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2023-08-07 14:19:19

How to tie a tie by Savile Row Tailor Edward Sexton

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OK blank canvas blank canvas .

That's what I'm thinking .

I think , Ben , I'm gonna suggest that we use a forehand knot .

A forehand knot .

I've never heard of that .

Well , it's not a full Windsor .

It's not a half Windsor .

It's a forehand .

I show it to you .

It's a very simple not but very effective , particularly with this weight of silk in the tie .

So do you .

Do you want a bit ?

Is that a big knot or a small knot ?

It's a good size not to fill the tyre space to find a point of address sensors to get that knot .

That space just correctly balanced .

So a full hand will work perfectly with this and an easy way to remember it is , uh I'll shoot you .

It be nice to have someone to dress me every morning .

Well , in the old days , of course , we all had our butlers .

So you need three for the next , uh , next few months and the easy way to remember this Ben is once round the tree .

Yes , and down the hole .

OK , that's an easy way to remember it .

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And and And here , of course , we don't want to strangle the knots immediately .

We want to nurse that through .

So you get that you want the dimple , do you ?

Is that what we call this little bit here ?

We want the you say just that nice .

Did you call it the sexy dimple Sexton ?

Now we got that .

It's fine .

Talk about colours there , then .

Yep .

Yep .

So have we .

Have you chosen a specific colour here ?

A silver ?

Yeah .

I've got a really beautiful silver with a little purple stripe in it with navy are These are these sorts of classic morning suit colours .

Were they traditionally again ?

It was a real a solid silver tie .

Maybe a bit of self design in it .

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But again , we've moved on a little bit in terms of accessories .

OK , there we go .

Now you see , that's fit in very nicely into the space of the tie .

Nothing straining everything sitting in


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