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2023-08-08 06:59:59

Clay Pot Chicken Biryani

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डोमिनिक एकदम परफेक्ट चमत्कार फ्लेवर देखो एकदम परफॅार्म ।

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So if you like it spicy , you can add a little extra two teaspoons of coriander powder , got masala , one teaspoon salt , one teaspoon ginger paste , two teaspoons garlic paste , two teaspoons .

So I have a cup of curd quickly gonna just mix it lightly and then I'm going to pour it over the chicken .

Now we're gonna mix the marinade into the chicken , make sure it's all coated .

Well , so you need to marinate this chicken for a minimum of two hours before we start cooking .

Add three tablespoons of some whole spices , cinnamon cloves and cardamom .

A few bay leaves , five small onions , sliced and two green chilies .

You can see the onions are nice and brown .

Next , I'm gonna add medium-sized tomatoes chopped .

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So the onions have become brown .

I've added the tomatoes next .

I'm gonna add the chicken .

Just make sure it's all combined .

Well , I haven't added any water at this point .

So after five minutes when the chicken is no more pink , just add a handful of fresh coriander leaves and a handful of fresh mint leaves close and cook for about 15 minutes on low flame .

So check for seasoning at this point and I'm gonna season it with some salt .

I've taken about 400 ml of bass rice , soaked it for 30 minutes and cooked it , adding some whole spices that are cinnamon cloves car .

And so now this is 3/4 cooked and the chicken is also ready .

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I'm gonna add the 3/4 cooked rice to the pot , just spread it out evenly .

Just add a little gee .

Now I've used aluminum foil to seal this pot .

If you have Chapati dough , you can use that as well .

So place a lid on top and cook it and down for about 30 minutes .

Clay pot .

Biryani is ready .

Let's check .

Now , that looks amazing .

So I'm just gently going to mix it .

So there you have the very special claypot Biryani .

Let me tell you the flavors of this Biryani is very unique and it's got a lovely smoky earthy flavor to it .

So you definitely do try and enjoy it with your family .

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