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2023-08-08 12:47:07

Old-Fashion Waffles on a Cast Iron Waffle Maker!!

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Hello and welcome back to Kan Cracker Jacks today .

I'm gonna show you how to make delicious old fashioned melted waffles from scratch , including how to make them on a 108 year old antique cast iron waffle maker .

Now , these waffles are absolutely delicious .

They are different from Belgian waffles that you usually get or that you find nowadays , uh they are far superior to Belgian waffles in my opinion and making them on an old fashioned antique waffle iron makes them even better .

So without further ado , let's get started .

Now to start off , I'm going to make a batter because of course you're gonna need batter to make waffles .

So , in a batter bowl here , I'm going to add in three quarters of a cup of whole milk and you wanna make sure that your milk and all of your ingredients are kind of at room temperature here .

I'm going to add in one large egg as well as 2.5 tablespoons of butter that I have melted and let cool down a little bit .

I'm just gonna add that into my batter bowl and using a whisk .

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I'm gonna whisk this up just kind of break up the egg , get it incorporated into that milk and once you get that mixed , well , you wanna add in half of a teaspoon of vanilla extract and I'm gonna start adding in my dry ingredients , which is one cup of all purpose or plain flour as well as two tablespoons of sugar , which is gonna help it sweeten up the batter a little bit and help it .

Brown two teaspoons of baking powder , which is our agent as well as a quarter of a teaspoon of salt .

Now , magic ingredient , secret ingredient is melted milk powder .

This is what makes these melted and this is what makes them old fashioned .

I'm gonna add in two tablespoons of that .

If you don't know what malted milk powder is , uh it is what makes a milkshake into a malt .

So when you order a malted a malt chop , this is what they add to it .

It gives it that certain something something makes these waffles out of this world delicious .

So again , using your whisk , just wanna whisk this together until there is no lumps remaining .

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Now , you don't wanna go overboard with this .

It doesn't take forever to whip this up .

But once you get it mixed , well , this is the consistency that you're looking for .

If it is too thick for you add a little bit more milk .

Uh but if you make this batter too thin , it's just gonna run out the sides of your waffle maker .

Now , speaking of waffle makers , I'm gonna talk about mine here for a minute because I know I'm gonna get lots of questions about this .

The waffle maker that I am using is a Wagner eight inch waffle iron .

It is an antique .

It is cast iron with wooden handles .

Uh It was patented February 22nd of 1910 , which makes this about 100 and eight years old or so .

Now , I found this one in a junk shop for $15 .

It was completely rusted out .

It looked like hell .

But I went ahead and cleaned it up , uh , re seasoned .

It made it all nice and fancy like you see it here .

And I've been using this exclusively for waffles for the last probably four or five years now since I've cleaned this up .

Uh , it just makes superb waffles .

Now , you do not need a cast iron waffle maker to make this recipe .

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You can make this recipe in an electric non-stick waffle maker .

That's perfectly fine .

But since we're doing old fashioned waffles , I thought an old fashioned waffle iron would be appropriate for this .

But now that I got my batter made up , I need to preheat my waffle iron and you need to preheat the , these cast iron waffle makers for a good 10 minutes before you use them .

I've got my heat over medium high heat and every minute or so you just want to keep flipping over your waffle iron , so it evenly heats on both sides .

Now , how do you know that your waffle iron is hot enough ?

Just take some water drip .

A couple droplets of water onto it and the water droplets should sizzle and kind of disappear almost immediately , make sure that both sides are evenly hot enough .

Otherwise , if this is not preheated enough , your waffle batter will stick and the last thing you want is stuck , waffles in these old waffle machines or old waffle irons .

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Another thing that is going to help us prevent our waffles from sticking to the machine is buttering the waffle iron sufficiently .

Don't be afraid of the butter here .

I've got some softened butter here and using an old paintbrush .

Obviously , that has not been used for paint .

I only use it for butter .

You want butter , your waffle iron , both sides very well .

I know it looks like a lot of butter .

But again , the last thing you want is for these to stick , then I'm going to take a half a cup measuring cup and I'm going to put one half of a cup of batter into the center of my waffle iron .

I'm gonna go ahead and close the lid .

There's no need to spread the batter out as it cooks , it will kind of fill in the empty spaces .

Uh I'm going to set my timer for three minutes for this waffle iron .

Now , if you're using an electric waffle maker to make these waffles , go ahead and follow the manufacturer instructions .

Uh , read those everything is done for you .

However , these cast iron waffle irons kind of take a little , a little technique to get it down .

Perfect .

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Uh And the best way I found to do this is to cook the waffle on the first side for one minute , turn it over , flip your waffle iron and cook it on the second side for 2 to 3 more minutes .

And once those two minutes are up , go ahead and peek at your waffle and make sure that it is getting as done as you like it .

If you want them a little bit darker , cook it for a little bit longer .

Uh But whatever side is the light side , that is the side that you need against the heat .

Uh It will continue cooking on the top side as well just from the residual heat in that side of the iron .

But once they are done to your likeness , go ahead and remove them off to a plate .

Now , you can see here as I am removing this one , it is not a firm crispy waffle .

That is a Belgian waffle .

Belgian waffles are nice and crispy , old fashioned waffles are not , uh , if you're looking for the really thin light airy , uh super crispy waffles , you , you need to look for a Belgian waffle recipe .

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So yeah , I'm just gonna go ahead and rebutter my waffle iron and get another half a cup of batter in there .

Uh , but back to those Belgian waffles , if you're looking for a Belgian waffle recipe , you need to find a recipe that uses egg whites , uh , that are folded into the batter or even a yeast , uh , recipe .

I'm gonna go ahead and cook my second waffle here .

Now , this batter will yield you enough batter to make 38 inch waffles on these old fashioned machines .

But there you go .

That is how easy it is to make old fashioned melted waffles , which in my opinion are the best waffles ever on a 108 year old antique cast iron waffle iron .

I hope you guys enjoy .

Definitely give this a try and like I said , if you can find yourself one of these old fashioned waffle irons , definitely get one .

You will not be disappointed in them with that said , I hope you guys enjoy it .

Thanks so much for watching .

If you like this video , be sure to give it a thumbs up , I would greatly appreciate it if you decide to try this recipe .

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Let me know how you like it down in the comments below .

Subscribe for more deliciousness and to keep up to date on all my latest videos .

Thanks so much for watching and I will see you next time .


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