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2023-08-07 14:21:20

How To Create Sexual Tension in 2 Steps (Turns Her on EVERY Time)

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Do you have to do it very quickly ?

No , you don't .

It's kind of novelty .

But hey , if you have the situation where you could do it .

Why not ?

Because yes , that will help build attraction and more specifically build investment , get her more invest in you quicker because you guys are making that physical connection .

And I think also practicing this technique that I'm gonna show you in just a second is gonna be very helpful in terms of getting you out of your comfort zone .

A lot of guys will never go for a kiss that soon in an interaction because they're scared of rejection .

I say go for it if you think it's there and risk the re injection because either way it's a win win , she rejects you no big deal .

It's good that builds up strength , that builds up character to get that rejection or she ends up kissing you and it goes well .

All right enough of the fluff .

Let's get to it .

How do you do this in ?

What scenario does this happen ?

Like I said , this is gonna happen , you're talking to a girl and within just a couple of minutes you can tell that she's interested in talking to you , ok ?

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So put your hand out , grab it and lead her to that place .

Now , I'll be more specific in terms of where you're leading her .

You want to lead her somewhere where it's not by a lot of people .

OK ?

Yes , I know .

I said take her to get a drink at the bar but there could be no one over there .

Ok ?

So wherever you're gonna go , make sure there's not a lot of people around so that she's gonna feel more comfortable in actually kissing you .

OK ?

So that's what you're gonna do .

Grab her hand , go somewhere , find that place and then talk to her for like another minute or so .

Again , she's already interested in you .

And then what I want you to do is I want you to just go silent .

OK ?

Don't say anything .

Wait for her to not talk either .

And then I want you to have this kind of stupid grin on your face .

You're just gonna kind of like be grinning at her as if you can't hold in .

Uh this big smile you have and you're gonna be looking at her right in the eye .

It's gonna look like this .

OK ?

Just like that and look at her .

Don't say anything , wait for her to not say anything .

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And I want you to be very close to her in proximity and then when she's not talking and you're not talking , it's gonna build that tension and then I want you to go for it and because you're already close to her , it's not gonna be really weird where you have to like lean over and do it .

She's right there next to you almost touching you .

Maybe she's like , you know , three inches away and then go for it .

OK ?

So that's a technique here .

But here's the thing .

Obviously , this is not gonna happen with every single girl .

You're not gonna be able to do this with every single girl .

This technique only works but will work with the girls that you get that fast attraction from .

And this is really cool to do this .

It it's really good to be able to understand where the girls at in the interaction and seeing .

Ok .

You know , she's really interested in me right now and understanding that and then being able to escalate and push it forward .

A lot of guys are so scared , they won't get out a comfort zone that will not push the interaction more forward .

And so I think this is good practice for you to be able to do that .

I also think this is good practice because it's practicing empathy , empathy is understanding how another person feels .

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So you paying attention more on how the girls feeling rather than being inside your head and how you're feeling and the anxiety that's going on in your head .

Focus on how she feels and then that's when you're gonna be able to pick up if she's very attracted to you or not .

Now , again , this might happen in five minutes , but it very much can it has happened before lots of guys have done it .

It's possible , OK ?

But like I said , might not happen that quick .

It can happen maybe a little bit later .

So even if this happens 20 minutes later , 30 minutes later , whatever you can still go for it and again , it deepens that connection because you guys are getting more physically close to each other .

I have a video of me and another girl demonstrating how to build this tension .

I call it trips tension technique .

It's a free video .

All you gotta do is go down to the description and get this so you can learn how to make that silence , build that tension and then go for the kiss and I do this in a little bit of a different way than I described in this video .

And it's really cool .

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You can use what I talked about in this video or you can use trips tension technique which will build the tension when you're with a girl , either at a bar or maybe you guys are at your place wherever .

So go get that video .

Like I said , it's Fareed it in the description and I'll see you on the next video .

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And by wrapping your body around her body , you're actually giving her nervous system a signal that she is safe .

So hold for five seconds or longer .

