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2023-08-06 16:04:51

How to Tie a Raffia Bow _ Nashville Wraps

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OK .

Our Raffa ribbon comes in lots of great colors and styles .

This particular ribbon is the synthetic matte and shiny pearlized .

But we also sell it in paper ribbon and you can pick out as many colors as you would like to do these bows .

You could do all of the same color if you want all greens and just do two or three or four .

At the same time , I'm going to pick the aqua , the red and the saloon colors for these Mary tree bags .

OK ?

I have my three colors of ribbon and just make sure that they stay flat on the same side and then start off with a little bit of a tail and then make your first loop like this and they have a natural tendency to want to curl .

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And so it kind of looks like a figure eight as you're doing this and you can make as many loops as you would like .

I'm going to do three loops on each side and just make sure that your loops are about the same size .

Now , I'm gonna cut it down here .

So I have another little bit of a tail .

Now at this point , you could use a twist tie like this .

If that's easier for you to tie that on , I'm going to just take another piece of the RAA and cut that off and tie that .

And this can be a little tricky to do this with one hand .

That's why some people like the twist ties , whichever you prefer .

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Now tie it real tightly and then double tie it and then you can center it up a bit if you need to like this .

Now , what I like to do is take my thumbs and run it through the loops and then just tighten it with a little tug like this .

Another quick tip I recommend is when you have some down time , you might want to go ahead and make these bows ahead of time .

That will just speed things up when your store gets really busy this holiday season .

Now , also , keep in mind that shopping bags do have a front and the back side .

If you look closely , there is a seam where the bag is glued together , just make sure that you turn that to the back .

And I've already added our theme gift card to the bag and I'm going to take the bow and tie it on with the tails .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if you just need to trim up some of those tails , go ahead and do that and give it a nice fluff .

And I love all the colors and how they coordinate with this group .

And also keep in mind when you buy a RAA ribbon , if you get 12 or more rolls , you can mix and match colors and sizes and styles for volume discounts to save you money .


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