move for you to do on the girl .

And if you pay attention to her face , you're going to see this kind of shocked , excited face that the face that you haven't experienced something like this in the past .

And for me personally , that's the kind of face I like to see and that's why I do it .

Now .

The second one And again , that's probably one of the most extreme ones is the asshole .

Now , if you're , again , if you're disgusted by it , if you think it's nasty , don't get close to it .

I personally don't think it's nasty .

That's why I go to that route .

Now with the asshole again , you can kiss around the asshole , you can kiss in the asshole if you're cool with that .

But again , you're going to be surprising most girls trust me .

Most girls have never had their ass eaten in the past unless you're dating some girl who has a lot of sexual experience .

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So she's going to remember you for that move and it's going to give her basically the first experience of having a ton in her ass or somebody kissing her asshole .

So that's a very , very extreme experience in a good way .

In my opinion , some girls again may not be cool with that .

So the might stop you .

But if she's into that , she's going to really enjoy it .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

If you found it helpful , I'd really appreciate it .

If you guys leave it a thumbs up and again , if you're new here , I'd really appreciate it if you subscribe and hit the bell icon .

So you don't miss out on future videos and in any ways , everything I'm associated with all my social media and my other resources , I'm going to link them in the description of the video below .

So make sure to check them out in any ways .

I'm gonna see you in the next video .

Bye bye .


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