Another way to provide safety is with your words , with your words , you show her , you are emotionally safe by not judging her .

And yet another way to show her you are safe is with your physicality by not lunging at her or making aggressive moves .

For most guys .

That part is really easy providing the safety because most guys who get labeled as nice are actually nice guys that create safety for women .

And the reason they stay as just nice guys is because they forget the most important piece , they forget to balance out the safe with a little bit of danger .

Now , you may be thinking I'm not a dangerous guy .

I would never want to make a woman feel like they are in danger when they're with me , which I totally get and I want you to stick with that , but I'm not talking about making a woman feel threatened or like her life or body is in danger .

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The danger , I want to inject into all your interactions with a woman is actually not dangerous at all .

It just feels that way to women because when you do it right , their nervous systems react as if they are in danger , which provides those feelings of excitement .

But because you've established enough safety , their minds know that they are safe .

So it's this perfect balance that women find oh so delicious and cannot wait to get more of .

So here's a perfect example of how to strike the perfect balance of safety in danger .

So it creates excitement within her .

You guys are having a fun night together and laughs are shared .

You're connecting and having fun and then you do this , you pause , you look her in the eye with a smirk on your face and you ask if you can kiss her because it's 2021 and consent is sexy and it will be every day moving forward from here .

So you say this , can I kiss you ?

Which is nice and safe and could be very exciting .

And most likely the woman you asked has her mind racing on whether or not she wants to kiss you .

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That's what happens in that moment .

But then you take that safety away and take it up a notch and create uncertainty , a little bit of danger and spark by saying something like this , but not yet .

And that's when she's like , what wait , what , what happened ?

I felt totally safe and I was in control and now I'm uncertain as to when the kiss is coming , but I'm actually kind of excited by this .

What's happening .

So she's all hyped up thinking I've said I want the kiss .

He knows I want a kiss but he isn't kissing me yet .

When's this kiss coming ?

And boom .

There is that sexual 10 that everyone is hoping to create the uncertainty if the act will actually happen and you just set yourself up as a leader all at the same time , the one in control and the man that isn't such a nice guy anymore .

This is that spark that women talk about and you actually have complete power over it .

So here's another example that I find equally as hot and super and dials up the sexual tension even more .

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So you say this , can I kiss you again ?

Providing safety ?

She says yes , you can .

So you dial it up by not going in for the kiss , but instead you get close and ask questions as you graze her neck with your lips or cares the side of her arm and say , how do you like to be kissed ?

Do you want me to kiss you slowly on the mouth or do you want me to work my way up your neck ?

What would you think if I nipple your lip again ?

This provides her with this air of safety because you are letting her choose how she likes to be kissed , but you're providing that danger , a sexy side by being the leader who tells her how it can happen .

And this is the balance .

We women crave the good guy with an edge .

If you become the one that can make them feel that sexual tension they desire and signal with your actions that you know how to take care of them in the bedroom , which is amazing .

Absolutely amazing .

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I just thought that this was genius and so easy for any man to start applying to all his interactions with women in the pickup world .

This used to be called push pull .

But today I'm renaming this the Corset method because I'm watching a period piece show right now .

And really , I'm really into corsets , but that's what courses do to women .

They , they pull them in tighter just like sexual tension should .

But for the corset method to work , you first have to build up to this peak moment of sexual tension and to do this properly , you have to first learn the foundations of flirting with women so you can escalate your interactions all the way to the bedroom .

The truth is that most guys suck at doing this .

They can't flirt their way out of a paper bag .

They can't get to that point to build up the sexual tension .

But as your personal wing girl , I can't let you be one of those guys .

That's why I want to show you the most effective step by step formulaic approach to flirting with any girl .

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You like this formula approach has been tested on thousands of girls and is proven to work like magic .

You just apply the formula and see results instantly .

It's that powerful to find out everything about this flirting formula .

Click the link on your screen now or in the description box .

Below .

I've made a special video for you where I reveal what this formula is all about .

Just click the link in the description box or somewhere on the screen to watch the video .

Now I'll see you next week .


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